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I always knew, deep in my kokoro, that I was a big baka. I, of course, place the blame on kami-sama for not giving me a good senpai.

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Nah. It just makes her a human character. She's not perfect, which makes her better.

It's alive. IT'S ALIIIVE!!!
I apologize for my inactivity, but I've learned the hard way it's really difficult to immerse yourself in writing when the muscle on your side was torn away from your ribcage. Even more so when the pharmacy and your insurance keep fighting, and you can't get your medication. *two thumbs up*
Hamburg, Germany

The city was singing with the songs of civilization as the warmth of the summer sun poured over Hamburg. The men and women, dressed in fine clothing, chartered as they walked in groups down the street. The children played in their parks, running, shouting, and crying, while the older folks sat off to the side, enjoying games of chess, and reading their newspapers.

"Gertrud recommends Pellkartoffel mit Quark as this week's 'Wonderful German' meal of the week." Read the headline on the front page. "How to show your patriotism as a Pole, Russian, or other immigrant." Followed close after.

"Hmph. As usual, it's just fluff." Said an old man, crumpling the paper, and tossing it in the garbage. "I miss the good old days when there was substance to the stories. The state treats us like children now!" He shouted, as parents began to herd their children, and a couple ran off, towards the closest Sicheres Münztelefon, in order to call the Gedankenpolizei.

As the old man continued to rant and rave, a younger woman, average as could be, approached him, and gently tapped him to get his attention.

"What? Are you going to tell me to be quiet? Well, I won't! That's how we got into this mess! We all stayed quiet while Wilhelm… whatever number this one is! While he slowly stripped away our humanity! While he replaced our books with propaganda! While he-!"

The old man was cut off as a whistle sounded in the distance. The telltale sign that the Gedankenpolizei where on their way to silence a troublemaker.

"Sir…" muttered the woman, making sure to keep a safe distance from his flailing arms. "Sir, you should probably leave."

"What? Leave?? Why??? If I leave, they win! If I leave, I'm written off as some old crack! Well I won't have it! I fought in the war, you know! They have to treat me with respect! If it weren't for me, they would be eating baguettes and cheese, and call each other comrade! I should be marching up to the Kaiser is what I should be doing!"

With a swing of his arms, he turned around, and began to march away, in as dignified a manner as he could muster with a bad back and wobbly knees.

The woman just watched, a defeated look on her face. One second, he was marching away, full of pride. The next, he was being tackled to the ground, and being beaten with a little plastic baton while a child probably a quarter of his age recited a script to him.

"The Kaiser provides for everybody. Dissent will not be tolerated. Disturbing the peace with mad rants will not be tolerated. Siding with the enemy will not be tolerated. …"

The list goes on and on, hand tailored to the individual, but scripted responses nonetheless. Unable to do anything else for the man, the woman straightened her blouse, tucked a stray section of brown hair behind her, and moved on to a more quiet location.

As she walked down the street, she stared blankly at all the new billboards.

"Need a new car? Raising a family? Gertrud recommends her 1958 Handwerker Familienwagen. A van for the average German family."

"Tired of cooking every morning? Try some Vorsprung Zuckerkugeln! These sweet balls of grain will provide your family with everything needed to get the day started. Family preferred, Mutti approved."

"Tired of your job? Still in your 20's? Head over to your nearest Armeecenter, pick up a gun, and fight for your country! The top candidates from each group will get to fly to Berlin, and dine with the Kaiser when they finish their training!"

'Always the same. The old man wasn't wrong. Our country treats us like stupid cattle. But what can we do?' the woman found herself thinking. 'Even if we were to speak up, we'd all end up like that man. Or worse.'

Shaking the thoughts away, she continued down the street, keeping her head down as she passed a group of Gedankenpolizei who looked to be starting their shift. Just as she was almost through, one of them grabbed her by the shoulder, and turned her around. As they did, her face went pale.

"Hello, sweetheart." Said the youngest looking one with a pug face and toothy smile. "Why the long face?"

Doing her best to avoid eye contact, she caught herself replying without meaning to. "I… I just saw a disturbing scene at the park." The words flooded out of her mouth like a river. "An old man. A veteran. He was talking crazy, and scaring the children. He started to get violent, but some of your people came.and stopped him. I was standing close when it happened. It was just starting, that's all."

Catching her breath, the woman watched for a response on the boys face, and thought the same thing she usually did when speaking in public these days.

'Those weren't my words. They came out of my mouth, but they weren't mine.'

"Oh, well. Don't you worry. I'll keep you safe from villains like that man!" The pug boy said, placing one hand on his pistol, and the other around her shoulder. She stifled her cringe as best she could.

