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I dunno if it's too late to express interest in this, buuuuuut...
I'm down to clown if it's still open
Ayyy I love persona. Let's go boyyys
Name: Warren Ledden

Appearance: Warren is a Bulky man with curly auburn hair, and a thick beard covering his face. He is commonly seen wearing a black shirt with the words "GAME OVER" in white pixelated writing. Over, he wears a black and grey flannel over, with jeans and basic gym shoes. Upon closer inspection, he has two different socks on.

Age: 21

Major: Warren is setting his sights on becoming a voice actor.

Part Time Job: Warren works at a Video Game store, just outside Springdale.

Money: about 300 dollars at the moment.

Residence: Warren lives on campus, and gets around by car.

Family: Warren Ledden Sr, father- Detective. Linda Ledden, mother- Accountant. Ashley Ledden, sister- Student

Hobbies: Mainly playing video games and watching TV. he makes and edits videos for fun as well.

Aspirations: Warren wants to become a famous and successful voice actor in video games and tv shows. From there, he wants to settle down and maybe have some kids.

Fears: Warren HATES bugs. All kinds of bugs are terrifying to him.

Positive Traits:
Charming, Strong, positive, compassionate
Negative Traits:
Quick to anger, Slow
I'll put up a CS tomorrow. I have some stuff going on, but I promise to work on it tomorrow.
Agreed, this is cool :) I was wondering if I could use a well written description of my character for now, and then sometime later post up a drawing of them? I can't really find a picture that I like. But also, I don't like using other people's art for my CSs lol

I second the description thing, I cannot draw, nor do I have a picture of my character, so I've always gotten by with a really well written description.
This is sweet! I'm excited to get started! Friday can't come soon enough! I think this is something original, a fantasy slice of life, and there are some cool things that can come out of it. Before I venture too far, are the main demons going to be based off of yokai from yokai watch? Or like are they their own thing?
Yeah, three works fine with me!
Rad, I'm excited to begin! (Whenever we do, of course.)
Well that's great, because I adore YYH! I'm even more interested! Like, 110% interested!
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