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9 mos ago
Currently on a diving course so long days and early starts. Just wanted to let my partners know that my replies may be a little slow.
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• Female / British
• I've been Roleplaying for a long time.
• Prefer 1 x 1 but happy to do small group.
• Males and females welcome.
• I mainly RP female characters.
• Female/Female romance only.
• I like character driven stories.
• I RP original characters rather than canon characters. This suits my style and also avoids disappointment.
• I'm really laid back and not into RP politics I just want to create stories and see where they go.
• I like to set RPs in an existing universe as a baseline so we both know what style we're going for but that is all. I don't expect details and lore to be perfect; it is purely for inspiration.
• I aim to post at least every 1-2 days but sometimes my life, job and studies will prevent this. I will inform my RP partners if I am unable to maintain this standard.
• I understand people are not always able to post. We all have lives after all. I just ask that if you are unable to post for awhile that you give me the heads up. I will do the same.

I have listed below a few styles of RP I am currently interested in. This is not limited and I am open to RPing other styles at request.

RP Genres:
Post-Apocalyptic, Survival, Fantasy, Steampunk, Wasteland,Sci-fi, Horror.

Altered Carbon, The Expanse, Dragon Age, Witcher, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Black Sails, Fallout, Bioshock, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, Orphan Black, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Caprica, Black Matter, Mad Max (To name a few)

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@Andromedai Quarian it is then <3

I'll get to work on my CS. When are you planning to start this up?
I'm loving the look of this. Quarians were my favourite race too so I'm definitely leaning that way or a female human biotic. Do you have a preference?
FxF slice of life romance.

Not my usual style but recently been craving the following.

1. Wentworth/Bad Girls inspired prison RP.

2. Bully and victim meet at 10 year high school reunion.

3. Closeted uptight boss and her PA or new work colleague.

Give me a PM if you’re interested :)

Also happy to discuss other plot ideas.
Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance Plot Ideas

I’m quite keen on the following FxF pairings.

1. Human x Alien (human in appearance but may have an alien form)

2. Human x Android (capable of mimicking human behaviour. May not know they aren’t human)

I’m not going to put much detail because I want to discuss and collaborate however I think it would work best in a futuristic setting. Possibly during a war between the two species/life forms. Or after the war where one of the life forms dominates and the other are slaves or part of a rebel movement.


- Battlestar Galactica
- Caprica
- Alternate Carbon
- The Expanse
- Dark Matter
- Mass Effect
- Terminator

If you’re interested then give me a PM to discuss. I’m also open to suggestions. My only rule is that the plot is sci-fi/space based and the romance is FxF.

Anything on my profile/above. Also open to any suggestions.

Current thoughts.

Human meets beautiful alien species (invading earth or on a mission in outta space)

Two women meet in the middle of a virus out break (zombie or survival)


Still looking for genres above


Slice of life?
I'm interested
One of my pieces for one of my Characters

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