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sounds like it needs a lot more interested active people XD
<Snipped quote by Shoryu>

Sup, you old' So-and-so!

We still got spots left, submissions are open till Wednesday.

ohhh, not much XD just comin out of a dental infection that followed my finals nearly a month ago, seeking things to entertain myself with >3>

I shall get one in soon ;3
Oh hey, another One Piece RP!... I have a fair bit of interest in this stuff, so I think I'll throw my hat into the ring... I actually particularly like filling roles such as Engineers, so I will be more than interested in making an Engineer/inventor sort of character ;3

A good question though would be, does race matter? XD such as being a fishman or something?

On a side note, I'd half expect advances in weaponry, considering how much fighting tended to go on regularly and that they already had all kinds of ludicrous varieties of gun-powder weaponry going around... If not... I'd be more than happy for my Engineer to work on that >3> I love tinkering with new weaponized inventions! :D
I recognize that name! It's been a long time, But I've run into you once in a while in the past hillan ;3 Interesting idea, and I've got a load of free-time this summer, So I think I'll see what I can come up with for a CS to send in :D
Oh wonderful! Two people now :D

And I can dig that, thanks for the opinions :D If we're going with number 2 >3> I may make some kind of a rough[extremely] map we can use to keep things organized... And I agree, vehicular combat is pretty boss >w>

Ideas do come to mind to help it be more easily manageable >3> If it's just the three of us, for now anyway, we could organize it so that each person, when taking their turn to post while we're separate at least, can also post for external factors of the previous person, such as details of the environment in a new place, reaction of NPCs, monsters that pop up, loot setups sometimes, so that nobody is stuck in the well of 'RPing with myself'. Naturally, suggestions, or the person setting up their own Environment still works, what i'm think of is random events or NPC based interactions, like if someone opens a suspicious door and leaves it open for the next person to detail it. none of that stops someone from just doing those details themselves, or, ya know, leaving it to the GM to do so XD [Of course, it also shouldn't be a literal constant stream of horrible events overwhelming someone's character, though we don't want to engage in excessive mercy either, both drag the story through different kinds of mud unfortunately... I intend to actually work in a bit of dice rolling on my side to randomize some decisions.]

Possibly, if we get more people along the way, then the 'veteran' players can do environmental posts for those nearer to their areas. :3

I'm also considering whether or not to use a PnP [Pen and paper, like DnD] style sheet, not as a hardcore stats and numbers system, just as representations of character's capabilities early on, perhaps as inspiration sometimes, as well as something to update as we progress to 'show' the progress that's being made over-time. They could even include a little summary of past events that happened for that character as we get farther into the RP >3> Of course, this system also presents me with the terrible conundrum of whether or not to allow secrets that the rest of us won't know regardless of the risk they may pose... I REALLY love the part of Post apocalyptic settings, and most dark settings in general, where there are unknown things about the characters that, when discovered later, can leave some just feeling amazed that it was a thing, or stirs up the events of the RP in a new and unexpected way... even while I'm the GM, I 'like' for surprises to happen, but it takes a great deal of trust in other players, both as people and in their abilities, not to do something that will break the RP.

I'm considering new things like the above, cause after being part of, or starting, many RPs over the long past of this site I'm unfortunately very used to them dying and I'd love to keep it spicy :D... Things should also be planned out for 'long-term' progression, it's difficult to find that sweet spot where things progress enough to stay fun long-term, rather than blitzing through and getting to 'wild' too fast, or going too slow and making people get bored.
Oh cool, I hadn't expected someone to pop up so soon >3>... though you didn't give your opinion on the things mentioned XD
The concept here is pretty simple, A fallout Equestria Story with that Mad max feel to it instead. :D Post-apocalyptic Equestria tweaked to be more broad, desolate, and sparse, Possibly with a necessity for vehicles to handle the distances. Mind you, it won't be 'precisely' mad max, not to the extent that everything will be dead and sandy and lifeless so everyone's eating maggots, dogfood, and eachother, just 'more like it' in that it'll actually feel like a dead 'nation' rather than a neighborhood.

I don't have a proper story in mind yet, I want to see if at least a couple of good people would be interested first before I go pouring myself into designing such. Expect rough uncensored language and violence fitting for the dark and gritty theme. All I really expect of anyone joining is keeping up with the casual section's posting and grammar expectations, and of course a measure of dedication to not letting the RP die by vanishing inexplicably. Second or third person writing styles are option per player I think.

I 'do' have some ideas for the foundation of the RP though, and I'm torn between three of them! I would like to hear the opinions on them of those interested in joining, there will likely be a period of planning before I actually start it, I want this to be something the 'group' is invested in, not just myself.

1. The classic RP starter, 3-6 people, inexplicably meeting somewhere, try to find a reason for them not to kill eachother and see where the groups motives push their travel.

2. Open-world RP starter, 2+ people, with a higher upper limit setting up for the RP, but starting in entirely different locations from eachother, or in groups of 2 or 3, each one or group doing their own thing... Predictably, this would be the most work for me and i'd most likely need a couple of Reliable Co-gms to help manage the whole thing, but I imagine the most 'fun' for the whole group as it has the most authentic experience available for a larger number of people. This one would also be the most resistant to dying suddenly if someone gimps out and bails on the RP without warning.

3. Story-centric RP starter, 2 people, 3 max, starting a story centered around one of those characters or the group itself, the 'second person' style writing of the big popular fan stories out there, and progressing through a storyline with fewer starting people, but the likelyhood of 'more' people popping in over-time simply due to that being the way these stories always go XD They almost never end up with less than 5-6 person groups by the half-way point XD
I wanted to apologize for my extended absence... I ended up getting a crippling dental infection that swelled up half the left side of my face and made even 'considering' thinking straight for RP and the like quite impossible. I've got antibiotics dragging the swelling down right now and going in for dental surgery on Wednesday.

Rather sucks how far behind I'll be though @x@
Oh man... I didn't even realize it been '3' weeks since I last posts... I got through Finals week, figured I'd jump right into a post, found out I felt kinda like I had jet-lag or something and slept it off for a few days to try and re-arrange my sleep schedule to something more comfortable, come back and I'm like 'damn... Was I out of it that long?! D:'
Well, anyone who wants is welcome to join my Multiverse RP. Multiverse: You are the Character.

Wait a minute... that sounds familiar... I specifically remember another 'Multiverse: You are the Character' RP from like a year or more ago or something... right down to the crucible part too XD I believe I played Richard the Warlock in it in-fact... He summoned Pinkie Pie to smash Vegeta into the grond actually XD
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