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Current Could use a roleplay as a distraction right now
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I got locked in the bathroom today. We had to call my brother to get out and it took like 30 minutes so I straightened my hair lol
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I enjoy role-playing with both genders
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Still seeking a Stranger Things RP the most but I RP other things too


Revamping my bio and role-play search.

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Title. What sort of patterns can you find in your characters?

The outgoing part is because I'm pretty extroverted IRL. I'm not a fan of playing characters who can't just go up to someone and start a conversation–especially when RPers tend to play more reactively than proactively.

I can relate to this. I also cannot play against characters who cannot start or have a conversation. Not that it needs to be a "perfect" one.

I often enjoy playing the "new foreigner," preferably in a different culture. I also enjoy giving my characters some uniqueness in their appearance.
So far I have really only bonded with one person on this site to the point we try to video chat once a week if we can. I guess I can consider her family as we draw closer. I'd be open to making more friends! There were times I'd RP with RPers almost every day for a year or so and were never considered 'family.' But close friends.
How many times is this topic going to get madeeeeeeeee?

Well, this person was absent for a while so they didn't know.
Is this based on a Korean 'webtune?' I think Korean's usually call stuff like that 'webtune.'
I love the idea of this role-play. But I've never really filled out a character sheet before, so I'll probably just enjoy reading it.
The anime or the live action 'The Borrowers?' I saw a movie based off this.
Hello! You can call me Rose or Rosebud and I am interested in a Twilight role-play. I prefer to role-play a hetero female character as my main. We can either do canon x canon, canon x oc, or oc x oc. My favorite pairings are Edward x OC x Jacob and Jacob x Renemsee. I've always wanted to do a Jacob x Renemsee and maybe a Jacob point of view story. I also like Jasper x OC and maybe even Dr. Carlisle x OC. Let me know who you'd like to play. I know this is an 18+ site but am not a fan of smut and finding someone who will RP without smut seems to be a challenge. Therefore, challenge those to try something new.

Oh and Vampires don't need to sparkle if that's what you prefer. If you have other vampire and/or maybe werewolf shape-shifter related ideas, please let me know. I'm very vanilla if things to lead up to it, so I am not a fan of blood play or anything like that.

I love the shorter, daily replies and the longer replies that take a few days. All I ask is that you write a paragraph or two minimum. If a role-player, for example, writes 2-4 paragraphs, and doesn't give my character a chance to react to the first and/or second paragraph, it causes me to stumble over words and change the way my character would have reacted, which is a form of god-modding and meta-gaming, which are a no go. It's faster, easier, and more fun to give our characters time to react to the first and/or second paragraph if that's the case. Not expecting anyone to be perfect. But no god-modding, meta-gaming, purple prose, or perfect characters. I can write more if necessary. Write however much the situation requires you to. I have the tendency to get a little overwhelmed if we constantly need to write 500 to maybe 1300 words, so I'd appreciate it if the length of our posts varied a little more. I'm not requiring anyone to write that much though. I guess let me know what your comfort zone is.

I prefer to role-play over private messages. I have Discord for plotting and chatting services. (I want to I want to world-build/flesh out the plot with my partner together. I have a basic idea though.) But as an FYI, discord it has the tendency to eat my messages.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!
Hello! I'm looking to create a Fruits Basket one x one role-play. I prefer someone who would be open to role-playing half the cast and I'll be role-playing the other half. Who we decide to role-play should be decided fairly. I must admit I'm not the best at playing certain characters or couples like Akito x Shigure and maybe Haru x Rin. Maybe they can be NPCs?

I enjoy canon x canon Fruits Basket role-plays and canonx x oc pairings. I'm looking for someone who will be fair in playing male and female characters. Here are some pairings I enjoy:

I enjoy Yuki x Tohru x Kyo
- Yuki x OC
- Hiro x Kisa/maybe an OC
- Momiji x OC
- Momiji x Tohru/OC x Kyo
- Kureno x Arisa/OC
- Maybe Hatori x OC

- I like to pair my character with Yuki and maybe Momiji the most. But I can also pair her with Kureno and/or maybe Hiro if that's what my role-play partner preferred. We could always do more than one too haha.

- I don't really have many rules for this. I'm not interested in role-playing smut or gore. I ask that you give me at least a paragraph to work with. There may be times where we will write more cause we might be playing more than one character in more than one scene.

- Play male and female characters fairly.

- I've always wanted to do a role-play based on the next generation. They wouldn't be cursed. But they'd have unusual hair or eye color. Their parents would probably initially protect them from learning about the curse. But maybe they start to learn it on their own. So we'd still be playing the canon characters. They'd just be the parents.

- I'd love to create an original role-play inspired by this anime/manga. But it probably won't be about that curse specifically.

- Please send me a message if you're interested. I don't mind people who reply to my thread. But I prefer to take our planning somewhere else.
I'm dying ;-;
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