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5 May 2016 17:47
If there are RPs/PM's I need to reply to- I am working on it, I'm a little overladen in life atm. I haven't forgotten about you :)
3 Aug 2015 10:29
Aaand back.
28 Jul 2015 16:43
ALERT- I'm going AFK for a week, anyone that sees this on here, I won't be about to respond, this is to both 1x1s/RPs.


Roleplayer, Skydiver, Student, Motorcyclist, Rock Climber, Gamer. A few words, in no particular order, to describe myself :D

That'd be me. I've RP'd for the best part of over five years now here on the Guild, and particularly like military settings, both contemporary, past and near future. I have even dabbled in a little more experimental RPs, as well as created a plethora of 1x1s over my time in the guild. I've spent time in many an RP, and like creating RPs with a distinct flavor.

I'm an 18 year old student at the University of Bristol, studying Geography. I'm pretty flexible and try and get back to people on ideas and responses, but sometimes, I may become very busy and it will take some time till I am un-busy- though I always come back!

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Gonna write up the first IC post. Everyone who is in here so far is accepted- so you can post straightaway. It's gonna be a bit of a moving intro- bring a gun. Shit's about to get real.

He's accepted, awesome char :)

@Force and Fury

Nope, I'm fine with it. It's not a problem, not massively at least. With the injury, it's your call really. Whatever affects her participation really- probably a limp allows her to at least post up in a position to do some damage or get involved in something else.

Potentially tomorrow night, though I'll have to see. Quite busy atm.

Gonna write a nice little post shortly after.

Yup, get it up ASAP. Lukasz/Felix is about to be done, I'm really sorry for stalling for everyone else. I'll see if I can set up the IC- it should really put in motion the beginning of the meeting of characters.....and one ugly Nazi motherfucking bastard you're gonna want to stab/strangle/murder straightaway. Rest will.
@Lady Selune

Oh, shit :( Shame to hear, keep us in mind if you are interested!

For everyone else- I've gotten too tired today, and wasn't able to make the character. I'll wait on a couple more chars to go up before I make the IC/and my last character for tomorrow evening :)
Updated my CS now! Robert and Valerie have been added in, Lukasz should come tomorrow night (and I'll kick off the IC shortly after so that we get the rest of our characters in).

@Lady Selune

Also, sorry I didn't reply- it makes sense I suppose :D

Excellent CS. I really should get to work on mine...but don't worry, it'll be a fine specimen when I do :) You can post it in the Character tab if you like.


Excellent. That can work quite nicely. For some, this is an escape strategy- a way of bailing out of Germany, with cash. The Argentina-route and all that. They're particularly useful as they can bring on board people under them, to do their bidding- more people knowledgeable of the heist may be a bad thing, but it allows for more to be accomplished.

@Force and Fury

Good CS- I'm definitely liking her slant, the way she is portrayed.


Glad to have you on board. I'm going to assume four things:
1) You will make a Norwegian character
2) He'll be called Jakob Nordheim
3) If not, then I'll be disappointed
4) He'll definitely be sarcastic and generally enjoy killing Nazis


Overall very very happy about how people are getting into it. I would say that chances are your characters probably know of "Centurion"- something I'll explain better when I make all my CSes. Apologies in advance that I didn't do a lot- I've been hit by revision and a few other blues today, but it should all be done tonight :)
@Lady Selune

Yup, absolutely fine. Keep in mind they're gonna be a little out of place- so perhaps giving them an alias, or a way to get into Germany undercover may be an idea. After all, when somebody goes


A .45 to the head isn't always the answer :D



Name (or known Aliases):

Lukasz Wojtkiewicz


Felix Holstein

Age: 26

Nationality: Polish

Affiliation: SOE Agent- living under a fake name, as one of Robert's cell members.

Role: Saboteur and Weapons Expert. Gathers intelligence in the field, and on the general situation, being involved in sabotage and "hot" operations, as well as being a gunsmith. He is that nutcase who hauls an MG42 and hoses down anyone in his path.



Crazy, angry, and genuinely lacking in morals for Nazis. He sees the Hugo Stiglitz* way of doing things as positive. He's not stupid, but he is definitely psychopathic in his tendencies, he is very engineering in creating chaos and as much fear as he can. He's come a long way in being more suitable for undercover work in Germany, speaking the language fluently but he still knows as a Pole, he's got a good chance that he won't exactly be treated well if he gets captured- not compared to a British agent- which drives this personality a little. Take as many of the evil bastards as he can. He seems to however follow a genuine want to do good, and to end the war- this Heist was Robert's idea, and he only sees a way to make money, while upseting the Nazi regime.

