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Current RPNation hates me it called my character spam and wouldnt let me send it... this is why I like here better
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Slow day
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Why would the potters make someone outside the secret keeper instead of Lily being the secret keeper for james so no one would get questioned about their whereabouts as then they would be safe + hidde
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I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE ROLEPLAYS! its been 2 years since I last roleplayed but man is it the best feeling to develop and write out a story with someone who shares your intrests.
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Nah its dead... but its friend mr wasp is now dive bombing my door and scared me half to death


Hey y'all,
Name's Rogue, and before you go asking if I chose this alias based off of Rogue from the Xmen you are all wrong. Rouge Rogue is literally the type of DND RPG character I often play. Rouge is for me not being able to spell Rogue off the top of my head for the longest time {it also means red in French} and Rogue is my class. ANY HOW... I enjoy a good story and tend to lean to fandom roleplays like Naruto, One Piece, Harry Potter, and so on.
Im also an artist outside of a roleplayer and gamer. I often draw my own characters unless Im too lazy to even try. I also do commissions for characters and so on. But if Im enthusiastic about a roleplay I often draw our characters together.
I enjoy any adventure, action packed or mystery type of story, but I also like a hint of romance though not always wanting it to be the main focus. I love building the characters and their relationships over already having an established love interest unless its planned on being changed.

SO feel free to message me any interesting ideas for a roleplay... or if you're interested ask me about my commission prices, art examples or otherwise.

You can catch me streaming on

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Looking for a one piece 1x1 rp
Doubling is available (and generally preferred)

1 Being willing to rp mxf: I dont mind doing mxm or fxf but I prefer for my personal half of a double is mxf. So feel free to ask me to double any other romance type along as you are willing to do mxf
2 When doubling dont control the characters I am in charge of: no one likes it so dont do it
3 Try to fit the theme: if we are doing a follow the plot and nothing more dont have foreknowledge of the events, no one likes a know it all. If it's an isakai then maybe your character has a harder time getting combative talents up to par as they arent used to needing the skill.
4 No op: we all got weaknesses, you're gonna get hit in a fight...
5 Please no princesses or goddesses etc. Fit the world as best you can.
6 Communication is key: if I feel stuck or currious about where we wanna go with the rp I'm gonna chat with you ooc so we can figure it all out together.
7 I dont mind erasing characters or events it's all about plotting.

So romance I wouldn't mind you playing:
Zoro (generally I like the idea of a strong female character with him)
Sanji (I would probobly play a tomboy to start off with a rivalry of sorts so think mulan hiding as ping)
Ace (cause why not?)

People I refuse to play cause I generally dont like their personality:
NAMI (too bossy and is way to annoying for my tastes there is no way I'd play Nami unless it is the soul of my own character over throwing her, I dont mind playing her as background but never in a million years would I play her as a romance character)

I dont mind playing canonxcanon as long as I get my ocxcanon or ocxoc

OC types I like, can range from your energetic loyal puppy type to serious focused yet caring type. Please no emo/borring brooders

Plot ideas for world set up:

Isakai 1) genaric oc characters fall from our world into the realm of one piece
Isakai 2) rebirth died in one world reborn into this one (works well with asl growing up)
Isakai 3) character replacement program: OCS replace a particular character but still have the original cannon body can be done as rebirth or immediate replacement

Time travel) from the future or the past doesn't matter

Nothing special) oc is of the world of onepiece and lives out their lives as plots progresses

I am open to ideas and what not just let me know what you'd prefer from this list and whom youd like me to attempt to play.

My current location in the anime is just finished dressrosa
Couple of rules:
Have Fun:There is no point in roleplaying if you feel like you are dragging yourself through the mud.
Try to make sense: I dont need 5 paragraphs but try to make whatever you post make sense and use the contexts I give in my posts to make the story feel more fluid.
Dont mind my fact checks: I am a Fact Fiend and I will point things out or ask if it was an intentional change from the fandom that we play, also I dont mind if you Fact check me I like knowing new and cool things.
If My age matters: I am 24 this year {2020} I dont plan on nitty gritty sex, its not what I want in a roleplay, I want a story not some 50 shades of grey BS
I DOUBLE UP: I prefer playing MxF and that will always be my go to coupling, but if you want MxM or FxF then I will do my best. I do my best playing Cannon Characters but I do enjoy ocs.
OCs: I dont enjoy immediate over powering of a character. Give yourself weaknesses give yourself flaws, have quirks in your character that make them interesting and not a cookie cutter oc.
Always open for OOC conversation- Talk about other fandoms, talk about what we RP, Plan Develop aim for goals, if I know of goals I can help get us there.

List of Fandoms
{* points to things I really wanna play, crossing out points to those I am overwhelmed with}
{Will add my Romantic Preferences}


My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia
[Bakugo****, Kirishima*, OC*]

One Piece
[Zoro*****, Ace**, Sanji *, OC *]

[Shikamaru ****, Kiba **, Garra **, Itachi **, Zabuza *, Oc*]

[Renji **, Kenpachi *, Byakuya *, oc]

TV Shows-

[Jamie ***, OC **]

[Dean****, Oc]

Stargate Sg1
[Daniel, Oc]


Harry Potter
-Golden Trio Era-
[Draco **, Fred **, OC**]
-Marauders Era-
[Sirius ***, Severus *, OC*]


[Braylouf **, Vilkas **, Farkas *, OC]



[Corvo *, OC *]

Dragon age
[Alistar **, Zevran **, Cullen **, OC]
[Fenris *****, Garret Hawke **, Varric **, OC]
[Cullen ***, Varric**, Iron Bull *, OC **]

Mass Effect
[Garrus ***, John Shepard **, Joker **, OC]
[Garrus ****, Joker ***, Thane ***, John Shepard**, OC]
[Garrus ****, Joker **, John Shepard **, OC]
[Ja’al ****, oc*]​
A little nudge in the brain to get juices flowing.

OCs dumped into the world of the Fandom with Some or all or None of the information on the story they may have only just heard of the world.

Ocs from another world reborn after death into the other world with their previous memories intact. Can replace cannon characters.

Similar to the Books/Tv series Outlander means a character ends up in a form of past where they have to fit in with the locals. Similar to Isakai but more having to do with history.
I'm interested in my hero academia
@RougeRogue I'm totally game for that!

cool Ill pm you tomorrow with ideas and stuff
Hey I happen to be a MASS EFFECT Fan I dont see many floating around the internet so often times I am stuck only chatting with Highschool friends about it... anyways enough about that... Im willing to do a Mass effect rp though my favorite game in the series happens to be the 2nd game and in all honesty believe that shepard is indoctrinated the entire 3rd game...

SO what if we do a whole 1x1 rp where maybe the budding relationship is happening either in the events of the first game or during the second game that way any end world/universe stressors are affecting an already established and fleshed out relationship...

Personally I prefer MXF
<Snipped quote by RougeRogue>

What exactly do you mean by this one?

I dont mind either Bad Boy X Good Girl or Good Boy X Bad Girl romances
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