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Current Fake it until you make it, works in all areas of life.
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Studious student and spirited seeker of stories.

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An updated CS calls for a new post, I think.

I got a bit distracted, but mostly @mercenarius and I have had our characters chatting.

I'll throw something up in a bit to hopefully wrap it up. :3
In the grand tradition of play-by-post RPs, here's my WIP for Koga Inc shinobi turned monk.

Editing and a backstory to follow tomorrowish. Posted below.
Redwall and Mouse Guard may be the best things ever, so interested.
I will think about it, Oregon.
Can I has combat medic person?

Someone has to get shot at some point right?
If anyone desires to write up a strongman, I don't mind switching Perigot's act either (he's more of an NPC than PC and I can always find something logical for him to do).
I'm just waiting for @mercenarius, henceforth known as "Bad Bot" to post, so no worries.
Since I was third on Discord, I'm in.

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