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I suppose I'll start with the basics. I'm a female, age 19 20, married, new mother, from and currently living in the US. I enjoy meeting new people and chatting so feel free to pm me to talk. I've been rping awhile now, probably 5-6 years. During that time I've been in countless rps, ranging drastically in genre and writing level. I've written, GMed, and hosted many many rps as well. Life keeps me busy so unfortunately I can't devote as much time as I once did to rping. However, recently my main rp closed so I've got a little more freedom now.

If you are interested in rping with me... There's a few things you should know. I struggle with inspiration and motivation to post, however I'm very loyal to rps and don't enjoy dropping them. So if you are patient enough to wait weeks at times for a post and won't easily give up on an rp then I'm your chick. I'm open to most genres of rps, however I don't do supernatural rps (vampires, ghosts, werewolves, etc.) and I'm not likely to do book, movie, or tv show based rps. I prefer to rp at a Casual or Free level, but my writing quality and quantity relies much on yours. So if you write simple short posts then I'm more likely to do the same. I don't plan on joining any large rps at this time. Therefore I'll only be considering small group rps, 1x1's, or rps with friends. I will also be limiting the number of rps I join since I get overloaded easily. Finally, as I always say, real life takes priority. I need whoever I rp with to understand that my life is hectic, unpredictable, and demanding and that I will need to take breaks from rping at times. That being said I completely understand when my rp partner has things come up.

If you'd like to talk or are interested in rping with me then drop me a pm. I enjoy getting mail and meeting new people. :)

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A mildly irritated frown washed across Rin's face as Marcus ranted about her needing to stay in bed. "You're a real tight ass you know." She grumbled quietly. Despite her protest she knew he was right. There was no point in her even trying to get out there right now, she'd be flat on her ass and in need of rescuing before she even got out of the med tent. It still wasn't enough to keep her from trying to get back out there though. "The second I can stand on my own and hold a rifle I'm back out there with you. I don't want to be laying here while you're out there fighting." She said with firm conviction.

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Rin let out a soft sigh of momentary contentment. Even with the world falling apart around them she still felt safe in his arms. "I guess that means the fighting is still raging on." She commented. Her hand wandered until it found his bare arm then she slowly stroked his rough skin. "I need to get back out there and free up this bed for someone who actually needs it." It was as if she didn't want to admit how sick she had been. Despite collapsing and being unconscious for days her loyalty to fight for what she believed in still burned within her.
@POOHEAD189 mhm that's why you took shirtless pics, because of your hair...
Reluctantly Richard stepped forward to the available space. As Tess rambled on he kept quiet, finding himself lost in her sweet voice. Until now he hadn't truly appreciated their conversations. Having gone without for awhile left him feeling somewhat empty and lonely.

Unsure of how to answer her he scratched at the back of his head. "Fine I guess. I've been trying to avoid thinking about our situation too much, just taking it a day at a time. Keeping busy definitely helps, hence why I'm here." He commented. Slowly his weight shifted and his body language softened. "Sorry we haven't talked... If I'm being honest here that wasn't an accident. After everything I wasn't even sure what to say to you, but that was probably just as bad as saying the wrong thing." He told her as kindly as possible.

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A wave of contentment washed over her as Marcus held her hand in his. With him everything felt right, even if there want a single thing going the way it should. Carefully she shimmied herself up into a inclined sitting position and briefly glanced around to take in her surroundings. "Some water would be nice." She commented when her eyes found a cup sitting on a nearby table. After drinking to her satisfaction she leaned back.

The space between them fell silent for a moment, she could sense his exhaustion. "Come here." She insisted with a pat to the bed beside her. "So how long was I out?" She inquired.

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With what little energy she could muster Rin's hand crawled towards Marcus then reached upward towards his tired face. "Hey you." She said gently as her fingertips slowly slid into the stubble on his jaw till her palm held his face. "You look like shit." She teased him with a soft chuckle. It was plain to see that he had been working himself to the bone, even worse than usual. Despite her current situation she was more occupied with his well-being. Little by little she felt bits of strength fill her body to the point she felt she would be able to sit up.

Gathering himself together with his regular gear Richard left the tent he had been assigned to bunk in to search out his assignment. Soon he found himself approaching the line, but his pace slowed when he saw Tess at the end. Avoiding her wouldn't be an option forever, nor should he continue to do so. Begrudgingly he made his way to his place in line, just behind Tess. "Hey.. How are you?" He asked.
Upon collapsing Rin's recollection of the events that transpired were hazy and scattered. Having been completely unconscious most of the time there wasn't much she could remember at all. If anything it was more so feelings than clear memories. The feeling of Marcus's chest, needles being jabbed into her wound, bright lights, and voices. Despite all these jumbled sensation she never felt alone, although she wasn't directly aware of her friends and lover keeping a watchful eye over her.

The treatment that the medics had been administering to her were finally taking affect. Her exhaustion and dehydration had allowed the infection to run rampant, so therefore it took some time for the antibiotics and fluids to make any visible improvements.

Gradually Rin's senses began to rouse her. The sounds of voices and faint gun shots, crying patients, and generator engines roaring. Things around her smelled cleaner, at least more so than they had when she collapsed. "Where am I?" She thought as her eyes slowly fluttered open.

In an effort to keep his mind occupied Richard had been helping out in any way possible around the compound. Sometimes this meant keeping watch over the perimeter other times it could be simply looking after refugees and soldiers. He did his utmost to never be idle, even limiting himself on sleep to the bare minimum. Stopping to think about what all had happened would only clutter his mind and he needed to he sharp to insure no one else would die, his conscious couldn't handle anymore deaths on his watch. Rin's collapsing was nearly a breaking point for him, he didn't want to loose one of his closest friends. Whenever he had down time he'd sit with her and clean guns and other equipment.

Despite his efforts to keep busy his mind constantly drifted back to Tess. He didn't know what to do or say to her. However, it was clear to him that he couldn't let her slip away, neither as an individual or a friend. "How do I make it up to her?" He whispered as he laid in his cot. Sleep had eluded him and he grew frustrated with it so he got dressed and went to look for an assignment.
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