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TIME: Evening

The ball grew nearer and Caslan made his way to Sindia's room. He wasn't sure why he was being made to wear a mask. While his title would easily afford him an invitation to attend, he wasn't going as a guest. As a member of the palace guard, he would spend the night assuring the event and all those who arrived were safe and secure. In all honesty, he preferred it that way. Caslan Fang may have been a Count, but he was very poor at small talk and relaxing. Even so, the princess required everyone in attendance to dress for the occassion. As she was his princess and it was her birthday, he could hardly refuse her. It was quite difficult to find a mask that fit his face. Everything just seemed so small on his larger than life frame. That's why he was going to see his sister.

After giving a few short but firm knocks, Caslan entered the room, ducking his head slightly as he walked through the door. He offered his younger sister the most genuine smile. She was truly the only person that made him happy these days. Well... perhaps not the only one. "Shouldn't you be getting ready by now?" Caslan asked playfully. Sindia suited this lifestyle much better than he ever could. She was undoubtedly a lady and he was only happy that his appointment meant that she could live in the palace as well. He'd never seen her shine quite so much at home as she did here. It made him feel much better than leaving her so far away from him. At least here he could watch over her.

Looking at the table, he noticed the leather raven mask staring back at him. "Is this it?" Stepping forward, he picked up the mask and examined it. The detail on the feathers was exquisite, though he expected nothing less. He turned it around in his hands and then walked over to the mirror and held it up to his face. It fit him like a glove, like anything his sister made for him. She knew how difficult it was for him to find things that fit his frame. She'd always been so good about accommodating him. He couldn't help but smile at how perfectly it sat against his skin, even hiding the scar that lay along his cheek. After a moment, he slowly lowered the mask and turned again to look at Sindia, his smile more sheepish this time.

"Thank you for this. I'll feel much more at ease knowing I don't look like a total idiot out there." He pushed his fingers back through his white hair, something else on the tip of his tongue. She probably knew what he was going to say by now, but he felt the need to say it anyway. "Listen, I want you to be careful tonight. There are going to be a lot of people... a lot of strangers. If you need me for any reason..." He tapped the mask gently with his fingertips. "Well, you know how to find me." She wasn't a child anymore, but he still felt it was his duty to protect her. She was the most important thing to him. He could never forgive himself if anything were to happen to her. Not again.

Even with the mask that fit him so well, Caslan felt out of place in his outfit. The blue tunic suit fit his 6'7" frame perfectly, having been custom-tailored just for the occasion, and yet it felt restrictive. Caslan didn't normally wear sleeves to make it easier to move, and the lack of any form of armor just made him feel naked. At least he was allowed his retractable bo staff in case anything were to get out of hand. The fabric of his suit hugged his muscles like a second skin, accentuating how big he really was. He'd come to terms with his size by now. He no longer felt like some kind of circus act being paraded about, even if he was used primarily for show at these types of events. What trouble could a bunch of lords and ladies and royals really cause? Caslan didn't see any reason they should need him or his bo staff.

As was usual, Caslan was placed in full view at the main entrance of the ballroom. He was one of the first things the guests saw as they entered, more than likely as a way to dissuade them from trying anything that would require him to intervene. He stood straight and tall, a drink in one hand. He was meant to be blending in and not looking so much like a guard, but he was doing very poorly. He was lingering on his own, not talking to anyone, like a well-dressed statue. Caslan made it a point, at least, to greet guests as they entered the ball room. He would offer a short and simple "Welcome." as they passed. His dark eyes wandered, unable to help himself. He'd never met a good number of them and there was a lot to see. He couldn't help but notice how beautiful the ladies looked in their gowns and how the well-tailored suits of the men fit so well. He kept himself preoccupied by imagining what they might look like strewn on floors. It was a welcome distraction from how awkward he felt.

Truthfully, he was waiting on someone in particular to arrive. They weren't supposed to know who anyone was, that was the point of the masks. But Caslan would know him anywhere just by the way he moved. He'd known him too intimately not to recognize his lover in any disguise. And who wouldn't know Caslan upon sight? He wasn't exactly normal.

Location: Outside -> Cafeteria
Time: Morning
Mentions @Killy
Interactions: Mikhail Afanasyev, Open

Normally, Cassidy would have gone for his run first thing in the morning before most people were even awake. Being up at the crack of dawn was never difficult for him unless something kept him up all night. He was a decent sleeper before coming to this school. His schedule was flawless down to the minute. And yet somehow he ended up with problems sleeping seemingly out of nowhere. Except he knew it wasn't out of nowhere. He could pinpoint the moment it started without fail. He knew it was that night, that song. it seemed the dreams were becoming more frequent and far more bizarre as time carried on. Last night had been one of those nights when he'd woken up in a cold sweat with a lullaby playing through his head. It gave him chills just thinking about it, so he decided not to think about it. He would just do his run after his first class.

The route he took was the same as every other morning, but at dawn, there weren't nearly as many people running around trying to get to and from class. At dawn, he was virtually alone jogging around the campus along his route. Now he had to swerve around other people that refused to get out of the lithe dancer's way. He wasn't exactly imposing. Cassidy completely ignored them, to the best of his ability. He didn't bother shooting apologetic glances as he bobbed and weaved around bodies to keep the proper pace. The rock music blaring in his ears helped distract him from any rude looks from narrow misses. He was graceful from his years of ballet and didn't assume he would actually run into anyone. Not that it was impossible. He was pretty distracted. Even with music being blasted directly into his brain, that song somehow managed to permeate through.

