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Current i.imgur.com/iacvHug.jpg this is probably the greatest cosplay to ever make me irrationally angry
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Thought: A Hamilton-esque comedy-musical about the Russian Revolution, from Trotsky's point of view. Lenin would take a Washington-type role, the Tsar would be King George, and Stalin is Jefferson
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@Ophidian How do you think I feel? I'm 40-odd years behind you, and that STILL holds true for me.
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oi, fuk off m8. Don't see me coming into the status bar, shitting all over YOUR nation's political ideology.
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Just here for a bit of roleplay occasionally. I have an odd schedule, so please don't get too upset if I disappear. I'll do my best to let you know beforehand, though.

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@FreeRangedThe characters were just total idiots, so many stupid decisions, for a crew of handpicked, talented people they had no protocols for anything. They all just seem like such dumbasses, it's infuriating to think about.

I mean, most of this also holds true for pretty much all of the Nostromo's crew. Same for the Marine unit in Aliens. But that's the only reason ANY horror movie works. Having recently watched Covenant, and then rewatched the first two movies, I can safely say that there wasn't much difference in the responses from the crew. Not to mention that, barring one of the crew who was intended to be an ex-Colonial Marine, most of the crew were former civilians with basic Weyland Corp. security training, and were part of a Weyland colonization mission, never intended to see anything resembling a combat scenario, and only had guns in the event of hostile actions between colonists, they can't really be blamed for poor handling of the situation.
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<Snipped quote by Dinh AaronMk>

Noose or gulotine?

I mean, you don't hang people on a guillotine.
So what I'm suggesting is an RP inspired by/based on the concept of the RECON RPG(found Here!) developed and published by Palladium games. The concept is based around squad-based tactical operations in a fictionalized version of 20th Century Earth, with the player characters capable of being anything from a Vietnam War MACV-SOG squad, to US Army Special Forces in Europe, to Mercenaries in the Arctic, or any other hypothetical combination of operations.

The two main things I need to know, are what people want to play, and whether the RP should be more narrative-based, or use some altered version of the stats found in the RECON RPG

For setting, the main ones I've thought up are:
1. A squad operating in Vietnam, either from the regular US Army, CIA MACV forces, Southern-aligned Natives, or even NVA/VC forces operating in the jungle.
2. A Mercenary unit, operating in some area of conflict outside of Vietnam, likely Africa, the Middle East, South America, or even Communist Europe.
3. Communist Forces operating in various areas, such as the Soviets in Afghanistan, Revolutionaries in Cuba or South America, or some other situation.

I'm open to other suggestions on setting as well.

The other big question is whether to use any/all rules from RECON itself. I mainly want to know what people think about using the character creation rules, supplementing them with more traditional character sheet elements found on this site, such as a personality and backstory category. I'm also likely to restrict weapon choice to those found in the game rules, possibly supplemented with other 20th century weapons, as needed. I'm open to opinions, suggestions, and general thoughts on this as well.

Well, feel free to let me know what you all think on the matter, or to just stop by and say hello.
@Ozymandias@HeySeussIt should be noted: Bethuel is the only Alpha Legionnaire, or at least, he came alone. I intentionally chose that as an extension of his backstory.
@HeatHere's the ex-Colonial Marine I mentioned.
@kingkonradManaged to get a character together today. I tried to balance out his access to resources and his rank, by making him very likely to run away at the first sign of trouble, as well as possibly ratting out the others.

I'll have a character up tomorrow morning. The past few days have been a bit hectic, so that's the next real free period I'll have.
@HeatWould it be possible to play a retired Colonial Marine who's now trying to live a more relaxed life in the colony? He'd probably be a bit older in age, and something more basic like a farmer in regards to his job on the colony.
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