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oh wonderful :D
<Snipped quote by Shoryu>

tbh idrc. Whatever you can do best you can do best. I can only assume you know reason.

I like that line of thinking :D

It’s less the fact that it could be used to copy other people’s power and more the fact that this ability encompasses every power come up with so far...and than an infinity more. And even with limits, the ability to bend reality almost to your will is pretty flippin godlike.

We obviously see different limits and restrictions and scopes of power when applying the 'conceptually chaotic' requirement to reality manipulation XD plus, your character has the ability to cancel out pretty much 'everything' such a power set could produce by resetting anything that was changed. I thought it might lead to some entertaining interactions, given their complete antithesis to eachother. XD

It's a moot point anyway XD They were just a set of ideas I was experimenting with, Once @agent 47 comments on it, I might not even be using 'any' of them, or may just go with the second. XD though I 'do' enjoy debating specifics ;3

So the first one is essentially "I am a god."

That's basically every power combined. Even with the limits.

not especially... though it's a possibility that 'some' might want it to be that, I rather prefer to avoid just creating an excuse to copy every power ever XD that's pretty lame. and the 'i am a god' idea would imply that it's inherently extremely powerful and can't be challenged, as god-like things tend to be... 'I am god' tends to be antithetical to 'limits' XD

Not to mention, that copy-catting is easily negatable with the conceptual chaos theme, where-in just 'copying' someone else is boring... now, creating the 'illusion' of copying someone is a different matter, but actually using the same powers as someone else would kinda samey, and by extension discouraged by chaotic themes >3> Such an aversion to using 'common' ideas would be kindof frowned upon from within. XD

There's a reason I didn't just say 'reality manipulation but with some limits' XD

While an Order/Chaos dichotomy would be fairly interesting, you spend almost no time explaining what the first power let's your character do. Its all limits and very little actual description.

That's technically the point, given the nature of reality manipulation, this particular version is made to be powered by the imagination, it's quite literally just 'fucking with reality', outside of the broad restrictions [and some I may still think of later XD] that makes it stupid varied, but drags it down to being 'hopefully' fantastical but less than OP, particularly the parts where it's far from easy to straight counter other forms of such manipulation.

The second one is the best so far. As long as the person using it is a skilled surgeon or the like. That's some PHD level knowledge needed right there. And most people who reach that level of skill specialize on humans or a
particular kind of animal.

Yeah that's about what I was thinking XD though with a bit of a safety net behind trial and error some things would be considerably easier to manage than a full transformation... I mean, it might not be 'comfortable', but it'd be relatively easy 'in comparison' to manipulate up some sinew and keratin to create spikes or claws for instance, since they'd most likely be disposable anyway. XD... external tweaks I mean, where it's safer to experiment frequently... That could also be a vulnerability to his shape shifting, making things 'look' different on the outside, like turning into another person[or into a human in general in the not so human base version], but the internal differences could be detected by 'something' or another, i'm sure there's some relevant super villains out there somewhere that'd make that a problem XD

The third one suffers much the same problem as the first. It doesn't tell us what the user can do. I also personally have to wonder if the user's normal life is effectively over at that point. It sounds like a very Fantastic Four Thing style transformation.

That's not an unlikely possibility XD and yeah, that was another thematic one... honestly, I got interupted and kinda lost steam when I got to the third one >x< disgraceful display!
One of the first I thought of is possibly the riskiest XD... but might also be really entertaining to see interactions between him and mister 'reset things to reality' there >3>

Keep in mind, these are just ideas, I have others, but these were the riskier ones XD I'm not 'pushing' to use one or the other, just fishing for opinions.

Chaotic Reality Manipulation - I know 'exactly' how ridiculous that sounds, but here, lemme make it sounds less rediculously OP ;3

The 'power' is obvious, Warping reality around him, an ability so broad and unrestrained that the limitations imposed on it speak more for the power's nuances than talking about what it 'can' do... granted, this kindof digs into concepts, and there'll likely be some other limits I don't think of at the moment XD

The first and biggest limit is 'chaos'... Conceptually, this implies things are never certain, something different can always happen. In short, He cannot, or rather it is hard, to do things that have an ensured unchangeable out-come... For the most part he can circumvent this temporarily, such as resolving himself to undo something later, or simply by knowing that someone who can 'fix' the problem he caused is soon to be involved, though the primary unchallengable portion of this rule is that he cannot 'kill' using his powers, he could perhaps use his power on 'himself' and the utilize something unrelated to do so, but death is by some concepts the antithesis of chaos, and thus he is not capable of 'causing' death using his powers... in-fact, attempting to do so tends to cause his powers to just not work and emit a deafening air-horn.

