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From my experience, it's more like very abstract chess than fire bigger laser beam. That is, if it actually happens. The board's been quiet and it seems the only way to bring it back is if people started actually foightan again.
I assume you're deciding which one to make first. You don't have to be locked into one character.
That's great. What did you have in mind for making?
I dunno. I put up an interest check 2 days ago and nobody's responded to it.
Yeah. Too bad this part of the forum is literally dead.
The premise is simple enough. I want to have a shared world in which multiple people can pit their characters against one another in mortal combat, or probably just for fun in a setting where people can still develop their characters as well as relationships between their own characters as well as with those of other players.

There wouldn't be any particular plot per se, so no one should feel inclined to treat it as more than anything other than fun fighting. At the same time, players can create their own plots and factions so as to drive drama if the player so chooses. I also had in mind an actual budokai that takes place annually in the setting among worthy fighters where the reward is getting a wish granted.

The hope is that you can play as many characters as you like and can think of. Play whatever you think is fun. Don't feel like you should be limited by genre and don't feel like your character wouldn't belong. The funky circus shows are the best parts of this sort of RP.

As far as the setting goes, everything would take place in a different dimension where all the other dimensions meet; a dimension capillary, if you will. My idea was that due to this, the environment is constantly shifting. It would give some variety to both the meta and the setting and also allows players to come up with their own fight backdrops which can be added at any time.

Combat can be initiated casually discussed OOC probably in the OOC threads or in PMs, maybe even a discord since that's what people are doing nowadays.

Hopefully, this can go on as long as the site is on, perhaps even longer depending on the circumstances.
I think in oldguild there was a concrete tier list that people generally agreed on. Though oldguild had also its own circle of people. Those people still exist- there even exists a secondary circle that I can see. So if we have one person define strictly what is what, then we have a game. After that, all we'd need is a character sheet template, and everything else can be made up on the fly.
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