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22 May 2017 18:18
Current @Ophidian How do you think I feel? I'm 40-odd years behind you, and that STILL holds true for me.
17 May 2017 17:11
oi, fuk off m8. Don't see me coming into the status bar, shitting all over YOUR nation's political ideology.
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16 May 2017 1:23
I wasn't talking about the Milwaukee on Earth ;)
16 May 2017 1:12
Elvis lives on, in our hearts, in his music, and in a trailer park outside Milwaukee.
16 May 2017 0:13
WTS: Gently Used Potato Chip, $10 O.B.O.


Just here for a bit of roleplay occasionally. I have an odd schedule, so please don't get too upset if I disappear. I'll do my best to let you know beforehand, though.

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@kingkonradManaged to get a character together today. I tried to balance out his access to resources and his rank, by making him very likely to run away at the first sign of trouble, as well as possibly ratting out the others.

I'll have a character up tomorrow morning. The past few days have been a bit hectic, so that's the next real free period I'll have.
@HeatWould it be possible to play a retired Colonial Marine who's now trying to live a more relaxed life in the colony? He'd probably be a bit older in age, and something more basic like a farmer in regards to his job on the colony.
David was just stepping out of his apartment, walking towards where he kept his car parked, when his phone rang. He pulled it from his suit pocket, and sighed when he saw the caller I.D. He answered the call with a swipe of his thumb, held the device up to his ear, and spoke with a very disgruntled voice. "What do you want, Jacki?"

"Aha, David! So this IS still your number. I was worried you'd changed it." David grumbled to himself as she spoke this, contemplating changing his number as soon as he could. Ultimately he decided against it, as his clients needed to know his number, and he didn't want to make all his business cards and advertisements irrelevant.

"So, David. I'm assuming you've heard about all the different activity lately?"

"Yes, Jacki. Did you have something to tell me specifically? Or is this just another call to get me to look at your website?"

"Well, you'll wanna hear this. I found an insider contact, someone who could be of great use to us. He's a bit hesitant to deal with me, but I think you'll be able to get him to talk. I've got his address. I'll send it to you. When you get there, ask for 'Mitch'."

"Alright, Mitch, got it. Now do you have anything else? I'm kinda in the middle of something."

"No, no. I think we're good for now. Let me know how that Mitch thing works out, will ya?"

"Yeah, sure. Goodbye, Jacki."

David didn't even listen for her to say goodbye back, before he tapped the end call button with his thumb. His phone beeped as Jacki sent him the address via text message, and he decided he'd check it out after the diner meeting. With that out of the way, he stepped over to his car, unlocking it with the key fob, and sliding inside. He pulled away from the parking space, and drove down to the diner he had specified as the meetup place.

When he arrived, he carefully stepped out of his car, triple-checking that it was locked, before stepping inside. Right away, he noticed the young boy sitting by himself, looking a bit anxious and worried. David stepped over to where the boy sat, sliding in across from him. "You must be Lucas." He said, trying his best to look friendly. "My name's David, I'm the one who called you here, and I believe the one you saved a few weeks ago." David glanced up past Lucas, noticing Damian with an unfamiliar woman. He called the two over, before explaining to Lucas why. "This is a friend of mine from work, named Damian. I invited him to hear our story, though he seems to have brought a guest of his own." David would gesture for the two of them to sit down, ready to get started.

Mitch awoke in his 'home' with a groan, tossing off the musty blankets that served to cover him in the night, and rolling off the mattress, climbing onto his feet. He stepped over to where a banged-up coffee maker sat, with a tin can that served as a pot. He scraped a few dregs into the top, using a piece of 1-ply toilet paper as a filter. He pulled a hip flask from his ragged jacket, unscrewing the top, and pouring the strong-smelling contents into where the water was supposed to go. Though the machine had no power flowing to it, one of Mitch's Garou gifts served well in this situation.

With a few button presses, dial twists, and some smacking the side of the machine, Mitch managed to get the coffee maker up and running, the gentle dripping echoing throughout the rusted-out RV. Swinging open the tattered screen door, Mitch knelt down and grabbed the copy of Occult Digest laying across the front steps. Mitch had an in with the printing company, so he always had access to new copies. Reading through it, he spoke to himself about the contents.

"Not true...Definitely true...He's a vampire...Mummies aren't native there...She's probably a Malkavian..."

Eventually, he found a story about recent local exorcisms, mentioning a boy with strange powers, and a nosey detective Mitch had heard about before. Mitch made a mental note to keep tabs on them both, before heading back inside just as the homemade Irish coffee finished. Mitch turned off the machine, took the can into his hand, and took a deep sip, before moving on to the rest of his morning routine.
@kingkonradSo I'm thinking a low-to-middling SS officer, one more loyal to himself than the German cause. Basically he's trying to get the hell out of dodge, preferably with his head on his shoulders, and as much wealth as he can carry. The ship's going down, and he doesn't want to be on it.
@GrecHere's the Bone Gnawer secrets broker I mentioned.
Damn, now I really wanna bring back my Bone Gnawer. @Grec You mind if I throw up a sheet for him?
@Wraithblade6They're one of the main werewolf tribes. Basically the whole theme is lower-class city dwellers. Ranging from street punks and gangers, to insane hobos living in cardboard boxes under the Brooklyn bridge, and everything in between. They're my favorite of the Garou tribes.
I'll see where this goes, at least. Don't know if I have the time to commit though.
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