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why are you HMMing good man
In Weew 6 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
I'm Sarin, I'm a furry, and I like star wars and hyenas among other things like history. But thats a generic response, so I like things like bronze age Greece, Roman eras, line warfare, world wars 1 and 2, the 60s,
basic history nerd stuff.
This is fun reading, lol
it's like nobody knows I'm here until they join the discord
Name: Elias Radziewicz

Age: 19

Race: Mujhadi (Hyaenid humanoid)

Brief Bio: The last (known) member of a race of force sensitive humanoids, Eli was brought off of his home planet by force master Ja'Karr to be his apprentice. Only months after, the planet was completely devoid of life following an Imperial planetary bombardment. Eli's father was a senator in the Galactic Republic before and during the Clone Wars, where he met and eventually befriended the Jedi Ja'Karr. After Order 66, he contacted the former Jedi to keep his force sensitive son, Elias, safe from the Empire. His species as a whole had a very high force sensitivity rate, and this was true for his son.
Elias was very young when he departed, and barely remembers anything of his home.

Faction: Order of the Free Force

Why has your character joined this faction?: Raised by Ja'Karr from a young age.

Personality: Commonly cool headed, but made nervous potentially easily during times of conflict. Generally empathetic and concerned for other's wellbeing.

Physical description: images available.

Equipment: Full mask for assisted breathing, ornately decorated in the cultural designs of his people. DL-21 blaster, medium length bladed weapon given by his father before his departure of his homeworld.
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