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Hello, there really isn't much to see here. :^D

In case you were wondering, yes, I drew my profile image. Do you like it? I think it has a depressing sort of beauty.

Disclaimer: I can sometimes be a little too honest, and my standards might be too high. People don't like that. But let it stand on record that I also view myself with the same light. I would not criticize others if I am not willing to take criticism myself. Be mature. Don't hold stupid grudges. If you've come here to scope me out, to find some shameful detail or quench some personal spite because my honesty upset you in some way, -- I'm sorry but there is nothing here for your desperate attempt at self-validation. I will settle the pettiness with an apology. Sorry. Happy?

I can't do anything more than that.

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Nerd. (Hello, you already know who I am. :^D)
Name: Kinley Bareck Ilyeon
Age: 23

Appearance: W.I.P.

Osem: Heck yes!
Goal: Bring an end to the Shijuhan Dynasty.
Ose Facet(s): Elos

Soulprint: His hair has taken a strange coloration since the time he was chosen. The faint brown fluffs having turned a searing and ghastly green of tangles at the edges. When Kinley invokes any sort of power, traces of color on himself or the environment is lost and replaced by this unnatural green during rituals or rites. Sometimes permanently.

Brief Personality/Short History:

Personal Goal(s)/Motivation(s): Kinley is loyal to the Ose. His purpose is the one granted to him and he will stop at nothing to try and complete this destiny.

Other: Stuff, maybe.
Can I make a crab character?
Ayer Lecomte

- 9:56pm
-- Mentions:@Mataus

He stared with fascination at the newfound information.
"Wow. If you aren't an expert, I can't wait to talk to someone with expertise with these forests. There is nothing more exciting than learning more of this mysterious world of ours..."

His eyes glared around in the darkness, until an itch closer below distract him. Making out the shape of strange shape hanging from his arm, his head push closer to get a better look. It almost looked like a curled snail. But an abrupt, furious fluttering caused the man to instinctively slap the creature away. The bulb-like bug buzzed right up to his face, a long proboscis nearly poking his eye out. The blacked shadow hissed at him before shooting past his ear.

Ayer looked down at the rest of his body with intense scrutiny for any other foreign hitchhikers. His eyes narrowed, worrying if his skin would shift coloration.
His eyes now shone in alert, twitching back and forth. "Though I wonder if I can ever get used to the nuances of the wilds. Do your people have repellent spray, or do the creatures just ignore you all out of evolutionary instinct now? By the way, was that something I should be concerned about? Here, just take a look--"

But his movement up towards the Myti stopped as soon as he realized a very similar sight. The moonlight shone over a clearing of sand and rocks, not much different than the coast they set out from not so long earlier.

"Wait, is that the coast... Where did you take us?"
As he said this, his hands went to his side and his fingers gripped the handle of Wax Jury.

I like crabs. I like this concept. Guess I'm in.
Ayer Lecomte

-- 9:54pm
- Mentions: @Mataus

As they proceeded through the native forest, following behind their disregardful guide, Ayer tried to keep up his usual attentiveness. But it was rather difficult with the thick underbrush obscuring and misguiding many of his ordinary senses. He found it difficult to focus and merely continued after the shadow that cut bits of light into the bristled darkness before them.

"I've heard stories of these forests being teeming with flora, but 'teeming' is quite a generous description... Perhaps overgrown would be more the correct term." Ayer said, shaking off a hooked branch as it was caught onto the pipes of his Ars.
"Foreign nature certainly doesn't agree with Men of technology..."

Though he was thoroughly annoyed at all the constant prickling and latching of his equipment and clothes, he was actually enjoying his time learning and experiencing the forests around him. Even if the native fauna did not accommodate for him. It was quite different from the other regions, such as Arcadia and the outlands surrounding the nation.

If not for their calm-natured guide explaining everything, he might been more anxious about every little tick.

His curiosity piqued not at the words, though they were interesting all on their own, but upon witnessing the colorful phenomena upon breaking through a gap in the brush. Nothing was quite like seeing something new for yourself, that mere descriptions can only do so much to stimulate wonder alone. Groupings of strange flowers were bloomed under a ray of moonlight from a divide in the wooden arms and leafy fingers above. They shone within the light, as if called and drawn by it.

The blonde man almost reached out to touch one, a blueish flower-head, until the Myti told them not to. His eyes went wide as a slew of eyes popped up and blinked at him. Ayer stepped back once, letting out a chuckle. He took quick mental notes of the general shape, the color, the place of origin, and current conditions for growth.

When Dannisus explained their moisture absorption, Ayer spoke out.
"Hm. What about Moonlight...? Does any plant have that nature? Sort of like Photosynthesis, but perhaps instead for the energy of the moon? Lunarsynthesis, perhaps? That would be truly remarkable..."

