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9 mos ago
Current I want to take some epic, action packed franchise and just totally downplay all the conflict and sexual tension and write an interesting story about a peaceful day in that universe.
9 mos ago
I don't know what I want. But I want it to be focused on calming, healing, and peace. Maybe something like Iyashikei or Solarpunk. Or maybe something else. With similar themes.
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9 mos ago
I wish I could find a roleplay that isn't too dark or violent. Sometimes all that envelope pushing, real world grit just gets depressing and bleak.
10 mos ago
Is it safe to start trying to roleplay again? Only one way to find out, I guess...
10 mos ago
The first time I've smiled in a month comes from watching an obscure cartoon on youtube... Odd, but I'll take it. Thanks Saladin: The Animated Series! It feels good to smile again.


Welcome 2 My Humble Palace!

I am Egads. (So Indecisive...) And I would very much like to roleplay and have fun and explore concepts with others in a writing sort of way.

And until recently, I never found anything that I truly considered a fandom that was for me. Never touched Harry Potter. Got bored with LotR. Can't keep up with DC or Marvel or Star Wars. And I am just not into DR Who. But then I discovered an obscure cartoon called Saladin The Animated Series. And I swear it is the most charming thing ever. I'm just crazy for it. And if anyone wants to play in that show's fandom with me, please don't hesitate to PM and let me know. And if you've never heard of it but would like to experience the magic of it for yourself, here is a link:

That's about it for now. Might add more ideas later. Thanks for stopping by!

Bye. :)

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Is it just me, or does this kind of sound like the school that Invader Zim goes to?
im trying to find people to help me work on my writing and help fill out some of the things i have been working on

What sort of things have you been working on? You can hardly expect any interest without at least telling us that much....
Possible interest.
I have never heard of this game before but I am so completely ready to be sold on it. I've been feeling like I need to find a roleplay that isn't dark or violent or gritty at all. But that type of stuff seems soooooo popular right now. I think this might be just the sort of thing I was hoping to find.
Can you play as a raptor?
Hey guys. IRL duty calls & I have to go try and save my relationship. I don't think I 'll be online or able to be very creative this weekend.

@DruSM157 Go ahead and bench G Mann for now. I'll try to work on an improved version when I get some time.
So, here's the bad news: I only have 7 slots to work with. 8 is a big number in the lore I've devised for this RP, so sadly there's going to be characters that are accepted and those that aren't,

This doesn't mean that I'm throwing anyone to the curb or calling them trash; even if someone isn't accepted, if a player has to drop the RP for any reason, I will work their character out of the RP and work one of the characters in the "waiting room" into the RP.

Makes a whole lotta sense for a spooky rp. If something doesn't work out with player being able to keep posting for some reason, their character can become a part of the lore and meet a bad end IC, and meanwhile there are extra team members on the bench to fill that spot.

@Lirriia I'm liking what you are doing with your CS. Lisa's story is increasing my instinct to sit back and eat popcorn while reading it now.

@DruSM157 Updated, Expanded and Reformatted. Tried to shed some light on his history and bring in some creepy vibes, in addition to taking formatting cues from Will's CS. Let me know what you think.

Changed Abbie's FC to someone more age appropiate. Sarah Hyland is apparently almost thirty. Jesus Christ. Anyway, her Replacement is twenty-year-old Brec Bassinger.

I was completely fooled. Would've asks to see her ID and everything.
"Hey Abbie, come talk to me if you want that gas gas."
-G Mann in the hallways of Everbrook High

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