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Me watching 2020's indecision on whether or not it wants to kill humanity off.
Sarah sat up after the seventh person entered the room, careful not to let her Dorsal Fin get caught on the couch cushion. One of them asked who everyone is, his shirt labeled as #005. She sighed and blinked, before she set her book down. She went and eyed up the room again, making sure to account for everyone. Number One was on the arm chair while Number Seven sat on the ottoman. Numbers Two and Three were in the corner of the room, with Number Three on a seat cushion and under a blanket. Numbers Four and Five were standing by the door and walking around the room respectively. Number Two in the corner introduced herself as Tristesse, before telling them that she was injected with Mantis Shrimp DNA. Number Four identified herself as Melissa. She didn't quite hear what Number Three said his name was, just that he was speaking.

"Sarah Hall, Patient Number Six. I got Blue Shark DNA. She said loudly enough the room to hear, smiling wide enough to reveal her shark-like teeth.
Sarah woke up the next day in a tank of salt water, and after the immediate panic of waking up underwater, realized she was breathing fine. She was breathing the water as though it were a completely natural thing. It makes sense since they would be living in the oceans for a year at least possibly longer. Tapping on the wall of the tank, she noticed other tanks with subjects that were filled with water and a few that were emptied already and open. 'Some of us are awake already it appears' Sarah thought to herself, slightly annoyed she wasn't the first awake. But before she could think on that any more than she already had, some of the scientists and doctors came up and began draining the water from the tank. As air filled the tank, Sarah coughed hard to expel the water that was sitting at the bottom of her lungs. It was uncomfortable, but she would survive. As the last vestiges of water left her lungs, and air filled them for likely the first time in days, she stood up right. Just from her tongue running against her teeth, she could feel that her teeth were razor sharp, like shark teeth. Her back felt... strange... She couldn't quite describe it.

Before she could twist to try and see what on her back and bothering her, a doctor handed handed her a set of clothes. "Here, you can put these on." This doctor was different than the other. This one had darker skin, and was a fairly beautiful woman."Please be careful of your dorsal fin. We would not like you to get injured unneccesarily."

"Dorsal fin? I have a dorsal fin now?"

"Yes, Ms. Hall. Please be careful putting the clothes on."

She holds up the sweatshirt, with a simple label across the front and on the arms saying Subject #006, with a slit in the back for her new fin. She put the sweatshirt down, grabbed her underwear and putting it on before grabbing the sweatshirt again. Carefully shimmying it on, she snarked at the doctor ""Maybe a zip up jacket would have been better. Easier to put on."

"Sorry Miss, the fin wasn't anticipated."

"ThE fIn WaSn'T aNtiCiPaTeD" Sarah mocked, as she grabbed the sweatpants and putting them on. "Bite me" She replied snarling.

"I'm sorry you are disappointed over this, Ms. Hall. Follow me and I'll show you to your new room."

Scowling, she followed the doctor down out into the hallway to her room, passing the lounge along the way. Her new room was rather plain but it had books for her to read, including Lord of the Rings.

It was the third day after surgery, fourth day over all. She just got out of the bath half an hour ago and got dressed. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail and grabbed the book from the night stand. Fellowship of the Ring was a good read, but she wanted to get out of her room. She took the book to the lounge, where she was surprised to see two people there already and they were wearing the same outfit as her. Likely other volunteers. She eyed them, noting one's eyes appeared all black, with a sweatshirt with Subject#001 on it, and one who still appears fully human, wearing a sweatshirt with Subject#007 on it. Judging them not be an immediate threat, she went over to the couch and laid down on it on her stomach as to avoid putting pressure on her dorsal fin. Opening the book, she picks up where she left off, about a quart of the way through, and props her legs on the arm rest.

"So... Who are you two? Sarah asks, glancing over at #001 and #007 warily.

“Ms. Hall, we are ready for you, room four. Please follow me.” A facility aide informs her as the aide stops at her room. She has been staying here for the past several days waiting for this moment. The moment that She would get her own gene mod and help forge a path for a new branch of humanity under the oceans of this world. And now that it is here, She is nervous, scared even. While the risk of complications is very low, it is there for a tiny group of people, on average less than .0001% according to some estimates. But these complications can sometimes be dangerous and the knowledge it is possible is still there in the back of her head. ‘Ever the pessimist, subconscious,’ she thinks to herself. Standing and quickly stretching, she prepared herself for whatever would come in these next minutes and hour. For better or for worse she had chosen her side, she would resist the Federations rule even if it would cost her her life.

With one last deep breath, she opens her eyes and nods to the waiting aide and begins following her through the halls of the facility. A few minutes later they reached their destination, Medical Room 4. “Please step inside and change into the medical gown. A doctor will be in shortly.” Sarah walked inside the room and closed the door behind her. It was a simply medical room, a couple chairs, an exam table, and all sorts of medical equipment and utensils, and on the exam table, a medical gown. After double checking the door was securely shut, she began pulling off her jeans, shirt, shoes, socks and underwear, and folding them neatly and putting them on one of the chairs. With a light shudder at the cool air, she got herself situated in the medical gown just as there was a knock at the door.

“Ms. Hall? May I come in?” A masculine voice asked from the other side of the door, with a slight north eastern American accent.

“I’m ready, you can come in.” She replied.

Upon opening the door a middle aged Caucasian man entered, with a light smile. “I’m glad to see you are ready. I am glad to inform you that you are a fitting candidate for this experiment and have been identified as most compatible with the Blue Shark DNA we have, and have been selected for it. We have a gurney in the hallway, that I will need you to get on so we can wheel you to the operating room.”

She nodded and walked into the hallway, seeing the gurney wheeled up as she leaves the room. As it comes to a stop, she tentatively climbs onto the bed and lies down.

“We’re going to strap you down and start you on an anaesthetic to put you under. You won’t feel a thing until well after we are done. Do you understand?” The doctor asks.

“Yes, I do.” Sarah responds.

The assistant who wheeled the gurney over began manoeuvring her arms into the restraints and then her legs.

“We are going to put you under now.” The doctor says as he hooks a mask over my face. “Please start counting backwards from 100.”

“100, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, 9... 3...” And she blacked out.
@Jasper19 Most likely Ryu as he is modded with Mako Shark DNA, while Sarah got Blue Shark DNA. And Mako Sharks are faster than Blue Sharks according to most search results I find.
I'm interested if you have room still, but may need some time to whip up a character.

Here is my initial character idea. More may be added to the backstory/personality as ideas come to me.
Questions for Lore purposes. How long has the Federation been in existence, and is the year currently 2030?
Interested. Lets see what you've got.
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