It took a moment for Ayer to realize that his party was leaving him behind, quickly picking up his Ars and moving along with a regretful glance back. Of all the things he wished he had, his old discovery notebook would've been wonderful.

Barely catching Paric's words, he called out to his assistant.
"In Leias, I heard they live without the need for walls. In the treetops of the jungle, to avoid danger. It is because of this close relationship with nature the Myti share, that their cities are known to supply and dictate most of the botanical trading market. Herbs, remedies, medicinal plants, reagents for potions, exlixirs, and ointments, and what have you. A majority of it comes from them."

Ayer Lecomte

-- 9:51pm
- Mentions: @Mataus

"Dannisus", so this was their name.

They shared names, this was the first and probably the most important step in establishing a good relationship.

Ayer grinned at the progression between the two parties, even if the result wasn't exactly what he hoped for. A promise or contract of some sort to legitimize the agreement would've been proper, but then again they were stuck in the middle of nowhere and in enemy territory. All he had to do was accept to trust this shifty, seemingly impatient stranger. They claimed to be a researcher on magical artifacts, like him. So he felt himself trust them a little already out of relative understanding of mutual profession. He wanted to know more about their own field of research, as 'research' was quite a broad statement.

His smile broadened once more and he opened his mouth. But before he could get any words out, his attention was caught elsewhere.

This Dannisus began to act weird, picking at their hair and waving their tail. Ayer noticed the sudden arc of their ear, staring cock-eyed at the anatomical difference between him and them. Then at their words of warning, he immediately shook himself of the observant wondering and began coiling up the tubes hanging down his left thigh.

With a huff, he motioned to Paric with a free hand and started after Dannisus in a jostling fashion, trying to keep from tripping on the roots sprouting out from the sand as they neared the edge of the woods.

Back to running aimlessly again, for the party of two.

"Rhetorical? Which part? The wish to deepen our newfound partnership, or the part about the encroaching danger?" Ayer muttered aloud.

Ayer Lecomte

-- 9:50pm
- Mentions: @Mataus

Ayer looked down the Myti with a smile, turning to Paric when he elbowed him then back to the stranger. It was true, he didn't like being called incompetent. But it was true in this specific regard, so he can't argue against it. Still, the stark comments didn't deflate his mood or ego any sort. He still proceeded with his usual rapid and quick projections.
"Though I may not be the most... physically apt, my machines are more than capable of delivering on any of my own weaknesses. Wax Jury is capable of many types of magic. A miracle worker. The only thing it can't do is make food out of thin air. Not yet, at least. And I can vouch for my friend's ability to wield fire when his life is in danger. If you don't believe us, then I will prove it to you soon enough. Once it gets a little more juice... Hm. Other than those clarifications, I can agree with those terms. However."

He then held out a hand, his smile bending in joking.
"If you wish to view and inspect my beautiful device, we must enter into a more trustworthy partnership. Don't you think? How about we start with your own name. You already know ours, do you not? Unless you preferred me to continue crafting nicknames?"

Ayer Lecomte

- Mentions: @Mataus

He unfurled his arms and legs after hearing a good response. He was smiling now. Not often do people take him seriously or hold back a snarky laugh in his face after his proclamations.

Ayer looked over when the Myti pointed out into the forest, his eyes leering at the gnarled canopy top. Straight shot, aye?

But would they even survive a day's walk? At their strength and lack of supply, a single 'day' might drag on into two or three. He then glanced back to Paric who still had the make-shift bandage around his forearm. The thought of trekking through unknown territory on a pestilential timer did not sound very promising. Not to mention the fact of monsters. While Ayer was fond of researching and learning of the fauna wherever he went, he wasn't familiar with the ones in this region yet. This failed deal with the Nilliums was meant to be just that, but look where it got him now. So if they ran into some sort of bloodthirsty beast, it might prove to be more than just a road-bump. They were lucky the 'primate' sighting turned out to be this beneficial at all.

He spoke up after hearing that the traveler proposed that he could take them there safely, but was unable due to business. Ayer looked rather stern as he addressed the matter, turning his gaze from the forest to the Myti's face.
"Well, technically we were planning towards Leias solely as a means to get anywhere away from here..." humming to himself, then pointing to Paric's bloodied arm, "Not to mention my friend here is not in the greatest shape. I can't vouch for my own survival skills either. If something were to happen to him that forced the burden of survival on me alone... Haha, I can barely even take care of myself. As difficult as that is to believe!" laughing at the fact. Though maybe oblivious to the actual fact.

"So how about this. We offer our aid to you, on whatever this 'personal business' happens to be. And in return, you help us afterwards?" turning his head, "What say you, Paric? A rightful business venture to start off our adventure!"

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