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Fujin was one of the last crew members off the boat. He rested his left arm on the hilt of his blade in a lazy fashion as he made his way into Arrylia. First things first, he would need to eat. Fujin was hungry, borderline starving even. It was almost second nature for him at this point to locate the nearest tavern in every town and indulge.

The atmosphere was fairly busy, there was quite a bit of hustle and bustle amongst the commoners and other such ilk in town square. The general culture wasn't outstandingly wealthy, but everyone looked at least somewhat well off as it appeared there was plenty of work to go around. Fujin found the whole infrastructure a little posh which didn't interest him. In fact, it almost turned him the other way.

Proceeding into the tavern, Fujin would find himself a seat by the rest of his crew mates, keeping his head low until he actually sat himself onto one of the sturdy wooden pub chairs. The inside was mainly filled with locals like fishermen and other gruff looking individuals. He couldn't help but notice that the interior was awfully dank. A couple of Fujin's crew mates had already found seats inside and began drinking. He peered up at the barman and gestured him over with his eyes. It was a trick that one of his old friends from the bigger city showed him in his youth. He got a poor man's wine, filtered through some sort of seed or grain and a large serving of rice and fish.

Fujin ate quickly, borderline wolfing down his food. Somehow, he managed to do this in a relatively orderly, if not clean manner. He could have easily been mistaken for someone who hadn't eaten in days, perhaps even weeks. After finishing Fujin leaned back into his seat with a feeling of satisfaction washing over him. Throughout the time he spent in the tavern he would order a few more drinks and maybe even find a local woman who he could accompany. Stirring up a bit of trouble wasn't off the list either if a situation was to be presented to him.
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As a strong wind gusted through the sails, The Valencia's boards roared as the ship took off with a great speed. Fujin truly felt like a pirate, and more importantly he truly felt like he was free in that moment. It was a feeling that never got old. The trip took about a week and a half. With only a limited number of things the crew could do on the boat, recreational activities were mostly limited to playing cards and getting drunk off your ass. Fujin tried to make the best of it, however. He didn't mind chilling out for hours on end if he didn't have to do anything in that time.

Fujin was sound asleep when the captain yelled that they were closing in on Arrylia. He startled and shook himself awake in that moment, turning his head over his shoulder to look at the distant land as they were closing in on it. It would only be a couple of hours now. Quickly, he did an assessment on all the cargo that was on the vessel before it docked. It seemed everything was in order, and Fujin would be able to relay these details back to dock workers if any asked.

Upon arrival, Captain Amia outlined what was planned for the stay at Arrylia for the crew. They would be meeting with Kossara, a contact who would assumingly embark with the crew to Harravel Mountain. From what they were told, those who entered this mountain never returned. Fujin cocked a brow in skeptical confusion, not deterred by what he brushed off as rumors. Interesting enough, he couldn't wait to get off this boat and stretch his legs a little more.

The Quartermaster seemed to appear out of nowhere, dropping down from a rope onto the deck as The Valencia sat calmly in the port. In a cliche pirate pose, with one boot on the barrel, The Quartermaster lightheartedly warned the crew to stay out of trouble in the town. Laughing, Fujin responded,

"What fun is it if we don't get into a little trouble?" he said, shooting a smile at Galen. @POOHEAD189
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The rest of the crew was standing around talking amongst each other and intermingling. Fujin didn't talk much in the morning unless he wanted something. For the time being he remained groggy and watched his reflection in the water. Algae accumulated around the ship's hull like moths to a flame and stuck together in clusters. He figured it was about time to do his job, so he got up and started walking around the perimeter of the deck. Being the first mate it was his duty to maintain all the cargo that was on board and check any loot that went off the boat and came onto it as well. Fujin lifted a few barrel covers and counted all of the crates they had. He figured everything had been accounted for, so he shrugged and went back to his "post". Captain Amia stormed past the crew and gathered them around in a cluster. She announced that she had got a lead in Arrylia and that's where they would be sailing next. Fujin scoffed but didn't bother making any comments on his disbelief of what they were chasing. He was just coming along for the ride and the exploration that came with it. He had always wanted to see the world which is partly why he spent a chunk of his life aimlessly wandering about. If you didn't enjoy what the world had to offer then you might miss something fun. At least that's how Fujin thought about it.

