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First one shot rang out. And then another. Soon after, multiple rounds were discharged and bullets were whizzing past the Blackshirts units. Bruno managed to scramble onto the ground as he quickly dove into cover behind the wall of what looked to be a general store. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he took his rifle off safety and watched as the Blackshirts returned fire on the revolutionaries. Bruno felt uneasy again as he had never confronted any sort of crisis this threatening. He was pulled back and forth between an inner moral struggle. Perhaps he didn't truly feel the plight that the peasants were feeling, and that's the reason they were angry. Regardless, Bruno had a job to do, and he wasn't just about to let violence uncontrollably ravage the streets of Borovia.

As he proceeded to glance around surroundings, he noticed his commanding officer Fichter motion for him and Karl to fix their bayonets. Bruno did so promptly, moving the long blade from his side and fixing it to the end of his K11 rifle. His motions were swift like a switchblade, and his military training was doing the work for him. Shouldering his rifle, he peeked around the corner and leveled his muzzle in the general direction at a group of three men.

"Halt! Back up!" he yelled, giving the trio he now had full sight of a second chance. He motioned for them to step back and lower their arms. Just before they started to do so, a few more rounds were fired at Bruno, causing him to duck back into cover as to avoid being hit. Shots continued to ring out all around the streets which were now converted into a battlefield. A thin haze of smoke from all the rifles was in the air and there was now a number of injured, or even dead bodies laying across the ground. Out of the blue, a loud explosion occurred that shook the ground and nearly caused Bruno to fall. It was a makeshift grenade created by one of the peasant revolutionaries. He felt as if he was in an awful grinding dream as his ears started ringing and more shots were fired back and forth between the protesters and the Blackshirts. It was at this point that he realized they were not going to listen to him unless the violence was controlled, which would have to be obtained with violent retaliation. Peeking around the corner again, Bruno noticed that Karl was currently being overrun by a large group of the protesters. Without thinking he brought his sights to the chest of one of the peasants and fired. The man dropped instantly and Bruno fired again at another fellow next to him, ripping his right shoulder apart and sending him onto the ground with his colleague. The K11 used a straight-pull bolt action which made the chambering of each new round quicker than a regular bolt-action rifle. The rest of the group divided themselves and Bruno started to move forward toward Karl as the mob slowly began to split.

"Are you all right?" he asked Karl, making sure to keep low under the debris and bullets that flew overhead every so often.
this looks ok
Upon Herr Fichter's orders, Bruno promptly hoisted himself into the rear of the truck. He wouldn't be satisfied if he was late as he was very punctual. Taking a seat, he rolled his head to face Karl when he noted his Swiss accent and returned a kind grin. As the truck was moving to its destination point, Bruno was given a more detailed briefing and further explanation to the situation. He was to quell a laborers strike, and was informed many of the protesters were armed with various foreign weaponry shipped in from around Europe. Judging by the diversity of the squad Bruno was in, he concluded that it would likely be no obstacle assuming that these men had encountered these firearms before. As his commanding officer gave an introduction of everyone, he gave a slight wave and a smile to all of his unit in the back of the truck and awaited patiently to arrive at the laborers protest.

As the truck arrived, Bruno peered outside and observed. He spotted a barricade that was set up by other blackshirts with an orderly group of them guarding it with rifles. On the other side of the barricade were a cluster of rioters and peasants. He could feel the violent tension in the air, and suddenly he was seized with fear. However, this feeling was fairly short-lived considering the numbers of other blackshirts that were there. Bruno would harness this fear and shape himself up like a real soldier because he was well trained for this.

Hopping out of the back of the truck, Bruno would deploy himself with the rest of the squad as another one of the groups members caught up on horse. His commanding officer gave the group a number of orders, and Bruno was being put on the front lines. This surprised him slightly as he was referred to as the "new blood", but it didn't deter him from his current task. He was given two pairs of shackles that he would assumingly be locking up any ring leaders with. He moved up with Karl and Fichter as the gate opened, revealing the crowd that he noticed before. This time the threat was clearer as most of the men were wielding some sort of makeshift weapon or an object that they could hurl at one of the blackshirts. Though, he did find that some of them were carrying rifles, which made him feel uneasy. Bruno grabbed his K11 rifle off his back in a non-hostile, yet protective manner and kept his finger off the trigger. Firmly there he stood with his fellow blackshirts keeping his head up as confidently as he could while his commanding officer Fichter gave the rioters verbal authority over his megaphone. All of the sudden the group of protesters began throwing things at the blackshirts, a few narrowly missing Bruno. As conflict arose, he was given the command to move in further but not shoot at them just yet. Rather, physically subduing them would be the alternative.

Bruno was somewhat struck as his current moral beliefs were being challenged. He paused for a moment to think, but his thoughts were shattered as a chunk of masonry went flying over his head and broke into pieces beside him. A group of three men were visually resentful and one of them, the one who threw the object, began to close in on Bruno. Acting on pure instinct, Bruno shoved the butt of his rifle into his midsection. The man let out an "Ugh!" before kneeling onto the ground.

"Sir, stand down and I will not hurt you!" he yelled reassuringly in an authoritarian tone. The peasant on the continued to clench his stomach. Bruno felt kind of sorry for the man, but felt he wasn't left any other choice. As the current climate between the two parties began to boil, he expected the crowd to burst like a European powder keg any minute.
"Jawohl!" Bruno thundered with a crisp salute at the confirmation of his commanders instructions. With a spin on his heels Bruno marched out of his office toward his next orders. He had been reassigned to another unit within the Blackshirts. Unfortunately he wasn't given much of a briefing on his orders other than breaking up a "military disturbance". Bruno was relatively new to the blackshirts, but not the lifestyle. Due to the mandatory conscription of all boys in Switzerland he had already got a good taste of what was to be expected. In his opinion, the flavor was good. His father had been in the military most of his life, but like Bruno, had never experienced any real foreign threat. Bruno couldn't say he wasn't at least a little nervous, considering this may be one of the first times he had encountered any real danger.

Upon exiting the office, Bruno grabbed his K11 rifle leaning against the corner of the wall. He brought the leather strap attached to the rifle over his shoulder and picked up his kit that was laying next to it. His uniform was sharp, very sharp, and he knew it too. His uniform and kit made him feel dynamic and powerful. However, he couldn't relish this moment for too long, he had an assignment to complete. Bruno left the building and jogged at a reasonable pace to where the rest of his unit was located.

First, he saw the truck. With an acute intuition, he assumed that the rest of his unit was inside. Bruno moved up to the rear of the truck and peeked inside with his free hand before the truck drove off and his unit left him behind.

"Bruno Leuthard reporting! I was reassigned to Herr Fichter's unit last minute. I hope I'm in the right place!" he said confidently over the noise from the truck's engine.
Late, but here he is.

My apologies for the absence. I've been very busy lately with other things and I finally got some time to work on my character. You should start the RP now. I can post my character soon-ish.

I had an idea to play as a Swiss immigrant who used to be an immigration officer before moving to Borovia and becoming a blackshirt.

He also was conscripted into the Swiss military but never saw any actual combat because Switzerland is known for maintaining neutrality. Afterward he kept his Schmidt-Rubin rifle. How's that sound?
I like the sound of this. Count me in.
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