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<Snipped quote by Shoryu>

Yes we are actually still open! We may have been going for a small while but the actual roleplay hasn't gone passed the first 15 minutes yet.

As for your second question, those who were not involved in the war were given three options: Live under constant surveillance from the Order, but they were allowed to live outside of the Rift-lands. Or they could go with their bretheren and survive in what was left of Britain, or if they were so lucky as to be able to hide all this time, they could try and pass off as regular people.

Also it breaks my heart to stifle your creativity, but as for now I have to deny any more Russian Rifters for the time being due to too many characters from there. It's been a rather popular Rift. I'm sorry! I hope you can come up with other ideas!


... Phooey >n> maybe it has something to do with 'elemental' or 'animal' based things being so common in fantasy themes that most people leap on the freaky physics denial stuff first...Maybe I can use the African rift to simulate what I'd been thinking anyway >3>... Damnit, I wanted to play with a russian accent too D:

I probably have a few other decent ideas, at least one titan idea >w>... Like, would they still be so 'feral and violent' if some of their qualities were related to a more passive animal?

Oh, and since my other idea might not work so well with pissing allover the laws of physics, what about people who fought 'for' the order? XD
I'm actually curious if this still has room for more >3> It was interesting enough, but it seems to have been going on for a bit already, so it never hurts to check first ;p

Oh! I'm also curious, there was mention of the ones who 'opposed the order' being restricted to the remains of britain... what about the ones that 'didn't' get involved in the war?

Curious about power variety, such as, say, someone from the russian rift teleporting 'and' defying gravity... Heheh, tinkering with the Russian rift powers particularly appeals cause I'm actually 'in' a physics class right now :D 'defying physics' has taken on a whole new meaning in my imagination >w>
oh this sounds like it could be fun >3> I already have a few ideas, heheh
Ah, I see!... I can do that easily enough >3> People already tend to compare Sergals to wolves... or sharks... Oooh, there's an idea >3> some semi-aquatic tribal pirate setup, a bother for a 'couple' of species around that area >3>... I might write up a couple different versions to see if one appeals more than another.
I could be interested, I like fulffier RPs >3> though I don't know jack about the setting [unless you invented the name and such, then it doesn't matter if I don't know XD] but I 'am' curious about non-standard, but 'not' mythological nor prehistoric, species that occasionally appear in anthro things, liiiike, sergals for instance... entirely predictably I love those fluffy bastards >w> [If i were to sum them up tweaked for the setting, they might be some kind of northern rival for the wolverine's, another opposing tribe/clan that's also aggressive and dangerous XD], or, ya know, snakes and other reptiles, or is it just furred creatures?
What is the 'inspiration' series? I didn't see it mentioned anywhere else in this thread. I 'have' seen Myths and birthrights, and though I haven't read it, it's on my to-read list xD

Either way, this sounds 'very' interesting and I actually have several ideas for characters, across the range between mundane ponies, changelings, and alicorns.

Also, there's never enough ponies on this site anymore, and that sucks because every other place I can find them tend to be... sub-par, in the sense of mindless uninvested one-liners that make me wonder why they don't just play in their imagination instead. I miss finding decent Pony RP on 'this' site TxT

EDIT: Also, I remember the name 'Nom de Plume' from the old days of this site >3> Just not sure from where 'exactly'.
I'm in a busy period of uni stuff at the mo, so me posting is going to be a bit slow I am afraid

Oh I understand 'that' feeling... That was actually part of what killed my 'last' RP, I got deep into finals and by the time I was done 2 weeks had passed and everyone had left D:

I'm still here, I'm just thinking up how to make a decent post out of 'a hoers catches the train'

Snrk, somehow that's hilarious XD
Awww... it happened again >.> Everytime I try to do something on this site now Something delays me way too long, then pfft, everything dies cause of the long wait >x<
Extra apologies! As it appears I'd been 'wrong' about it being fixed >x< ... I'm reminded of that one hurricane more decade ago that knocked out the power for a month, not exactly 'that' bad as it was only the internet that misbehaved for me this long, but still, bit of a draught in a big part of my life for a while.

I really hope everyone's still around, or if the exorbitant delay caused anyone to lose interest they'll let me know @x@ Just want to let it be known I am still invested in this despite the delay myself!

Either way, There 'Will' be a post in before today is over, if I have to stay up half the bloody Night to get it done >8D

also, I am considering setting up a Discord channel that we can keep contact a little more smoothly than forum OOC posting would do, but I'd like to ask what people think about that before I go doing it, and I'm sure now and then there'll be someone who doesn't want to break out a chat client for a forum RP XD

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It is done! I'm terribly sorry for the wait, I'm afraid I got interrupted quite a bit the other day... turns out tornado and flood warnings make people panic, and panicky people make a lot of work for 'me' XD
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