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2 yrs ago
Current I have returned.
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2 yrs ago
I dislike hatred, but I feel it grow inside me sometimes.
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2 yrs ago
Trying to create a cohesive world that is both original and logical is difficult.
2 yrs ago
Happy Birthday to me.
2 yrs ago
Why won't the sandman bring me a dream? It's 5:36 and you're late old man I have shit to do tomorrow.


X ______________________________________ X X ______________________________________ X

I'm Bored Of
I'm Tired Of
Keeping Disciplined
I Am Sweltering
The Heat Is Too Much For Me
Producing This Shit
Pure Vanity

You're bored of quality
You're tired of keeping dicipline
I am not sweltering (I am sweltering)
The heat is perfect for me (it's too much for me)
Making this song is not vanity (it is vanity)

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Banned for upward banning
Granted but that time can be used for nothing

I wish that i could get ready in a presentable fashion that fits where i'm going in seconds.
1. Flickers - Son Lux
2. Jon Bellion - IRobot
3. The Used - The Bird And The Worm
4. Echos - Guest Room
5. Takuto - No.2
6. Moncrieff - Serial Killer
7. Echos - The Hills
8. Ed Sheeran - Super Market Flowers
9. Sayuri - Mikazuki
10. Maroon 5 - Harder To Breathe
Banned for not appreciating ghost mode.
The entirety of
Moncrieff's - Serial Killer.

Yes I know I'm a wolf, and I've been known to bite
But the rest of my pack, I have left them behind
And my teeth may be sharp, and I've been raised to kill
But the thought of fresh meat, it is making me ill
So I'm telling you that you'll
Young Heretics - Dear Rabbit
Granted but its broken

I wish to live a happy life.
Banned for banning someone twice in a row
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