"Oh, thank you, but… I'm sure I will be fine. I see such things often enough."

'Shit. Wrong words.' she thought, but it was too late. The boy was already grinning.

"If you see things like that often, then my escort is all the more needed! Most people would see it only now and again. But if you see it often, then you are either unlucky, or you spend time in dangerous areas. To me, both options scream 'protect me!'"

Sighing, the woman gave up. There was no winning. "We'll, if you insist." She said as short as she could. "I was going to head to the market."

"The one next to the Einheitswand?" He asked, tightening his grip on her shoulder. "You really do like scary places. The Einheitswand is a place for criminals to make their penance with the state. Of course, not all of them really mean it…"

"It has the best fruit." She said, ignoring his other comments. "The one close to the school is safer, but their fruits are almost always bad."

"Suit yourself." The officer said, as they began to walk to the city center. After about a minute of silence, the officer spoke. "So, does the beauty under my arm have a name?"

"Sofie." She replied. "Sofie Bohn."

The officer took a long, deep inhale off the top of her head, sending a shiver down her spine. "Ahhhh. Sofie. Like a beautiful spring flower."

"It means wise." She said curtly, as the meaning of her name was something she took pride in. "Not that it's my name you are interested in."

'Wrong.' she thought, as the officer tensed up, and stopped.

"And, sweet, charming Sophie. What is it that I want, then?"

The look on his face made her gag. She wanted nothing more than to get away from him, but knew it was impossible if she didn't play along.

"You want to do your Civic duty, and escort me to the supermarket so that I do not run into any more shady characters." She replied, holding back the quivering in her voice.

"Well, yes." He said, smiling a smile nearly as disturbing as that of prince Wilhelm. "But why is it I am doing that, miss Bohn?"

"Be- Because it is your duty, and you must-" she was cut off as he moved in to try to kiss her, forcing her to dodge and, instinctively, punch the disgusting sleezeball right in the face.

As he staggered backwards clutching his face, Sophie froze. The crowd around them froze. Then officers eyes began to burn.

"You bitch!" He shouted, fumbling for his gun. "You disgusting, awful, traitorous bitch! Who do you think I am?"

Whether it was out of habit, fear, or a mix of both, Sophie began talking before she could stop herself once more.

"You? I think you are a worm! A sleazy, no good worm who is taking advantage of his position to take advantage of me. You aren't trying to protect the German people! You are trying to violate them, in a way even worse than the state already is! You are no hero of the people! You're just a tiny man, with a fragile ego, who needs to be in a position of power to feel any self worth! You should be shoving that gun down your throat before you even dare point it at me!"

Blinking, Sophie processed what came out of her mouth, and immediately became terrified as the officer finished taking his gun from the holster. As he raised it to her, she shut her eyes tight, preparing for the worst. But instead of a gunshot, she heard the crunch of bone breaking.

Opening her eyes, she saw the officer on the ground, and a larger man standing over him, fist bloodied. Before the officer could do anything, the man's boot found itself in his side, making another loud crack.

"H-help!" Shouted the officer, but not before another person joined in, stomping their foot down on his head. "Hel" the officer tried again, but not before a third boot landed in his mouth, shattering his teeth.

Before Sophie could even blink, the crowd had turned into a riot, feet taking out their anger on the downed officer in any way they could. What surprised Sophie even more was looking down, and seeing herself joining in. It was something she wanted to do; and she was actually doing it. She wasn't suppressing it and watching somebody else do it for once. She was actually taking part. She wasn't even sure the bloody mess below her was even alive anymore, but she didn't care. She wasn't kicking just for her at this point. She was kicking for every person she had sat by and watched get kicked by the Gedankenpolizei. She was kicking for her grandparents, who watched their country turn into something worse than communist, after they had given their all to save it. She was kicking for her country.

Just as soon as it started, however, it was brought to an abrupt end. Whistles were sounding from all directions as the Gedankenpolizei were rushing to their position. Sophie expected to see the crowd shatter, but… They didn't. Instead, they began to link arms, forming a human wall. Sophie found herself joining in, stepping away from the mangled corpse at her feet, and finally getting a good look at everyone she was with. A fireman, a baker, a few factory workers, some people in fancy dress clothes… This wasn't just the lower class fighting back. It was Germans of all walls of life, standing together as one against the oppression of the state. Sophie couldn't believe it. Though, what happened next surprised her the most.

