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When we had coffee and coffee and coffee and coffee
And coffee and coffee some more
He'd go to work, and she'd take a sick day and rot at the core
And by the time he came back, she'd scrubbed the bathrooms and made them smell like pine
It would be almost as if nothing had happened
And he'd give her time, oh,
oh, and he'd give her time
Buildings by Regina Spektor

Here's a youtube link for anyone interested.

You start with an image, and then you photoshop something in. Here's the starter image!

I find that Gimp is a GREAT free program for this.
Drakel said
That's just your mom.

This was legitimately funny.
I hate this thread so much.
monstahunta said
I planted a few seeds in some plastic pots yesterday, and one of them was a bush sugar baby watermelon seed. I planted it in some topsoil in a pot that used to harbor an arborvitae, (it's either a 5, or 10 gallon pot. I'm not sure which), and unsure about whether it will have enough room for its roots to sustain a big enough plant to bear fruit, I thought maybe someone on spam could help me out.

Do you guys think I have a shot at getting the plant to grow a watermelon?

Also I was wondering if anyone else was in USDA hardiness zone 5, and can tell me if it's too late to plant some corn?

It'll work in the pot for a while, but you'll eventually have to move it into the ground. Honestly, growing fruits and vegetables from seed is way harder than it's worth. Get a sprout and then plant that in dirt with compost added (which you can buy). Keep it watered every couple days. Weed the soil you planted it in. You'll have a nice plant.

I'm not sure about that specific plant, but that's generally good advice for growing fruits and veggies. I'd look up info about when to plant that in your area, and how much light it needs etc. It's easy to find on the internet.
This thread died fast. Lol.
Voooooted. :3
Kinda like right now.

Edit: The second one bumped it. Lawl.
PrimezTime said
Hi.New Guild sometimes doesn't bump when I post in a thread so some of my posts are missed entirely.

I've had this problem too, actually.
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