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Hello, there really isn't much to see here. :^D

In case you were wondering, yes, I drew my profile image. Do you like it? I think it has a depressing sort of beauty.

Disclaimer: I can sometimes be a little too honest, and my standards might be too high. People don't like that. But let it stand on record that I also view myself with the same light. I would not criticize others if I am not willing to take criticism myself. Be mature. Don't hold stupid grudges. If you've come here to scope me out, to find some shameful detail or quench some personal spite because my honesty upset you in some way, -- I'm sorry but there is nothing here for your desperate attempt at self-validation. I will settle the pettiness with an apology. Sorry. Happy?

I can't do anything more than that.

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Haha, I think that would qualify as spam. I'll just post in it again. Well, I'm glad for your support. Hopefully things pan out and we get more players and I don't disappoint you two.
Looking for new players.
Sort of posting this seeing where everyone is at right now. I'll be frank, my own motivation has been shot. On all fronts. Are any of you still looking forward to posting more in this universe, or shall we call it quits here? I'm sort of on the fence at the moment, but I'll happily continue if enough people wants to.
I've been a little busy with work, but I'll get back into the swing of things soon. I'll try to and ring those who haven't posted yet to see what their situation is.


Bolt's eyes widened. Though they were not the mechanical messiah he foolishly dreamed them out to be, this person was no less amazing. From the way she spoke about taking apart a catalyst, those things were almost impossibly complicated. It was not putting one together was too hard. It was how to do it without accidentally creating a home-made A-bomb. But it seemed she figured most of it out. Obviously. The most pressing detail to him was that she was a Diver. A long line of experience too. Most people don't even make it past their first year. Their first run out, even. And now, with things clicking in his head, there was another clear answer as to why they possessed so much undocumented gear. Unsanctioned.

He almost flinched.

In a way, they were in the same boat. Though he had a bit of a stigma against them. Maybe it was all the bad things he keeps hearing about these kinds of folks. But he sort of understood now. Sometimes, you just have to do bad things to get what you want. He didn't like to be associated with the word 'criminal', but he needed money these days. Fast. Real fast.

The boy almost wanted to hide is face in shame, figuring out she would've seen through his stupid ploy immediately. Might as well come out clean now and save whatever face he could. He dropped both his hands to his sides bashfully, grinning to the side, "Ahaha... I... uh, I was just joking about--"

Bolt pulled back as soon as Cecil pulled out a gun, throwing his own hands up. "Woah! What's tha--" He didn't even notice the man in the corner. And then another with a gun showed up from another direction. The boy was jaw-dropped at this point.

The droid let out a plume of steam and reached over, covering the boy in its large plated arms. But seeing as the conflict quickly resolve itself, he poked his head out from the wired fingers.

"Phew... Welp. I don't know if that's a common greeting amongst you folks, but I'm glad things didn't end up a mess." he muttered, contemplating on getting a gun himself. Just in case. He listened to the others for a moment, speaking up a little sheepishly underneath the wizened adults, "I don't know if it means much, but from the way the message was worded, it sounded to me they know we want something very badly. At least, for me, they do. Oh yeah, and the name's Bolt. This is Jung." motioning to the big guy with his head. "Er. Here, let me show you guys what I got."

He swung underneath the massive hands like a little weasel, popping back up between the strangers with his hands fiddling with an arm-mounted interface system. With a few clicks of the rusted buttons on the side and flicking abit of the screen, a small hologram text box popped up in front of him. It was a small blue-ish window that floated there, turning around as he slowly guided it around with a small analog stick. It looked like the data went through immense phishing and had been flushed to lose much of its data weight. It was clearly protected by many layers of encryption too, seeing as much of the file itself appear fragmented and glitched. Whoever sent the message didn't want the Network finding any trace of it.

Only one sentence can be made out, along with the coordinates. "Come here. If you want to see your wishes to come true."


I've been a little busy with IRL practice. But I'm still here. :^D
Yeah, go ahead. I'll try to keep this scene as interesting as possible while we wait for Avice to say something. Then I can figure out what to do next.
@ExcalThat is very unfortunate undeed. I won't kill your character. That would be such a shame. If anything, I will try to use her for the story since she already has a lot of ties anyway.

Whatever the case, you are welcome back if this is still going.
@Excal You don't have to wait on the others to post, by the way. Ours is a side thing, so it doesn't involve them yet. I planned on it being resolved by the time the other one is done. Maybe even earlier.
And here I was, looking forward to a good ol' PC getting shot and dying in the first 10 posts too... Boo. Just kidding. Sorta. Fantastic posts from all of you. I think we're still waiting for one more person before I really push things along.

Been working on a few more concepts. But I won't unveil anything until the time comes. :^D
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