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5 days ago
Current Actually feeling good about rping. It's nice, I've missed this.
20 days ago
Just finished my first full cs in forever. Not super proud of it but I am proud that I got through it. Every little bit is progress, won't get any better if I never write.
21 days ago
Gonna try to get back into rping. We'll see how horrible this goes.
4 mos ago
From BlackRose24 to just Rose
4 mos ago
Paying bills makes me sad. Bye bye money...



I suppose I'll start with the basics. I'm a female, age 20, married, mother, from and currently living in the US. I enjoy meeting new people and chatting so feel free to pm me to talk. I've been rping awhile now, probably 5-6 years. During that time I've been in countless rps, ranging drastically in genre and writing level. I've written, GMed, and hosted many many rps as well. Life keeps me busy so unfortunately I can't devote as much time as I once did to rping. However, recently my main rp closed so I've got a little more freedom now.

If you are interested in rping with me... There's a few things you should know. I struggle with inspiration and motivation to post, however I'm very loyal to rps and don't enjoy dropping them. So if you are patient enough to wait weeks at times for a post and won't easily give up on an rp then I'm your chick. I'm open to most genres of rps, however I don't do supernatural rps (vampires, ghosts, werewolves, etc.) and I'm not likely to do book, movie, or tv show based rps. I prefer to rp at a Casual or Free level, but my writing quality and quantity relies much on yours. So if you write simple short posts then I'm more likely to do the same. I don't plan on joining any large rps at this time. Therefore I'll only be considering small group rps, 1x1's, or rps with friends. I will also be limiting the number of rps I join since I get overloaded easily. Finally, as I always say, real life takes priority. I need whoever I rp with to understand that my life is hectic, unpredictable, and demanding and that I will need to take breaks from rping at times. That being said I completely understand when my rp partner has things come up.

If you'd like to talk or are interested in rping with me then drop me a pm. I enjoy getting mail and meeting new people. :)

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There wasn't anything that could be done but watch the scene unfold. Laura's stomach tied in knots as Kacey tore into the young girl. It was true, Cin needed to mind what she was told and respect the chain of command, but she hated to see someone so young lashed with such harsh words. In so many ways it reminded Laura of when she was younger and her older sister would hold her back. It was always given with some reason, but the truth was she just wasn't ready for the idea that her younger sister was capable. The memories lit a fire in her that she tried not to let burst out of control. A sharp glare cut across her usually soft face as she stood and walked from the campfire. Good job biting the kids head off. She thought as her eyes briefly caught her sister's. As she passed by the wagon of supplies she lifted a 22 rifle and a box of ammo out and carried it along with her.

"Hey! Wait up!" She called out to Cin as she jogged ahead towards the girl. "I thought me and you could go do a little target practice. Make sure our aim is spot on so we can prove those asses wrong." Her face once again softened with a gentle smile as she came alongside Cin and spoke. "We're just as much a part of this gang as anyone else, and useful in our own ways."
@Thorned Hammer I was thinking maybe Laura could take pitty on her getting yelled at by Kacey. She could go take her shooting or something to lift her spirits.
Cin is pretty much just mad that she can't shadow Laura lol
After a few reprimands by fellow members Laura decided against pile it on Maverick any further. After all the poor bastard was already on Kacey's nearly bad side, and that's awful close to a place you definitely don't want to be. Had that remark been made two years ago it probably would have kept her up that night, thinking on how he was right and she wouldn't be useful. These days though she knew what her abilities were and that in a fight she wouldn't go down so easily. The 357 resting in the holster on her thigh helped quite a bit too. Her hand slowly slid along her skirt and over the concealed pistol, it was nice having that added comfort.

Casually Laura retrieved a cup and poured herself a cup of the recently rewarmed coffee. Bitter, but caffeinated. Her eyes drifted to Emily, the girl who favored starting her mornings with whiskey. She felt it was no secret that this girl wasn't a fan of her, but that wasn't really a problem. Laura didn't exactly take a liking to her either, but she would never make in issue out of it as long as the girl didn't.

Her focus then shifted to Kacey. Her sister had come along way. Laura could easily remember a time when Kacey wouldn't listen to an idea of someone else, even if it was a good one. That was a big factor in their splitting ways. So needless to say she was happy to have witnessed her sister grow in this regard. It couldn't be easy to deal with this group, sometimes they were like a bunch of children, but she respected Kacey for doing such a good job.
A little taken back that he had called her out on her staring Laura tried to not let it faze her. Instead of feeding the potential embarrassment she rolled with it the best she could. "Yeah, set that coffee pot back on those coals before they go completely cold would ya?" She said back to him. Unclipping the only remaining clothespin from the sleeve of her shirt and pinning it to the line to hold the last piece of clean laundry meant she was finally finished. A sigh escaped her lips as she stepped back to briefly admire her completed task. As her sister spoke again she untied her apron and tossed it across her bag, then turned and headed to the smoldering campfire.

"Sounds like a plan." She commented with a nod to Kacey. She took a seat on a log by the fire and crossed her legs as she had the habit of doing. "I guess you're stuck babysitting us." A mischievous grin rolled across her face as she lightly teased Maverick. It didn't appear that he had much of a sense of humor but it wouldn't stop Laura from testing out the waters. After all this time it was somewhat of an ingrained trait for her to attempt to get a man to smile. When you meet a man strike up a conversation, get him to smile, but don't force it. If you can get even a grin you're on your way to getting him comfortable with you. Those words that her mistress had spoken to her years before had managed to stick with her.
@FullMetalHeart Hey you want us to wait for you to post again or carry on?
No worries, I'm just bored.
So quiet
lol cup murderer!
Yay I posted! Gosh I'm in such a rping mood tonight. Buuuuut I'm about to go to bed. ;_;
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