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My interest can be short lived. Slow moving stories do not last long with me.
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Marvel or Jurassic World/Park are a current crave
@Nikolai Fab, inbox me and we’ll brainstorm
They may sound a little harsh but I just want to make sure we're on the same page.

Right now I am after either doubling or playing as a solo female, been a bit scared off playing a leading male alone.


Marvel – Avengers, X-Men etc.
Harry Potter
Once Upon A Time
The Tudors
Hunger Games
Jurassic Park/World

Current Marvel/DC cravings
Crossovers lay ahead

Wonder woman x Thor
OC x Thor
Valkyrie x Thor
Female Quicksilver x Thor


Ancient Rome/Britain/Greece
Medieval Britain/Europe
Medieval fantasy
Early, high or Late middle ages
Viking era
The Tudor Era
The Baroque Era - Pirates themed only
Civil War era
Arthurian Legend

@Hari Absolutely! I'll PM you.
@Hari Would you perhaps be up for doubling in a Tudor era story?
I am really craving a mature themed Avengers role play, which will involve a mix of Canon characters and original ones. I don't necessarily mean mature as in smutty, I mean a story by two adults and no fluffy romance.

the rules

- I have priorities off of this site, they're 4 and 1 years old. I write when they're asleep, at playschool or at their dads at the weekends.
- I am in my 20’s. I ask that all my partners be over 20 also. It makes me uncomfortable to roleplay with young people.
- I also ask for mature characters and mature writers. Maturity doesn’t necessarily come with age, but I really do not like immaturity and it will put me off.
- A minimum of three paragraphs is an ideal post (two per character if doubling). I have put advanced as that is my preferred level of roleplaying.
- I prefer to role-play by PM, as there are no limitations there.
- I am looking for a male character to pair with my female, or someone to double up and we’ll play both a male and a female. I prefer to double in fandom roleplaying.
- I have a strong dislike for namby-pamby men! Do not like weak, metrosexual types of men. Men should be men! Same with females, I can’t bare the annoying, stubborn and sulky types. Please play the chosen character as they are.
- I only know the cinematic universe, not the comics. Please keep this in mind.
- Think that is all for now. PM me if you're interested

the pairings

I am happy to play as any male character you'd like me to, I have the most experience with Loki though and he is a heck of a load of fun to play as. However, I am happy to play as anyone you'd like.

I would ask you to play as Thor for me.

Need Marvel after finally seeing Infinity War
@Caitimus PM sent :)
@Caitimus RE: Modern soldier. I have an idea for this one, I'll PM you if you're still looking.
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