The second big limitation is that, seemingly at random [read, plot relevance], use of his powers will have a 'fair play' rule imposed on them, disallowing him from using them to such a degree that his target has 'no' chance to win, or survive, or to reach whatever goal he may have been disrupting. He can get around this 'sometimes' with ingenuity, such as creating a maze and changing it's layout mid-way to change the path to the goal, as 'changing' it suddenly is pretty chaotic, though he cannot use this to make it impossible to reach the goal.

A third limit, which is somewhat less of a limitation and more of just a quirk, He has to snap his fingers for any reality alterations beyond 'small' or 'simple'... for instance, he can conjure a drink from air with a thought or float around, but to warp a room in it's entirety he'd have to snap. This has the added effect of producing a loud echoing snap that can be heard anywhere within roughly 10 meters of what he changed, so it is heard farther depending on how large the change is... This isn't much of a 'limitation' but it means anyone who knows that he is a thing will know when he's nearby and doing something... If anyone realizes this, then they may also be able to restrict how much he can do by binding his hands.

A fourth limit states that his power cannot be 'unchallengeable', he can push back against other forms of manipulation that relate to something he can do, such as struggling for 'spacial control', or against something trying to fix his 'mess', but doing so requires his focus and makes it difficult to do anything else.

A range limitation could also be imposed, making sure he can only affect things in a certain range, though the effects remain while he is far away, he cannot fix, maintain, or defend his changes without being close enough.


I know, there's always a shape shifter ;3 heheh, though I have a couple of different versions for this.

The first one might be considered similar to the old 'martian man-hunter' theme, in that someone's power isn't so much 'shapeshifting' in itself, as being turned into a creature who 'can' shape-shift, and may have some other supplementary advantages and weaknesses, such as differing nutritional needs, a base biology that would be weak to something new, or of course a monstrous appearance that would frighten normal people. I actually have a 'lot' of fun experimenting the possibile instinctual and personality changes that come with alternate species, like insectoid creatures for instance >3>

While the second is simply using the stipulation from the first, which i'll describe here, without the 'change in base species' bit.

In both cases the shape-shifting idea I like to work with depends on a biological understanding of the change that one wants to make. If someone wants to make claws for instance, they have to have an understanding of how claws 'work' biologically, what makes them what they are, how to create their durability, their sharpness... otherwise they'd likely make something that 'looks' like claws, but has no edge XD

This version also comes with a built in weakness, since it's not 'I will it so I change' kind of shapeshifting, and instead deals with modifying biology directly, 'mistakes' can range from annoying to potentially fatal, from some uncomfortable accidental material replacing some skin, to accidentally morphing a bone at the wrong angle, or tweaking the wrong organ [imagine the mistake of trying to mimick someone who's heart is on the opposite side of the body, but only not knowing 'that' quirk.]

This form of shape-shifting is 'technically' without limit, but can only progress so far as one's understanding of things can reach. It also depends on the amount of material they have to work with, preventing them from turning into some big dragon thing that'll just stomp everything into dust... at least, without some hugely dense pockets of material to work with. [we're talking tons though XD ]

This also has other 'realistic' effects to it, such as while he'd have the option to morph parts of himself to be more 'dense', in order to store greater ammounts of material, that also makes him heavier, and thus some surfaces become less and less viable to move on stably without falling through XD The added mass also has to come from somewhere, which along with the 'cost' of greater shape changes, usually comes with a 'huge' appetite. XD

This is a power with the utmost potential, but requires learning, time, and experimentation to progress farther along in certain areas... for instance, changes in color, minor size changes, or minor density alteration would be easy peasy, imitating a human accurately might be more rough in scope, but ultimately easy to practice, things that Science already knows through and through, since there's ample material on the matter to read about. However, while he 'has' the potential to morph the necessary qualities to, say, 'eat metal' that can be re-used to form some titanium claws or metal skin armor, he 'first' has to experiment and find the right way to make this 'work', or risk causing horrible side-effects from bits of metal being inside of him without the proper methods of digestion prepared.