Shortly after Amia gave the commands to get The Valencia on the move. Her orders were direct and clear, but they were far from harsh. This isn't to say Captain Amia was a pushover, but Fujin happened to admire that her relationships were built on trust instead of fear. It made him more willing to take commands from her. Walking over to the mast, Fujin pulled down on the halyard and hoisted the main sail. As the mainsail was released, its off-white fabric began to flap around in the wind as it flowed through its material. As the rest of the sails were released one-by-one, it appeared as if the ship was coming to life, just itching to set sail.

Get ready Arrylia, The Valencia is coming.
"Uggh.." Fujin groaned, running his hand through his messy hair as he paced onto the deck leading up to The Valencia, otherwise known as the pirate ship to which he was the first mate of. He rubbed the bags out of his eyes and lazily rested his right arm on the hilt of his katana sticking up out of its sheathe. As his mind started to speed up, he began thinking about what he was doing on the boat in the first place. King Avoir gave them a task that had something to do with the legendary Raven Queen's crown. It almost seemed too good to be true, at first he thought it was a joke. During his years as a vagabond, Fujin had heard many great stories about that crown and the powers what would be granted onto its wielder. Nevertheless, he was very skeptical of the whole ordeal considering it was based entirely on what could be a myth. If that's the only briefing they were given, perhaps there was an ulterior motive buried within this quest? Fujin continued to ponder, but was distracted by Captain Amia who was hoisted above the crew boarding the ship by a rope which looped around her foot as she yelled down at everyone to get settled into their quarters.

"Aye aye.. capt'n" he responded sarcastically, smiling at Amia as he did so. As the wind picked up, the fresh scent of summer washed over Fujin's hair and ruffled his clothing in the breeze. He moved deeper into the ships corridors where he would find his sleeping quarters and unpack his things if need be. The floorboards creaked in agony as he stepped over them and made his way into his room, shutting the door with only a thin crack to look through. Fujin didn't have a whole lot on him at the time besides a few rations and other miscellaneous items that he set on the small desk beside his bed. He threw down his leather bag on his cotton mattress and watched it sink in. Fujin preferred to keep minimal items on his person including his water skin, gold coins, hempen rope, katana, and buckler shield. He survived a long time as a vagabond living off very minimal supplies and doing various jobs (some of which were criminal) with people from every settlement he passed through. It gave him enough money to eat that day, and that's all that mattered to him.

Reaching the deck, Fujin leaned against the hull and kissed his lips once. He took a swig of his water skin and wished it was booze. Today is going to be an interesting day.. he thought.

Fujin Ayame




Samurai (swordsman)

Pʜʏsɪᴄᴀʟ Dᴇsᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ
Stacked about 5'11" high, Fujin doesn't always look the most well kept. His appearance reflects upon his overall attitude: slack. He has a quite lean build due to his regular exercise and training, and maintains it in between his massive eating habits. His face is fairly chiseled, and his messy, wavy, upper-neck length dark brown hair contrasts against his olive skin tone. He has a faint mustache and soul patch which he shaves whenever he feels like. Fujin has no real defining features besides his overall messiness, and dark brown eyes.

When it comes down to what Fujin wears, he dresses light as to not bind himself down too much with heavy armor. He typically wears a light stitched shirt underneath a dark red faded, baggy, short-sleeved, unbuttoned jacket. He also wears a pair of dark grey knee-length trousers held up by a wide cotton wrap of sorts with a leather strap wrapped around it that holds his sheathe in place. To keep his messy hair out of his eyes, Fujin resorts to a grey-purple cloth that he wraps around his forehead that he usually only takes off to sleep. He keeps a pair of beat up leather shoes on his feet. They're clearly worn, but currently don't have any holes in them. He's walked a lot of miles in those shoes.

