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2 yrs ago
Current I have returned.
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2 yrs ago
I dislike hatred, but I feel it grow inside me sometimes.
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2 yrs ago
Trying to create a cohesive world that is both original and logical is difficult.
2 yrs ago
Happy Birthday to me.
2 yrs ago
Why won't the sandman bring me a dream? It's 5:36 and you're late old man I have shit to do tomorrow.


X ______________________________________ X X ______________________________________ X

I'm Bored Of
I'm Tired Of
Keeping Disciplined
I Am Sweltering
The Heat Is Too Much For Me
Producing This Shit
Pure Vanity

You're bored of quality
You're tired of keeping dicipline
I am not sweltering (I am sweltering)
The heat is perfect for me (it's too much for me)
Making this song is not vanity (it is vanity)

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Banned for not appreciating the letter X.
I have trouble sleeping in the light. But hate sleeping in the quiet. To solve this I shove card board and shirts over my T.V.
Granted but its only for 3 seconds.
I wish for money thats real
@Shadow Dragon The game is about only giving one word in association with whatever word is given above you.

<Snipped quote by RoseBloodBorn>


Actually i saw the word above and placed it. So, i have done what the rules wanted. If you have a problem with that. That's on you.

Granted, but they are shitty paintings done by 2nd graders.
I wish for inspiration.
Banned for wearing a backless dress backwards!

Banned for not understanding a low cut dress.
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Ooo a tough question.
I chose Rose because i always received rainbow roses as a kid, my mother loves beauty and the beast, and my grandmother loved roses.
Bloodborn was a mix of a game i was playing at the time and a book i plan on reading but have never gotten around to it. Although the book was called RoseBlood.
In Curious? 2 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
Is that supposed to be a question?
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