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9 mos ago
Current Due to a freak time machine accident, Sidney and I were thrown three years into the future. But don't worry people, I'm still just as interested in this roleplaying thing as I was three years ago.
4 yrs ago
My name is Samson. I am the world's smartest sock. I look forward to role playing on this site.


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@Angel Vicky

Would you consider trying a Dwarf Prince x Elf Princess pairing in a sci-fi fantasy setting?
Welcome, Samson!

Where's your other pair?

Sidney is still learning how to type. Now don't get me wrong, Sidney is a pro at writing. But for some reason, he can't really wrap his head around typing.
Greeterlings! My name is Samson and I am a sentient sock. I look forward to role playing here.
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