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"I can't keep running away, I have to face the truth - accept responsibility. That's the only way I'll ever remember. The only way I'll get my life back."

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I'm still looking.
Just gonna bump this up really quick.
Hey all, I'm Sahara. I'm currently looking for a few roleplays to fill some free time.

-Must be 18+
-I only roleplay through PM's, Discord or Email. Do not ask me to rp on the threads.
-I'm a casual-advanced writer.I'm not worried about your writing level, if interested please feel free to reach out.
-I mostly write M/F but I am LGBTQ+ friendly.
-Do not post on the thread, I won't reply. Please send a PM with interest.

Mature themes are welcome. Please let me know if you have any triggers.

For original plots please PM me! I have a couple of plots I'll like to try out but also willing to hear your ideas as well.

Below I will list the fandoms I'm looking for. Don't see a fandom? Feel free to ask.

Stranger Things
The Sandman
Resident Evil
Jurassic World
Power Rangers
The Rookie
Ouran High School Host Club
House MD

Open to crossovers as well.
I'm looking.
Still looking.
I added some new fandoms to the list. I'm still looking, if interested please send a PM.
Still looking.
I'm still looking!
Still looking!
Still looking for both fandom and original.
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