"This Germany is not my Fatherland. This Germany is a prison." She shouted, eyes going wide. "I refuse to stand by as the state treats us like cattle! Germany is my home, and it is sick. The only way to cure it is to stand together, and tell the Kaiser that his people are sick and tired of this oppression! The only thing it's going to do is make the people turn against him. Starting with us. Germany for the Germans!"

"Germany for the Germans! Germany for the Germans!" The crowd began to chant, as the Gedankenpolizei arrived on the scene, and immediately started to try tearing people away from the line.

"Germany for the Germans!" Continued the crowd, even when the Gedankenpolizei began to pull out their bludgeons. "Germany for the Germans!" They continued, as people began to get beaten down. "Germany for the Germans!" They shouted to the sky, even as the first shot was fired.

"Germany for the-" shouted Sophie, being cut off as a seating pain flooded out from her torso. She looked down, and saw red pooling out, devouring the white of her blouse. Tears rolling down her face, she snapped her head back up, and shouted as loud as she could, before everything went black.

Consider this draft #1, unless it actually turned out well. I need to get to sleep, and will edit it further tomorrow. Discord me any detail's you want elaborated/changed/nix'd, Mihn.

Name of Nation:
Rafinid Technocracy

Nation Characteristics:
The Rafinid's sold their knowledge, skills, and, most importantly, Phoenix Gas, to the Cindorayi in exchange for protection from any other nations looking to get their hands on said gas. This protection is something they have enjoyed for quite some time, and work hard to contribute as much to the Cindorayi as possible, so as to not lose it.

Before the Rafinid's pled to the Cindorayi for protection, they enjoyed their natural utopia. Free from predator's, and saved from outsider's by the cloud of gas that covered their home, they were able to shut themselves in and enjoy doing what they did best – invent, learn, and discuss. Being unable to fight physical battles, disagreements in their past were solved by competing in complex puzzle & mind games, which is also how they have always decided who among them is fit to lead the rest.

In order to be respected in Rafinid culture, you have to be smart enough to hold a conversation with one. Anybody who solves issues with brute force is seen as weak, and shamed. In the past, the Rafinid's would send the weak-minded and violent out to sea without remorse, knowing full well they would die the second they passed beyond the cloud of Phoenix Gas. However, they now try to focus on educating and calming these individuals in a way that will at least make them able to contribute, even if minimally.

Off-shore Rafinid's don't share every belief with mainlander's, however, as they have seen other species, their cultures, and their value. They still won't go near weapons or any other sorts of violence if they can prevent it, though, and do try to solve diplomatically first in every circumstance. This has, of course, led a good few Rafinid's to their untimely ends.

In the past, the Rafinid's worshiped the Jam'ra volcano as their God. However, around the Rafinid renaissance era, they began to become the agnostic species they are today.

Nation Location:
The central island, though there are small pocket communities within Cindorayi territories.

Nation Initial Population:
7.5 million

Species Name:

Species Characteristics:
Tall, slender, amphibian-like humanoids, with eyes in shades of blue and pink. Depending on where they are raised, their skin with either be a pale taupe (If raised on their home island), or an ashy grey (If raised in another civilization.) They share a special attribute with all living things on their island – they can survive the Phoenix gas emissions that come from the bowels of the Jam'ra volcano. However, this also has a drawback for them, as they cannot survive in normal environments; whenever they are not on their home island, they cannot spend more than five minutes outside of their special environmental suits. These suits also make it so the only distinguishing features between various Rafinid's outside of their home are their voice, height, and suit design.

As a species, they posses superior intellect, to make up for what they lack in physical capability. A Rafinid should pray to never find itself in a physical confrontation with another species – nearly all others could probably snap them in half with their bare hands.

Side Chosen in Void War:

Technological Level:
The Rafinid's dominate the biological and medical fields, already fielding portable life-support suits that nobody else can rival. They are also impressive engineers - though they have minimal technological advancements when it comes to a military, and have to rely on the Cindorayi's protection.

Space Presence
The Rafinid's mainly populate Cindorayi stations, however, they do have a couple orbital research station's of their own, as well as a small lunar colony that exists solely for purposes of mining, research and development.

Special Resource:
Phoenix Gas – A special gas that is only present on the home island of the Rafinid's. If condensed into a solid form, it can be used as a superior rocket fuel, lasting nearly five times longer than traditional sources of the same amount, and providing double the speed and power. The unique makeup of the volcano which the gas brews in means that supplies of the gas should last about as long as the sun stays burning. The gas can only travel so far from it's source before it becomes too thin, and breaks apart, which is what has kept it from flooding the world. The only way to transport it is by condensing it. However, it has proven, both through the course of the island's history, and in one accident, to be an extremely deadly chemical weapon.