As he reached the cafeteria, Cassidy slowed to a stop. He looked up at the building for a moment. He should probably stop and get a bottle of water. He didn't bring any with him this time and hydration was important. Pushing a hand back over his sweaty blonde hair, he sighed and made his way inside. He was practically done anyway. With his earbuds still in, Cassidy made his way to one of the counters to get a simple bottle of water. Before he reached it, though, an earsplitting screech emitted from his right earbud for a split second before the rock and roll song morphed into that fucking lullaby.

Tearing his headphones from his ear by the cord, the blonde stumbled back a few steps and directly into another student. The impact to his back sent chills straight up his spine and he spun somehow perfectly on one heel to face them. "Sorry." He breathed, clearly disturbed. Despite no longer having his headphones in, he could still hear the song playing lightly, as if on a faraway piano. His green eyes glanced in the direction it seemed to be coming from, and he took in a table full of students that were chatting. They didn't look like they belonged in the same place. It was bizarre. He contemplated approaching them and asking if one of them was playing music on their phone, perhaps. But no... that was ridiculous. The song in his head didn't exist. It was just something his mother made up for him when he was a child...

Glancing back at the boy he'd collided with, Cassidy was suddenly aware that his behavior had caused him to spill his drink. The blonde's eye widened slightly and he tucked his earbuds away in his pocket. "Please, let me buy you another coffee." He insisted, a winning smile replacing the disorientation he'd just exhibited. It would be a welcome distraction from the ringing that continued in his ear.

[ Name ]
Matilda Rose Mercer

[ Nickname ]
Mat, Doc

[ Age ]

[ Perceived Gender ]

[ Sexuality ]

[ Where You Reside ]
Poor Side

[ Personality ]
+ Badass + Selfless + Leader +
- Temperamental - Can't Let Go - Stubbon as Hell -

[ About Personality ]
Mat is tough as a pile of rocks. She has her ideas on things and it's difficult to budge her on them once she's made her mind up. She's always been a scrapper from a young age, holding her own even against the boys. Don't be fooled by her exterior, though. On the inside, she's as mushy as they come. She loves cats and cries at stupid proposal videos. She hits hard and cares even harder.

[ Appearance ]
Mat is 5'8" and made of lean muscle and attitude. Her long blonde hair is normally pulled back in a braid when she's at work or, you know, fighting zombies. She has numerous small scars from her years of service that litter her body. A tattoo in honor of her dad, a rose, runs up her right side alongside her largest scar.

[ Life Before the Apocalypse ]
Matilda was an army brat. She spent her childhood moving place to place with her military father. Her mother passed away from illness when she was seven, forcing her to grow up fast. Kids were unkind to her, perpetually the new kid. Her father made it a point to teach her to defend herself. Those lessons were only expanded upon when Mat joined the army herself straight out of high school. She quickly found her place as an army medic, helping people that deserved it most.

After getting caught in a blast, and months in the hospital, Matilda was honorably discharged. With her father gone and no other family to speak of, she settled in the first place that would give her a job. The free clinic on the poor side of LunaVale was Matilda's passion. She quickly took it over, as she does most things, and ran the place seamlessly. Helping people that needed her most.

[ Skills ]
Highly Skilled Doctor
Works Great Under Pressure
Proficient in Hand-to-Hand Combat

[ Anything Extra ]
- Matilda was named for her grandmother on her father's side.
- Has naturally risen to the head of a gang and is affectionately referred to as "gang mom".

[ Name ]
Theodore Vincent Carthage

[ Nickname ]
Theo, Punk

[ Age ]

[ Perceived Gender ]

[ Sexuality ]

[ Where You Reside ]
Rich Side

[ Personality ]
+ Fun-Loving + Generous + Adventurous +
- Reckless - Dramatic - Easily Addicted -

[ About Personality ]
Theo doesn't back down from a challenge. Despite being smaller than most boys, he's happy to engage in just as much nonsense, usually finding himself in trouble as a result. This has become even more true since the world ended. But he has an incredibly kind heart that urges him to give and give and give. That gets him into trouble too. He just doesn't know how to balance all of his big emotions, which means they end up spilled all over the place more often than not.

[ Appearance ]
Theo isn't in any way intimidating. He stands at 5'10" with no muscle to his name. Pale and soft, it's obvious he's lived a life of luxury since his birth. The only flaw to speak of is a scar on his left forearm from crashing his bike when he was twelve. His dark hair and blue eyes mark him as different from his own family, who all sport fair red hair and green eyes.

[ Life Before the Apocalypse ]
Theodore barely missed out on a shitty life. When his teenage mother gave him up at 3 days old, at least she had the good sense to do it on the right side of town. The Carthage family loved him from the moment they laid eyes on him. They already had two children when they adopted Theo, both of who were thrilled to have another sibling. He could never claim to be unloved, but that didn't stop him from feeling left out. From feeling just a little bit different.

When the world ended, Theo couldn't help but think about how that was almost his life. Had his birth giver kept him, he could be on the opposite side of that wall right now. His heart ached for those people. He had friends on that side, much to his parents' chagrin. Unable to help himself, he finds as many ways as possible to slip out and bring with him what he can. It's never much, but at least it's something.

[ Skills ]
High Pain Tolerance
Stupidly Fast Runner
Adept at Stealing Sleight of Hand

[ Anything Extra ]
- Has both his ears pierced.
- Addicted to cigarettes since he was 18.
- Not afraid to fight, even if he'll probably lose.

Definitely gonna be reading through all this. Just wanted to post so I can get back to it when I have time!

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