Service History:

Lukasz Wladyslaw Wojtkiewicz was born in Lodz, Poland to a relatively poor family, his father a coal miner and his mother a houswife. He was lucky enough to attend school up to the age of 16, being able to attain a good standard of education, working in the coal mines in his youth before joining the Polish Army aged 20. This was right before the dawn of war- and well, to say the least, Lukasz got to see his country burn as an enlisted Corporal. He was posted on the Western front in an Anti-Tank regiment, fighting to the bitter end against rolling waves of German Panzers, with pretty much everyone but him being killed on the fight just outside Warsaw. He was placed in an internment camp in Germany, and was expected to be executed, with a group of other Polish soldiers.

This is where the story gets interesting.

He escaped prison after forming a plan to distract the guards with a large fight with a group of Czech Socialists, running away with three others. They were captured, he was not, managing to flee from Dresden and heading east, sneaking onto trains and evading capture. He was able to speak German fluently and stay out of sight from the authorities, making his way back to the only place he knew where he could. He ended up in Poland, and found a few old friends from home, becoming involved in the AK- the Armia Krajowa, a small but hardy resistance network. And what they saw in Lukasz was the chance to raise all hell.

Of course, reprisals were anticipated. But some Nazis....well, they just had to go, they couldn't be allowed to live. So between running supply runs, helping to construct rudimentary Stens in backroom workshops, and sabotaging transportation where possible, Lukasz killed Nazis. SS Officers, Ghetto administrators, the worst, most evil scumbags, or just anyone, Lukasz enjoyed killing. It was reprisal for HIS losses, he thought to himself. He often killed them by any means necessary- but where possible, cut off their ring finger and kept it as a momento of another dead Nazi scum. Ambushes with a machine gun or a Panzerfaust, a rifle round, whatever worked and was unpredictable, and killed the fuckers. His tally racked up to 25 high ranking officials. The Germans put a bounty on his head....and well, eventually someone ratted him out, and collected on it.

This was his second time in prison, and well, they should have shot him again. That was, until someone decided to half blast apart his cell in the Lodz Ghetto with dynamite, killing three Germans and leaving Lukasz with two of his left fingers almost blasted off. An irony, but the AK hadn't forgotten his actions, and busted him out before it was too late- with Lukasz killing five Germans with a prison shank on the way. He realized quickly he couldn't hide among the AK's ranks anymore- he had caused enough of a shitstorm, and began organising an exfil from Poland in 1942, managing to make it to Gdansk and sneak aboard a fishing trawler that headed for Sweden. The SOE's contacts wanted Lukasz on board from their communication prior, and from Sweden, he made his way to the United Kingdom, trained properly and prim in undercover work. He joined a small network of Poles in exile that fought for the British, and whilst tempted in re-enlisting in the Polish forces in England, he knew his real talent lay in killing Germans, behind enemy lines.

He was sent to Robert's cell in mid-1943 rather than to Poland, owing to the fact that Robert needed a specialist in weaponry and improvised resistance fighting- a gunsmith and a general psychopath made him useful for when shit needed to get done. So far, Lukasz, or as he's known, Felix, hasn't had the chance to actually kill many people. The heist in a sense is another good chance to fuck up some Nazis and do some serious damage.


Lukasz is lingual in English to a half-decent degree, and fluent in Polish and German, with little accent identifiable in the latter.

Weapons wise, Lukasz is diverse in what he can use. He's a good user of a BREN, though his personal favourite is Hitler's Buzzsaw, a MG42. Of course, Nazi killing is fast and easy with a weapon that can shit out rounds at 1200 RPM, no accuracy or tact really needed. He is able to actually develop, with the right parts and enough time in a workshop a basic copy of a Sten, the Blyskawica, though it's not the easiest thing or most accurate- point it in a direction, it'll shit out bullets and maybe some will hit. A stolen C96 Mauser joins that- an SS officer's heirloom, in his hands. He's also talented with dynamite and plastic explosives, both manufactured and improvised.
@Force and Fury

Preeety much. Viewed with a fucking lot of suspicion, by pretty much everyone, very likely even their own. Which is depressing, to be honest. But I like the angle- feel free to take a Russian.

@Lady Selune

I hope this an RP that isn't the traditional "we're heroes, let's kill Nazis" type. It's a little more than that. Sure, it has moments of gratuitous crazy shit (okay definitely, I mean there's gonna be moments of just pure violence) but there are some finer elements to it, that there is a lot more than just "heroes" involved. A lot of cunning, a lot of swagger, a lot of thought going into things. The individuals involved range from real people who want to end the war, to people who are genuinely in it for purely greed, money and to fuck people over is nothing to them. Who turns out to be what is what captivates me. The heist is the beginning.

Also, for everyone else....we have an OOC! Post up your CS- mine are going to be very skeletal, but lay out the basics of my three characters. I'll finish it tomorrow morning- but feel free to post yours all in the OOC then into the character section!…
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