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Name: Chesed (Ches) Galanodel
Race: Wood Elf
Faction/Unit: Brand's Brood
Location: The Nightwood, resting in a bower of her own making.
Synopsis of Role: A roving elven druid fond of conversing with elemental creatures and shapeshifting, raised by Brand following the death of her parents at the hands of an infamous necromancer.
I'm curious to see how short-form CSes work out, but I have high hopes!

Name: Ches
Race: (Wood) Elf
Faction/Unit: Brand's Brood
Location: (Recently returned to) Nightwood
Synopsis of Role: An elven druid raised by Brand following the death of her parents at the hands of an infamous necromancer.
Sounds like my sort of party.
<Snipped quote by Sightseer>

Yes there is still space, and pitch your idea's concept. Mostly because travel can range from time travel (which is off the table) to actual physical travel. As with any huge magic, the greater the distance the more power and Essence from the user or other sources is required to perform.

Time travel is far too complicated for me to do it justice in writing, so I'm interested purely in physical travel.

Cost being multiplied by distance would seem to be a simple way to prevent anything far too silly from occurring.

Character Concept: Sam, commonly known as the Planewalker (she claims to have had a much cooler name, until some bald guy stole her thunder with a series of awful movies about an unnamed transporter), is an independent contractor, plying her trade by offering the most discreet means of transportation possible...teleportation. She has few scruples regarding who her current client is, provided they follow a simple rule: "half now, half upon arrival at your destination". A big fan of her own work, Sam claims that she can get past any physical barriers or magical wards (but she is quick to mention that the greater the difficulty and haste required to complete a job, the more astronomical the price demanded for her services).

Summarized powers (sorry for the very quick notes format, but it is late and sleep beckons).


I'm new (but not to RPing).

If there's still space I'd like to propose writing a character focusing on the magical domain of travel.
Hello Dear Stranger(s),

I have come here, predictably in search of some sublime RPs. In short, I seek stories that tell wonderful tales (ideally science fiction or fantasy) that support the development of interesting characters.

Yours in posts,
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