Fɪɢʜᴛɪɴɢ Sᴛʏʟᴇ
Fujin is anything but a disciplined samurai. His attacks are very disorganized and unorthodox, relying mostly on brute force and unpredictable striking instead of technique. Despite this, his skills with the katana and other variants (wakizashi, tanto, nodachi, tsurugi, etc) are very well honed and strangely hard to maneuver out of due to his quick and swift assaults he lays onto his opponents. He prefers not to use a shield unless it's his buckler as it still allows him to use his katana with two hands and parry opponents attacks. Other than that, Fujin relies on his switchblade-like movement he obtained from martial arts intellect in order to dodge incoming attacks from his foes.

Fujin could best be described as an anti-hero. He is a very laid-back person and so chill that he's quite lazy at times, and even gets condemned for it. He also has a very strong sense of individuality; so much so that he feels obligated to rely solely on himself with very little outside help if possible. Furthermore, he shows a great skepticism toward any sort of authority unless it's voluntary. Fujin generally believes that everyone should be free to do what they want. Fujin is also extremely competitive and has somewhat of a short temper. He's been known to pick fights with people for petty reasons and get himself in a lot of trouble. On top of this, he is fairly charismatic and has an elusive yet satisfying way with his words which he can use to his advantage to get what he wants. He's not so much kind as he is slick and rude on the surface, but if you take the time to get to know him, Fujin is overall an idealist and lighthearted fellow.

Fujin was born in the country of Endeny on a small farm in a poor region east of the country's capital, Genjor. His father used to be a slave owner on a rice plantation and provided his family with a considerable wealth due to his exports until a tsunami wiped out his plantation and destroyed most of his home. With the lack of work available in the poorest country in the world, both of Fujin's parents were left without a job. Fujin was merely a baby when these events occurred, but because Endeny was prone to disastrous weather patterns, he grew up surrounded by drastic storms that would empty miles of land at a time. Much of the coastline in Endeny was tropical where Fujin and his family lived, and because where they were located wasn't very populated, they could harvest and cultivate any lush resources they found before they had to retreat in order to avoid being killed in some sort of natural disaster. His family made ends meet by travelling long distances to Genjor and selling these goods in an open market. Some days were better than others, and his family didn't always get to eat.

This led to petty thievery committed by Fujin whenever he visited the market in Genjor. He would often leave his family alone and travel there to steal things like fruit, and maybe gold from a passerby. A few times he was caught, but was small enough at his young age to tuck himself in between crowds and down alleyways where he could outrun authorities and/or angry vendors if need be.

His father was also a Ronin, though mostly retired in his training once he started his business. It was his cultural family tradition for elders to pass on their skills to their young ones. Fujin learned the art of the sword, but it wasn't easy. He often acted quite erratically which was hard to maintain even with his fathers stern yet loving authority. However, what skill Fujin did get out of it he augmented into his own strange style that typically throws his enemies off.

It wasn't until he was a teenager when something awful happened. Endeny went through a number of natural disasters and the state decided it was going to forcefully collect some of its citizens as slaves to aid the economic crisis to make up for the lack of industry. Government agents were sent out to locate and take people against their own will at all costs. Unfortunately for the Ayame family, all three of them were targeted and subsequently separated into different labor sectors by the government. Fujin only saw his parents in passing as a slave and again about a year later when a few of the slave sectors started an uprising against the same tyranny that put them in shackles. He saw both his parents die in the revolution which ultimately failed, but it spared him enough time to win his freedom and escape the labor camps. Fujin spent four years as a vagabond, traveling the world and doing odd jobs for people so he could make enough to get by. He didn't care so much for the work he was doing, even if it met indulging in criminal activity every so often.

After a while of aimlessly wandering, Fujin met with a woman named Amia, first mate of a pirate crew. They ran a number of tasks together until he was offered a position with The Valencia as their first mate. It took some time and a bit of convincing, but the pirates life was certainly growing on him so he accepted. He was somewhat reluctant, but at this point had built up so much of a relationship with Amia that he felt he was almost obliged to do so. Since then he's been with The Valencia committing piracy and living the dream. Fujin learned to sail and operate many other pieces of boating equipment. Now he hangs around the Free Isles, his favorite place anywhere, awaiting orders from the dreaded Pirate King Avoir.

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