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7 mos ago
Current Really craving to do a mermaid RP
7 mos ago
Scary! I once had a dream I was back in grade school, eating in the cafeteria, and almost ate a worm. But I pulled it out. The next day, I found out my loose tooth fell out.
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10 mos ago
Could use a roleplay as a distraction right now
11 mos ago
I got locked in the bathroom today. We had to call my brother to get out and it took like 30 minutes so I straightened my hair lol
11 mos ago
I enjoy role-playing with both genders


Revamping my bio and role-play search.

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Thanks for your patience. Please send it my way. You'll get the fastest response if you PM me.

Okay, I did. :)
<Snipped quote by Rosebudxo>

I'm not looking for an Emma, I'm looking for a Grant Achatz, whereas I'd be opening to playing another celeb like Emma myself.

I know you're not looking for Emma. I read your thread. I'm just saying I thought of doing something similar.
I've thought about doing the same thing and have somewhat hinted in my previous posts I'd be willing to RP as Emma Watson.
Hello! I'm in need of someone to delete a post I made. I'll link it once I know who can so I can save some of the content of this post, then link the thread. :)
Hello! As the title says, I am interested in doing a Final Fantasy Advent Children role-play. I'm looking for someone to play Cloud and Denzel and seeking to do a canon x oc pairing. Please message me if you are interested. :)
Please message me if you're interested in doing a mermaid/merman x human one x one role-play. I prefer to role-play through private messages. I ask for at least a paragraph, though the length of the RP kind of depends on the plot. Dialogue exchanges can shorten posts briefly while others may require more. Just not a fan of over talking each other's characters in order to boost word-count.

I usually prefer eastern settings, but can do western as well.

Looking forward to hearing from whoever is interested!
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