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"We haven't met yet, I'm Clint."
As I'm sure you can guess, I go by Sahara. When it comes to roleplay, I am free-advanced but my preference does lay within the casual-advanced range. I really enjoy writing and getting to know the people I am writing with. I don't shy away from OOC chatter. Outside of writing, I can sometimes be busy but I do make time to get online as often as possible. We all have lives, I respect that and I hope you respect that.

"If you step out that door, you are an Avenger"

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I'm still open to one or two more people.
This is still open.
I'm still looking for a few people.
I got to see End Game today! Now all I want to do is roleplay within the Marvel universe. It's ok if you haven't seen End Game yet, I will not spoil the movie for you. If you're interested, then please send me a PM.

  • You must be over 18. There will be some mature themes.
  • I am a causal-advanced role-player. I do believe in quality over quantity. Please no one-liners, that is all I ask. I like a decent paragraph response at the very least.
  • I can play both male and female characters. I am LGBTQ+ friendly.
  • My posting speed varies, I have a job and life outside of this site. If it will take more then a week for you to reply then let me know and I will extend the same courtesy.
  • Communication is key. This doesn't mean we have to have constant OOC chatter. Just enough to communicate our thoughts and ideas. Also if you're no longer interested then please let me know and I will do the same.
  • I only role-play through PM'S.
I'm still looking.
I'm still looking.
I'm still looking.
Just going to give this a quick bump. I'm still looking.
I gave the post a slight update. I'm also still looking for a few people.
I'm still looking.
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