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I wanted to apologize for my extended absence... I ended up getting a crippling dental infection that swelled up half the left side of my face and made even 'considering' thinking straight for RP and the like quite impossible. I've got antibiotics dragging the swelling down right now and going in for dental surgery on Wednesday.

Rather sucks how far behind I'll be though @x@
Oh man... I didn't even realize it been '3' weeks since I last posts... I got through Finals week, figured I'd jump right into a post, found out I felt kinda like I had jet-lag or something and slept it off for a few days to try and re-arrange my sleep schedule to something more comfortable, come back and I'm like 'damn... Was I out of it that long?! D:'
Well, anyone who wants is welcome to join my Multiverse RP. Multiverse: You are the Character.

Wait a minute... that sounds familiar... I specifically remember another 'Multiverse: You are the Character' RP from like a year or more ago or something... right down to the crucible part too XD I believe I played Richard the Warlock in it in-fact... He summoned Pinkie Pie to smash Vegeta into the grond actually XD
@Shoryu So how long until Deadpool starts hitting on Light? Shes a lady :P.

Hmmm, I dunno >3> We'll have to see how I feel after exams XD but then again, he pretty much bangs 'death', so probably not long.

@Shoryu I had thought he was beside Deadpool.

Not when the post says he ended up ontop of Deadpool XD as well as still being on him while handing cupcakes to Light XD
Man, I really 'wanna' post... but damnit there's just no time right now @x@
A) I interact with characters I find interesting and B) I'm not going to make Levi an extrovert just for this RP XD

I was going to have deadpool talk at him, but he followed the others out of the room, so there was no oppurtunity at the time.

@Shoryu Pony talk!

lol, yes, ponytalk... at the pony... who is sitting 'on' deadpool instead of across the room from him ;3
<Snipped quote by Shoryu>

Finals are a pain. I hope you kick those out. :)

Philosophy'll be easy peasy, I do philosophy every day of my life ;3

... Spanish, not so much, I only have a 50/50 memory for other languages @x@
Think we'll be dominating this topic here for awhile, maybe get the others to post xD.

Quite possibly! though I'm in the middle of finals week, so I'm likely to be extremely slow for the next few days anyway.
<Snipped quote by Shoryu>

Western Robot's character did get killed off since he... vanished without a trace. >.>;

Ahhh, interesting tvist >3> I kinda wanna post, but I'm too short on time to actually dedicate the time to it.
>w> Did I miss something in the OOC? Or did the GM's character get killed off? XD Sorry I haven't been very attentioon, I'm right int he middle of 'finals week' right now @x@
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