Of course, I usually include an 'emergency reset' facet to the power that can prevent him from killing himself, but usually results in a lot of desperate use of his power to 'force' things back to his base natural state in order to ensure survival and remove any foreign materials, typically resulting in some exhausted and vulnerable state.

Earthen Incarnation

This one's considerably simpler than the other two, but is considerably broader than 'earth' or 'nature' powers usually are XD The implication being an incarnation of the earth itself, though that does 'not' need to be extra powerful, it's more so for the theme >3>

It usually reffers to their body being made to emulate the state of the planet, Stone, naturey bits, magma blood, some water, weather, or gravity effects, things like that XD It can come across as a combination of other powers, though the actual extent of each one in comparison is usually lower compared to specialized powers when it goes beyond stone or nature themed abilities.
@everyone That intro post paled in comparison to what i could do, but hey im tired. :) :) :)

hey if you don't like it, you can always improve it when you're not tired :D

Also, sorry I took a while, I ended up having a job to do yesterday and it took a 'lot' out of me XD but I'm working on my half done character stuff now >3>... however! given the variety of powers and the like we have here, I wanted to run a few ideas for them by the 'group' before just hopping in with something, see what people think of them ;3

I'll do that in another post though XD so it doesn't clutter this one.
oh wow, I haven't looked at this one in a 'while', got 'real' busy with mid-terms, was just curious though.

Well there is a lot of time between now and then that real nations could ebb and flow through. At the current geopolitical rate, you are likely to see a unified European government of some sort, either the USA would have gone total isolation, fractured into smaller nations, or formed a continental government like Europe, but with Mexico and Canada. The south American continent would probably remain a collection of smaller nations, perhaps operating as a coalition or republic when at the global table. Asia is likely to be all under China and Russian rule. Africa will still be the extreme range it currently exists in. They will have the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich. Much of Africa could have been either outright destroyed by anarctic war,while what remains usable is developed by rich foriegn developers. The middle East will likely be a glass field.

A structure like this would make for enough freedom to do what you want, while still leaving enough geographic history to make it feel more real.

Was this being based on real world politics and national statuses?... Cause as it stands irl the European Union is more unstable than ever as a rising number of people start to view it as a tyrannical control scheme trying to 'force' the independence out of smaller nations and deny them the ability to 'be' independent if they don't bend knee... Though it 'was' pretty funny seeing Germany threaten poland if they don't let mass unchecked immigration in... Then poland beat them at 'their own' moral grandstanding game and demanded reparations for the world wars that germany would never pay. There's more and more people looking to break it up entirely instead of follow along with unity, and that's not even considering the rising likelyhood of centuries long-past repeating history that nobody is interested in speaking of, when the muslim holy empire[or whatever it's actual name was back then] was eagerly invading absolutely everything they could reach in that part of the world.

Though yeah, America's in pretty deep these days too, though with roughly three centuries of time, that's plenty of time to drift entirely into a completely 'de-white manned' Socialist Dictatorship that runs on african black magic [yes, I have heard of the movement to abolish 'white science' and replace it with black magic] like some people are pushing for, or turn the current decline in value of freedoms and human rights into a galvanizing revolution that may bring back older values stronger than ever... As to where either could lead, hoo, only the imagination could tell... Open 'police force of the world' instead of only alleged? Walled off Fortress of freedom?... Re-enacting Wolfenstein the new order, but with transgender feminazis in charge? or maybe it'd turn into a true Orwellian horror show like some parts of europe are closing in on. >3>

Sorry for the rambling, just spotted those comments when I finally looked back and I just can't resist applying my 2-cents :D
<Snipped quote by Shoryu>

Several engineers are possible, but the majority need to fill up the main infantry roles. You can have that position, from this sense of cooperation and I can find an engineering buddy for you too.

Specialisations is even more accepted. Makes for a lesser "perfect" character, if you know what I mean?

Yeah I know whatcha mean XD thuogh realistically Mine would probably be 'tinkering' well outside of his area of expertise, as the imagination knows no bounds!... but experience and understanding do >3>

I could play around with a little chance system to see how intensely something might succeed or fail >3>... I like injecting a bit of chance into my own things sometimes... it can be fun to have an unknown outcome crop up suddenly.
<Snipped quote by Shoryu>

Aye sir

wow, it did 'not' feel like 20 hours ago that I posted that... I'd intended to relax, and sleep, and pop back on maybe 12 hours later or so XD hahah...

Anyway! wonderful! I shall dig into a CS then :D
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