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10 mos ago
Current Work just told me I can have a plus one on all my business trips but I don't have a plus one :(
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10 mos ago
my hair is brown but I'm contemplating making it would match my uniform for work
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10 mos ago
I got asked out on a date the same day my Ex said no one would want to date me.....hmmm...
10 mos ago
What to do today....
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10 mos ago
I could use a hug.


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@King Tai sure
@Weird Tales Approved

Edited and added 2 more skills if that works or is okay?

Still works :)
@King Tai Approved, he can be moved to the characters tab
@King Tai I prefer RL but it's your character so I'll allow whatever image you like.
@Weird Tales Just waiting on the personality section but otherwise he is conditionally approved.
@Raptra Still a thing, I look forward to getting your CS
@Hyyde322 You can as long as you don't call him Spider Man
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