The night of the European Conference

As his father took to the skies for his "European Concert", prince Friederich took to the streets of Berlin in his black Königswahl Gepard. As the sports car glided effortlessly through the streets, Freddy occasionally caught camera flashes out of the corner of his eye. Stifling a laugh, he shook his head.
'Not even five minutes out and they've already noticed me. Oh well. I'll lose them after the next alley.'

With a quick, precise turn that only a Gepard is capable of, Freddy glided down the alleyway, hearing the screech of the paparazzi's tires followed by the telltale thud of a collision, and finally, angry Italian yelling. Smiling to himself, he flicked on the radio, to finish his drive in peace.

"That was Damen von Swing with their hit song, 'Am die Steilabfall.' Next up on Schwingradio Deutschland is Spinnende Netze by your favorite young man out of Switzerland, Julien Schmidt!"

As the voice faded and the upbeat swing music started, Freddy lost himself in the music, time speeding along with the fast beats, until he finally arrived at a small pub off the beaten path; The Dicke Frau. It was out of the way enough that the paparazzi never found it, yet easy enough to get to that Freddy could enjoy a drink with his less than noble friends.

"Are ye serious?" Came a voice from behind him speaking English. "Me mates back home won't believe it!"

When Freddy turned around, he saw a dark haired Scottish man, kilt and all, fumbling to pull out a camera.

"Oy, you there!" He said in German, oblivious to who he was talking to. "Can you get a picture of me under the sign?"

Smiling, Freddy obliged, taking the small camera from the Scots hands, and snapping a couple pictures of him making lewd gestures underneath the sign, as well as a more proper one, supposedly for his family scrapbook.

"Thanks, I owe you one! In fact, first ones on me!" Said the jovial man, slapping his arm around Freddy's back. "Who, may I inquire, am I buying for?"

"Friederich." Replied Freddy, trying to keep casual. "And who is purchasing for me?"

"My name's Lewis! Lewis MacLean!" Replied the Scots as they marched inside.

"MEINE PRINZ!" Shouted the patrons the second they saw Freddy walk in.

"MEINE LEUTE!" Came Freddy's bombastic reply, as the bar spring to life, almost as if it had been waiting silently for him to come along. Within seconds, the rusty jukebox began to play the same radio Freddy had running in his car, and people began to get up and dance.

Navigating through the crowd, Freddy and Lewis made their way to the bar itself.

"Meine Prinz! Good to see you again! Who's your friend?" Asked the fat, balding old man standing behind the counter.

"Ah! This is Lewis! He'll be treating me, so… Bring a couple bottles of Rote Hütte for us!"

" Sure thing!" replied the bartender, retreating into a back room.

"Rote Hütte? What's that?" Asked Lewis.

"What's Rote Hütte?" Freddy asked incredulously. "Only the best beer you'll find in all of Deutschland, No, in all of Europe!"

"Well, I guess I'll be the judge of that!" Lewis snapped sarcastically. "There's some stuff back home that I'd bet my mother's couch on!"

"Is that so?" Freddy said with a smile. "We'll, Sigmund here carried drinks from all around the world, so let's see about that, why don't we? In fact, why don't we make it a challenge?"

With a wry smile, the Scots jutted his hand out toward Freddy, who met it with a hearty shake. Just then, Sigmund came back out, bottles in hand, and smiled.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the Prinz has a new challenger!"

A cheer from half the patrons followed, and people began to line up at the counter, rifling through their wallets, as Sigmund grabbed an old, ratty hat from a nearby doorknob, and a pencil and pad of paper.

"Get your bets in before it's too late!"

Berlin, later that evening

Prinz Wilhelm sat in a recliner, reading a book titled "The Art of Manipulation." As his dark eyes glided over the pages, his lips donned a smile that would look innocent on anybody else, but made him look like a villain out of a horror film.

"Interesting." He muttered to himself, writing a small note in an even smaller journal at his side.

Just as he went to turn the page, the phone next to him began to ring. Normally, he would wait for a maid to get it, but this time, he decided to pick it up personally.

"Hello, Wilhelm speaking." He said into the reciever.

"… Yes. Okay. Yes, I understand. Yes, thank you." He said, before putting the phone down with a sigh.

"And the younger brother ruins a pleasant evening once again. I swear, if we were not family..."

Putting his book aside, Wilhelm stood up, and made his way to the door of his study, opening it.

"Dear, I'm going out for a while." He shouted into the empty hallway.

"Alright, don't get into trouble!" Came a reply from somewhere else in the house.

