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8 mos ago
Current I'm afraid I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from all projects while I try to collect myself. Stressing about all of these things for so long have been detrimental to my health. I am so sorry.


Hello, nothing to see here. Move along. :^D

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@Lasrever Das it. Banished to the shadow realm indefinitely. Wiggles pogo stick.

Fortunately, with that we are just left with @Aristo. They said they would post sometime today, so I'll wait until Tuesday to finally reveal whats behind door # 1.
If you feel like you're gonna be gone for a long time, just let me know. Your character will be put in a 'bubble' and we'll just bring them out later, or have a new one show up. I left it open for new characters to pop out, for the case of deaths or whatever.
@Aristo Technically, you have more time. A whole week from the last time you posted to be exact, but I'd probably push it one step ahead on Tuesday, since the majority will have posted, and you'd have to do some unfortunate catch-up. BUT more importantly, you've got that power yet? I'mmma need it soon, before you start chucking magic at some nasty franks.
Please, not the 'Ryu'. PLEASE. Just call me 'Shura', that is much better.

My actual mindset while writing scenarios: There are lots of holes in the wall... and some, uh, are narrow... and uhh... have a light at the end... yeee. :^D

Nah, as much as I want to let you guys explore the ruins and run into all kinds of nastiest I've in store, I gotta wait until Tuesday to do so. As I promised, those who provide me with a schedule @Lasrever, I won't be rude enough to leave behind. At least, if their name doesn't start with 'Z' and ends in 'ombehs'. Meanwhile, peeps just gonna be waking up and shit.
Oh, WOW. I didn't even notice that until now, LOL!

Just looking at that makes me I wish I could change my name though. Cringing at myself just a bit right now, not gonna lie. This username is so childish to me now.

And I think you'd need something more than fire and napalm to bring ruin to this thread. Since I'm secretly a eldritch abomination WEEABOO in disguise and normal fire would only shed my shell and return me to my glorious true form!~ :^D
No. Shoo. We don't want dirty weebs here.
My new post doesn't push things along, but I feel like it better sets up what happens and where you all end up than just saying stuff here in the OOC, or PMing people.
@kagethekiller@Eklispe ... and to all those who are posting after this.

Whether you stepped down the pristine steps and entered the abyss laying at the bottom normally, or dived from the top into the center in a showmanship of bravery or foolishness...

You were swallowed.

Not figuratively either, as it felt like they were being squeezed through a slimy esophagus. You would sink and drown as the darkness consumed you, yanked into the very depths of an ocean incomprehensible in size. Those with 'sin' would find the weapons latched to them acting like anchors, dragging them even more violently through the blackness. You would be unable to properly move as you fell further and further from the glimmering light above, left with only a flimsy 'charm' to spare you from the absolute horrors. The Nightmare felt vast and empty, yet teeming and congested at the same. Voices can be heard calling to those passing through, screaming profanities, sobbing confessions, and utterances of dark secrets in a loop that played in perennial. As though the nightmare they had come from never ceased. But the presences, the eyes that lurked beyond gazed upon you with hatred, with utter disgust. But also of fear. They would not dare touch you, though they swam and stalked from the black nether, circling and bobbing like a frenzy of sharks around a fresh cage. Among the voices were garbles and bizarre gurgling utterances, the void shuddering like gigantic pulsing waves. These were the most maddened thoughts pertaining this asylum of monsters, reaching you from the far-flung, but unable to grasp upon your little soul. If you listened to the Goddess, you would be spared this horrifying experience, bearing the nightmare and waking up thinking just that.

"It was only a nightmare..."

But those who chose to look out, lured by fear or curiosity, were met with something far darker. These muted experiences belong only to them, and to those unfortunate enough to hear their stories.

Chapter 01- The Sanctuary of Forlorn:

You awaken, among those already recovered and those who have not, feeling an aching pain and the terrible 'nightmare' you had been left with. Your quickly find your weaponized 'sin' still connected to you. The grotesque forms were stood upright in the murky cobblestone beside their sleeping owners, almost as though they had been waiting.

A familiar sight welcomes you, though it was rather difficult to pertain for sure. The grand Atrium that you had just departed, or rather, what remains of it, surrounds you once again on all sides. The stark and foreboding red glow from the dying star was gone, but it was up for debate whether this brooding atmosphere was any better. The interior has long aged and become worn over what appears to be whole ages, many of the etchings and artsmanship completely lost now to overgrown moss and grime. Numerous stones in the walls have fallen out, and even more pillars have cracked and fallen, leaving you a cautious feeling of the integrity of it all. Waste litters the floor, swamping the once-cozy furnishings. A thin layer of murky slime runs among it all, filled with debris of old books and tombs, the pages and covers long deteriorated and rotten. The ends of the massive chamber spreads far out into the dimness, leading to a great many passages, as they also did in the 'Dream'. Though many of them are now crumbled and lost, closed away forever. There appears to be only about four that were currently accessible, out of the dozen, each pointing to a cardinal direction. There was actually a fifth, in fact, but slipping though the crack at the bottom of the rubble would require some effort. There were a few faint lights at the ends of the North and South ends, probably providing you with the dim vision to make all of these observations in the first place.

About the only major difference than this place from what it appeared in the 'Dream' was the stairway you find yourselves scattered around, eerily dissimilar to the one you descended. This time, the ornate frame wound upwards, not down. Though much like the ruins, it too has fallen into disarray. The steps, from those that remained, and guided railings pierce into the ceiling, which slopes into a point many times above you, leading into an unknown lost to the dim lights.

If what the Goddess said was true, this was what the 'Dream' was derived from, but so much has changed that what now lay beyond was a mystery. Not that you had much chance to see much of the previous version anyway.

You are left in the darkness now, the only sounds being the voices of your companions hushed muttering, and the quiet stirring of those yet to wake. What do you do?

Movement is too difficult out there. Especially those being literally dragged down by their Sins. It's both like you're freefalling through the vacuum of space while also being yanked into the very depths of the ocean. There isn't any pain, but you're sorta just in for the trippy hell-ride at that point. Like Isabella, you can ignore to the Goddesses advice (though to be fair, she was not really informed), and try talking to the dark voices if you so desire.

Doing so earned her a minor 'peculiarity', by the way.

@Rune_Alchemist@Erode If you two were joking and are okay with it, that's fine. I just didn't know, and didn't want to risk having just a flame war breaking out.
@Rune_Alchemist@Zombehs Whoa guys, let's slow the roll a bit. Maybe I'm not used to how hard both of you guys dish out jokes, but I'm gonna pull out and be peacekeeper card just in case.

Both your characters are too much into tentacles, and let's end it there.

Just a healthy reminder: Anything that happens in the IC is NOT an attack to you personally. I would assume everyone here has this kind of decency, so don't take anything said or done inside the RP and blow it out of bounds. With such a large cast, not everyone's characters are gonna get along. Nor would that be any fun. This is a 'role-play' remember? People are just playing a role, a character. So let's keep that in mind and try to keep the two things separate.

And let's get one thing straight. If anyone is gonna kill anyone around here. It's me. >:I

@Erode Your 'sin' weapons follow you everywhere.
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