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Current Could use a roleplay as a distraction right now
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I got locked in the bathroom today. We had to call my brother to get out and it took like 30 minutes so I straightened my hair lol
2 mos ago
I enjoy role-playing with both genders
2 mos ago
Still seeking a Stranger Things RP the most but I RP other things too


Hello! My name is Rose. Or you can call me Rosebud. And I am looking for a one on one role-play, preferably through private messages or threads. I have Discord. But it has the tendency to eat my messages, so I usually prefer to use those for chatting and plotting services.

I am really craving a canon x oc Stranger Things RP. But if you click the link I put under the hider, it will reveal other things I am interested in role-playing.

Note: I didn't think I had to explain my rules to anyone as to why they are the way they are. My rules are fairly short in my bio. But they're lengthy in my role-play search, and the reason why they are lengthy in my role-play search, is I've had to add things as I experienced them.

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