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Yeah, the ramparts extend out into connecting bridges of sorts. You can say they are catwalks. I wouldn't call them buttresses, since those are connected to columns and are usually placed outside of a structure to support it.
Imagine them like extended bridges running all along near the ceiling, almost forming a structural level itself. And to do something like that, it'd probably take all of their stamina. Similar to what happened to Dwyn, when she climbed the rope while lugging around her own sin weapon.
I will try to get a post out tomorrow and buzz a few people about their situation sometime later today.

Though I don't want to try and beat a dead horse. If not enough people respond with interest, I will have to suspend this project as it currently stands. Maybe there will be a reformat or another attempt at recruitment afterwards, but I'm not sure if my own motivation is quite the same. I have passion for writing and storytelling, and I use this as a platform to practice and learn from others. That said, I do not think I am satisfied with my own standards recently. I do not wish to pump out uninspired work, or carry forth boring and disjointed events. Because it won't be honest or fair to you peeps. Perhaps I might find my own voice again, in the coming days. But if not, this might be the end of this little roleplay project of mine.

If so, I had a fun time, so I do not feel bad about it. I do not regret meeting any of you.
@Jerkchicken The party has already left the beginning area. You are now in a new room. If I can get Sir Crabs draw another scene again, I'm sure it'll be much easier. It might sound complicated, and that might just be a failure on my part, but it should be relatively simple. The room is just a wide rectangle that divides in the middle where you guys are coming in from. There are a series of ramparts a few stories above, but that doesn't change the layout at all.

I've explained a little more on what the study itself looks like in Dwyn's 'secret' posts, if you want more details.

@Zombehs Probably just a handsize or two. Not huge or anything.

@Rune_Alchemist Feel free to do what it is you intended to do after the jump. The bungee effect was successful, though where you plan to land and whatnot will effect what'll happen next. If you feel like it's still difficult to come up with something, we can always do some sort of semi-collaboration.


Raily shuddered as her spell was ignored by Vexen, looking down in disappointment. Dapper hissed and swiped its paws at the approaching streams of icicle shards. The young witch picked up the yowling black cat in her arms and began floating up upon her broom to avoid the ice strikes exploding from the rhythmic spiraling shields. She was not interested in attacking their opponent, focusing all of her ability towards protecting and helping her team. She zoomed between Ambrose and the party, popping a 'Cure' to help sustain the figurative tank, while helping Aerith to continue the output of her barriers. She wasn't an expert on that sort of magic, and merely transferred her senior whatever spare mana she could. And each time Yuffie cast a bundle of throwing stars, she would try and increase their effectiveness by guiding them under the swinging gusts of her broom-riding 'Aero'.

Don't stop me...

Though Raily kept a determined look the whole time, her hands were shaking from the fatality of this situation. She knew she signed up for a dangerous walk of life. It was everything she worked up to do her entire life. But nothing she has fought was anything like the enemy who stood before them now. If this Imperator was able to deflect all of their attack so easily, than what chance did they really have? But while she wanted to run away, Raily found herself moving forward. It was like she was in a trance. She didn't even notice the trail of blood dripping down her thigh as she busily dodged ice shards and distributed her support. Voices and fire then filled the back of her eyelids every time she blinked, mirroring the destruction of the Second District happening all around them. The outcrop of silhouettes playing from the back of her mind like from a faint projector. The louder they got, the more she pushed herself to act. Perhaps frantically so. She couldn't allow yet another world to fall to the Empire. Not again.

"I don't really get all the weird names you're throwing around..." she says after hearing Ambrose speak his vague plan, grinning as best as she can while dodging an ice spike that narrowly grazed Dapper and herself. "But I think I know what you're trying to say. If you think you have a plan to take down this melodramatic freak, I'll back you up 100%! Dapper too."

The black cat makes a thumbs-up sign at this remark and joins Raily as she rears her spindled broom once again. The pair quickly swoops overhead, making it hard for the ice to hit her while she prepared for Ambrose to begin his attack. She can feel her vision blurring at this point. Raily knew this was all or nothing. She can't allow herself to falter. She was prone to failure all her life, but she wouldn't let herself mess up now of all times.



"Huh...?" the shrouded figure shuddered, lowering the little object he was tampering with from Dywn's point of view. He held his head down onto the metal in bewilderment at the commotion, as if it would help him hear down into the study as the party members swelled forward at the entrance. Their disjointedness would be obvious enough to her now, unable to hold a conversation nor organize a joint effort. These 'heroes' had a lot to learn in this wretched world and its great hardships. And when Ihosha finally spoke out at the end, it was more than clear as day. Whatever that meant anymore. The figure let out a dribbled laugh as he raised a large object above his head and aimed it at the three-eyed 'it' who made themselves known. At this moment, they would barely have enough time to react before a glass bauble was released from the hidden figure and tossed down below.

"Haha..." snarling, "Don't speak as if you know us! You won't fool me! You're nothing but little rats! Yes, nipping... sneaking around in these old refuges, poking your little snouts where you don't belong!"

With her exhaustion, indeed, all Dwyn could do was watch at this point as the current misfortune was mantled to unfold. Even if she were to finally choose to speak now, this had gone beyond simple words.

As the gritty glass orb threatened to smash down upon the ones crowded around the entrance of the tunnel, spilling whatever foul liquid contained within all over them, at the same moment, a black tendril-like mass crashed into the ramparts above. Isabella's blade bite into the stone, stretching with a moan before readying to snap. She needed to be ready for the bungee up otherwise her maneuver would do herself more harm than good.

The rest had a second to act before they would be caught in the radius.

Metal screeching and low moans acted as a warning to the retreating party, putting them on a rapidly ticking timer. From the distance behind the party, the pale fire deterring the rampaging cult was swiftly waning, allowing a few of the overgrown ghouls to slip through into the tunnel. The light of the smoking lanterns began to glimmer and replace the light of the flaming refuse of their late companion. If they were not quick in dealing with the misinformed being, whatever effect this mystery ooze would have, let alone risking losing this method of escape, was the least of their problems.


Alright, I'll do some background piloting it seems. Does this mean you're out for good? Or shall we just have Aiv tucked away to return with some mini solo-venture later?

@kagethekiller And because of demand and a lack of mutual correspondence, I have replaced your spot in this roleplay with another player. Sorry. Though I cannot promise any goodwill from my own heart, but I hope you had fun here while it lasted.


Other than that, I'll be making a main post sometime today. Had been stuck up on work most of this week.
Haha, thanks for the kind words. I really do appreciate them! :^D

But don't worry about me. I can handle the workforce if I pace myself according. I am just disappointed in myself more than anything, because of my lack of discipline. Because of my taking upon new life responsibilities, I just wouldn't be able to keep the level of maintenance and quality I promised you all. Sorry for that. But I will continue to do my best with my limited time.

In any case, I've got some free time today after work.

After checking the latest posting list, these are the peeps who have yet to post: @Erode@kagethekiller

If either of you can respond with a concrete answer of interest, I can get a schedule up to move forward with. Regardless, I will finally push things along in the next few days.
I appreciate your kindness, but don't feel like blaming yourself or anyone.

I am not discouraged by the lack of updates, because I have not been diligent in them myself. Simply, I chose to be busy with other things. I only have myself to blame. In any case, expect to see an official rollcall in a day or two. If a few people drop out, then I can simply move forward with my initial plan of a smaller, more close-knit party for this roleplay. After observing this first combat and exploration encounter, I feel it is probably for the best to slim down numbers anyway. The way I organize the game and scenes is more suitable to a small party, where character interaction doesn't feel so clustered and awkward.
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