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My interest can be short lived. Slow moving stories do not last long with me.
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IMPORTANT: I must let you know I have priorities that come before this website, and whilst I am active, occasionally there may be a day or two between posts.

Right, here goes. I have a craving for a dramatic and passion fuelled story, but have no plot set in stone. Prompted by an advert on the telly, and a few films and songs I just want to try something a bit different from my norm.

I usually stick to historical settings; however this time round I would like to try something more modern.

Below I will list a few pairings and/or ideas I have in mind. But hopefully you will be up for creating a story with me and tossing a few ideas back and forth until we are happy. I will require the male role to be the type that everyone would warn you not to get involved with. So someone with a bad boy reputation, a love’em and dump’em sort perhaps.

An affair between a boss and employee
A married woman having an affair
A woman getting involved with an aggressive “bad guy”
Something akin to the story from the film “The Guest” - Craving
Average girl x Popular guy
Student x Teacher
Ex-Lovers reunited

A few elements I would like to include in the story are:
Possessiveness – Even though their affair could be kept quiet, and maybe he had no intentions of growing attached, he actually does.

I know the above really isn’t much to go on, but hopefully it will appeal to someone on here.

* Mature and literate writing partners only, please.
* I prefer story over smut. The sex will fit in to the story when it suits, and not within the first few posts!
* I would like a partner who can post a few paragraphs, although if it is quality writing just the one will do. However, I do have a fondness for long and detailed posts and have no problem hitting the 1000+ word count mark.
* PM if interested.

So this idea is completely AU and a little dark but I think it will be fun. It does include forced marriage, prejudice, mature based themes and a truck load of drama.

Harry Potter was defeated, Voldemort won. The magical community of Britain was cleansed of all muggle born Witches and Wizards, and all those of half-blood were forced to sign a register and into submission, those who resisted were killed. However the battle of Hogwarts was not where the war ended, Voldemort and his death eaters spread their battle over the entire British realm until they had complete power. But the war robbed Britain of many, the magical community robbed of almost 80% of its population.

With desires to keep his supremacy strong and rebuild a magical community of his own crafting, Voldemort issued a decree of marriage; the population had to be rebuilt. And to ensure that only births of magic were made half-bloods were to marry pure bloods only.

And this is where our story begins.

I would like a mixture of canon and OC personally, and I am happy to play any male canon in exchange for you playing a canon of my choosing. All other details can be discussed via PM.

Marvel or Jurassic World/Park are a current crave
@Nikolai Fab, inbox me and we’ll brainstorm
They may sound a little harsh but I just want to make sure we're on the same page.

Right now I am after either doubling or playing as a solo female, been a bit scared off playing a leading male alone.


Marvel – Avengers, X-Men etc.
Harry Potter
Once Upon A Time
The Tudors
Hunger Games
Jurassic Park/World

Current Marvel/DC cravings
Crossovers lay ahead

Wonder woman x Thor
OC x Thor
Valkyrie x Thor
Female Quicksilver x Thor


Ancient Rome/Britain/Greece
Medieval Britain/Europe
Medieval fantasy
Early, high or Late middle ages
Viking era
The Tudor Era
The Baroque Era - Pirates themed only
Civil War era
Arthurian Legend

@Hari Absolutely! I'll PM you.
@Hari Would you perhaps be up for doubling in a Tudor era story?
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