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Subbed outta interest, to throw my oar in, id prefer a combination of idea 1 & 2
If synthesis doesn't post soon i probably will

or atleast i think someone else should
Cheers man, I'm digging the whole thing at the moment and psyched to see what we all do.
The Vibe
Another's Story

It stank like regurgitated swill and cheap sex, and a heavy blanket of smoke lay over the room. It was by no means an established facility or gambling house; and was barren with no furnishing bar a table and several dilapidated chairs of different styles. Longjohn sat opposite the mark, and to his right and left sat Paddy and Fitzroy respectively; Lupin had the door and watched over the room as normal. Cards were dealt and drinks were sipped, the mark oblivious to anything. He loved these thug wannabes, ghetto climbers who didn't understand the true nature of crime or it's subtlety, and this dreadlocked natty was no different.
"So, let's get started shall we lads?"
As the game progressed the mark kept his cool despite being nearly 1k under, and after several hours of playing he had no more money to give and was heavily in debt, which was no surprise considering how Longjohn was stacking the deck in his people's favour. At this point Lupin, a monster by any normal man's means, walked from his station by the door and placed a firm hand on the mark's shoulder. Longjohn, familiar with this next step, stood and turned his back to the table.
"So, I think you find yourself in a predicament here. No money, no assets, nothing of value to give. I'm a generous sort so if yo-"
"I still have one thing left to give."
His voice was dark. The sort of dark that transcends light or tone or noise; and the pitch was low, like a tectonic movement forcing pressure and splitting the earth. Longjohn raised an inquisitive eyebrow and peered over his shoulder.
"And just what might that be, friend?"
There was a low hiss that seemed to emenate from the mark's side of the table, and after it faded residually in a few seconds it was followed by a clang of glass and metal on the ground. Fitzroy picked up an object and displayed it in his open palm for the room. A heavy-duty pressure syringe, now empty.
"I can give you death."
The mark's skin, already scarred, strained and contorted. His eyes glazed over, losing nearly all of their white. He opened his mouth into a ferocious smile, and his teeth loosely dangled in his gums, dropping one-by-one onto the floor as ivory daggers pushed their way to the surface.
"Awww fuck no-"
Longjohn raced to the door and fumbled, desperately trying to force the key into the lock. Behind him, he could hear the cracking of bones shifting, the gasps of awe of his men, then the screaming came. Within seconds the room was silent, with the exception of the metronome drips of blood pooling on the floor.


Cassius gently pushed open the door, which now swung on only one hinge after the massacre, and stepped out into the filthy alleyway; half amalgamated from cast iron and clumsy brickwork. His body had reverted now to a slightly more human appearance, but he was still soaked in blood. He looked to both ends of the alley, and started to wander towards the bustle of the ghetto.

As the corpses in the stinking room now knew, Cassius Dwight did not play games.
So you're going to work out starting stats closer to the IC then? Happy to be accepted and looking forward to seeing how this pans out.
I'm not exactly sure if that's the sort of application you wanted, and i'm not sure what sort of powerlevel you want to start at either, especially when it comes to mutations and the such. Anyway yeah, this looks like a cool concept, i'd like to sign up
Cassius Dwight

Character Type:




Skin Tone:
Dark-skinned, but scarred in large blotches and patches

Has experimented beyond the point of reason with DNA mutations, and as such has severly severed large portions of his logical mind. He's delved into a few carnivorous reptiles and fish but a large majority has been dedicated solely to his "Spirit Animal", the great white shark.

Body Build:
Large, dark shoulders encompass a chiselled torso and narrow waist. Tattoos depicting scenes of horrible, violent events befalling women and children adorn most of his limbs. Cassius' legs are muscular but not overly sized, and his chest, despite possessing high tone and definition, is flat. His whole silhouette looks sleek, like it was designed by nature to move quickly through water.



Hair Style:
Cassius' hair is a collection of matted, gnarled dreadlocks, that sporadically jut out from different angles off his head.

Hair Color:
Dirty Black

Eye Color:
Mottled green, with hints of absolute black. The whites of his eyes are nearly always bloodshot, and often look dry and dehydrated.

Cassius was youngest of five thug brothers and son of a overworked and tired mother. His life consisted of what meager education he could attend, daily beatings from locals and his family, and drug running for the aforementioned family. He gradually climbed the ranks, and in his teenage years had become a grunt in the business. Time went on, and eventually he strayed under cover of darkness to a neighbouring district.

After a year keeping his head down and doing petty thefts, he chanced upon a up-and-coming gang, and through estranged encounters with members he started to do part work with them. With the eventual release of the Chimera DNA drug, he quickly grew to crave the drug more then anything, almost addicted to it. With the bloodlust and temperment change of the drug, he has since returned to his home district and slain each of his family members in payment for his childhood torment; and has now set his gaze upon taking control of the surrounding ghetto.

Character Stats:
I've been incredibly busy with life problems at the moment (moving to London) and as such I've never been able to sit down to dedicate enough time to this. Sorry for the long silence, but until I can give this the time it needs I'm putting it on hiatus. If anyone is still interested I'll post again when I have free time again and see who still would like to continue. For now though, farewell and salutations; may we meet again soon.
Thank you captain, nice to finally see what you've been cooking. Will update the map later today with backdated nations/neutrals. What area would you like?
Sorry had a lot of stuff going on. Also wanted to give captain a chance to post but I think that ship has sailed, will proceed with writing/map filling and hopefully everything will be ready by Tuesday.
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