"You know me, darling. I'm only ever the one fixing trouble…" Wilhelm numbed, as he out his shoes on, and made his way to hair garage.

Inside sat a Falke, by Handwerker. A sportscar made by a rival company to Köningswahl, that supposedly controls better than the Gepard, and is after, to boot.

Wilhelm pressed a button next to the door, and within seconds, a pair of agents came from inside the house, ready to escort the German heir wherever he was going. As they all piled into the car, one of them asked the most obvious question first.


Nodding, Wilhelm brought them up to speed about how his younger brother drank too much, and got into a fistfight with some drunkard named Louise. Freddy, if course, was fine, but the other man was carried out on a stretcher. The only reason Wilhelm was sbihered at all was because Freddy passed out immediately after, and nobody was able to get him to move.

Upon arriving at the bar, gaudily named "The Dicke Frau", which Wilhelm was sure was a joke in English disguised as a play on words in German, the eldest prince swing open the doors, secret service agents in tow. Sure enough, the first thing they saw upon walking in was the massive form of Freddy sprawled on the floor, with some blood on his shirt and a bottle of Röte Hutte in the other.

"You" Wilhelm said to the bartender. "Help me get him upright. I'll take his left, you take his right."

Nodding, the ugly, balding man waddled over to the princes, and did as Wilhelm instructed. With a great effort, they got Freddy propped upright against a table, his eyes slowly opening.

"Hey, look at me." Demanded Wilhelm. "And let go of that shit beer, for God's sake."

Freddy, who's eyes still were barely open, growled, and threw out an arm towards his older brother, hitting him square in the chest. Wilhelm, not expecting this response, fell backwards, putting an arm out to catch himself, only to have it catch a table, and bend backwards. The elder prince let out a hell of pain, and immediately cradled the injured arm with his good one.

"You fucking idiot! I think you broke my arm, you fucking giant idiot!" Spat Wilhelm angrily. "Get up, you imbecile. I need to get to a hospital, and I can't leave you here, as much as I want to!"

"Mmmhm." Replied Freddy, as he stumbled to his feet, while Wilhelm's guards helped him to his.

"You, take the idiots car, and get him home. The last thing Father will need is a scandal on his hands." Hissed Wilhelm. "Again."

Nodding, the agent moved away, steering Freddy to the car while also grabbing the princes keys from. His pocket. Once the younger prince was in, they drove off into the night, to the sound of loud swing.

Gritting his teeth, Wilhelm got into the back seat of his son vehicle, as the calming sounds of classical music came on. Without a second to lose, the white sportscar pulled out of the bar, and headed back into the busy night in Berlin, as a cigarette butt fell from the sky, landing in the garbage behind the Dicke Frau.
<Snipped quote by NecroKnight>

As a passing note in German imperial administration: the German Empire recognized the rule of internal kings up into and through the First World War up until the Empire's dissolution and transformation into the Weimar Republic. So if you want to somehow manage to claim that Hurt finangled his way into being called "King in Africa" in much the same way the Kaiser was at the same time "Emperor of Germany" and "King in Prussia" to make him distinctive from "the King in Bavaria" it'd be possible.

I say this because frankly the land claims are fairly large, notably larger than most major kingdoms. But it's up to Shyri.

If they declared it during the Civil War, Germany would've accepted it, if only to keep yet another group from revolting and separating from the state. Then after Wilhelm IV took over, he probably wouldn't have disputed it because there's no point to after 20-30 years of them holding the title. Though, to mainland Germans, it'd probably be seen as more of on honorary title than an actual one.
Okay, I read the app, but... I'm still not sure exactly what you want the relationship to be between Germany and German Afrika. Are you independent, or does German Afrika want the Kaiser to reclaim the ex-colony?
@The Wyrm

For the Kaiser!

Wait, so, do you want Kamerun to still be loyal to the Kaiser? If so, we can set up a German equivalent of the Commonwealth or something. Independent, but the Kaiser is still your Kaiser.

Read about that yes. I got an idea. Or few.


Hello. I am planning on joining this RP, may I make a German independent colony nation?

Yeah, go for it. The colonies would've broken away during the German Civil War. You have your choice of Namibia, Kamerun, and Tanganyika. Tanganyika is the most notorious, because Paul von Letow-Vorbeck, who had been steadfastly loyal to the crown, took the colonial army, seized the government, and named himself "The Kaiser in Afrika." The Germans still hate him and his family's guts to this day.

Otherwise, Kamerun and Namibia haven't had any details hashed out for them, other than they followed Letow-Vorbeck's lead.
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