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Current being on here and looking at everything when this site used to basically be my life for the longest time feels weird.
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sometimes i dream about cheese
Nadia's fingers tightened the grip on the pillow tossed to her by an older man, "Thank you, pet." She softly sang before continuing to hum and stuffing the young girl's head atop it. Messed auburn hair framed her youthful face, she had skin like porcelain that Nadia just wanted to sink her teeth in. Lovely girl she was, her fingers softly brushed along her cheekbones. "Lovely girl you are," The blonde whispered softly as she hovered over her tiny frame. She dreamed in the dead of the night to shove the fluffed pillow over that pretty little face and watch her squirm. That tiny figure of hers didn't seem like it would put up much of a fight, it seemed though that she'd tried once before as she took note of the pale bruises covering her pale skin. Taking a whiff of her body odor, she deduced that it was a wolfie. Ah, sweet little wolfie. Before lowering her head down to the young girl's lips to have a taste, the doors flew open and a body was tossed in causing her to hiss. "Oh another pet to play with!" Eyes glistened at the sight, she perked up and ran over to the brunette then dragged her by the arm towards the redhead who was beginning to come to.

Upon seeing a few of the other girls in the beds in their dormitory hadn't awakened yet, Nadia dragged each - one by one - out of their bunks and towards the redheaded girl. By the door, Reece rolled his eyes and secretly hoped this "Eric" would be next along with the strange tattooed man. The sight of the beautiful blonde dragging the brunette her way was rather odd to him and he approached her growing collection of girls. "Uh, what are you doing?" He bit his lip as he examined the scene and felt rather uneasy. Not only at the fact the woman was starting to pile up on a bunch of young women but also the lack of worry from the other conscious men within the room.
I'm embarrassed of my coughing.

Would anyone be interested in a RP centered around an expedition into deep space that goes awry after encountering a foreign body on a strange planet? The group that was originally exposed would unintentionally expose everyone else to it upon jumping back onto the ship, thus starting a lovely zombie outbreak. If you want me to elaborate more, just poke at me and ask. I'm trying to be brief since it's all currently in the works.

The sound of a high pitched scream awoke the redhead, she shot straight up in her position in a bottom bunk and slowly crawled out of bed. Her head felt heavy and she felt blinded by the bright lights clinging to the walls that lit the otherwise dim room. Meeting with the floor, she slumped over before straightening her back then immediately taking note of the odd attire. Blue scrubs? She wrinkled her nose at the sight, fingers prying it away from her skin only to snap back. Instead of announcing that she was awake like the others, she slowly crept them and examined the scene in order to try and understand what was happening. Top row of teeth collided with her bottom lip as the screams continued, making her frown and her face grow red. What was happening? Only flashes came to her, protesting with several other factions and then a building erupted in flames. The running, the panting, then being tackled into the pavement. Fingers reached up to where she had smacked her forehead bloody only to find it had been reduced to a scab and a rather pale bruise. The rest was a blur of images that was incomprehensible, even trying to think of anything past smacking her head in was difficult.

Feeling woozy, the girl attempted to approach the group only to weakly collapse onto the ground. Without a full moon, she was rendered useless and better off dead in her human form.

Green eyes narrowed at the man yelling at him, what else was he supposed to do? Wait for him to be next on the torture list and end up like poor Alexa, the thought made him grimace. That's not how he wanted to end up, not like his Dhampir brethren who had been gifted such an unfortunate circumstance. "If we get them to open the door, we could all run for it." Reece angrily spat to the older man, wondering why they were so easy to give up and let these strangers decide their fate. A thud surprised him and he jumped up to see a young red haired girl sprawled about on the ground. The blonde woman, who had yet to introduce herself, skipped over to her then got onto her knees beside her. Long, slender fingers stroked the redhead's locks as she whistled a lively tune for the girl. An eyebrow was cocked at the woman's activities but he shrugged it off as nothing important and looked to the door, examining it and trying to locate a weakness.
"Well no shit we all have names. The name's Reece. What else would we want to be called? " Eyes shot to the blonde and he snickered, "Pet?" She rolled her eyes and gave a smile his way. The brunette chimed in with her name, Alexa, a rather beautiful name for a lovely lady. Girl was out of his league anyway, eh. "Yeah, I did. What are we doing here? Helloooo?" They refused to respond, instead deciding to reveal a syringe and jab the tip into Alexa's neck. "Hey! What the hell are you doing with her?" He barked their way as he tried to bolt through the doors only for them to slam shut before he could get far. Fuck. What was going on here? "Kitten is off to go to the grocery store." The blonde softly sang, beginning to twirl about the room and giggle. Eyes widened before he finally looked to the door and started to bang on it again. "Let me out of here! I'm not crazy!"
Slamming the flats of his palms against the door, he continued calling out until a sultry female barked at him that it was enough. Slowly turning his head, he watched the woman struggle to leave her bed before being greeted by a homeless man covered in tattoos. "We don't even know if it's morning." He groaned before crossing his arms to turn to a youthful brunette, "Good, they should be up. Am I the only one who didn't get the memo? Where the hell are we, huh? Why is no one else freaking out?" Anxiously pacing about, his eyes bolted around to search for a vent or a secret door - maybe even a hidden window of some sort. Instead, all he could see was the two locked double doors that hadn't even dented.

The blonde straightened herself up and glared at the older man nestled in a top bunk. "You look tasty." Nadia pursed her her lips his way and kissed the air, then let her tongue lather her lips in a thin layer of saliva. Eyes shot to the man and woman, both rather young but she didn't mind in the slightest. They all seemed like they could grow on her as play things, "Oh, pet, this is like a vacation. Why would you ever want to leave? We even have our own beds."
Accepted & added ~

From this point on, anyone can join in as long as they post up an application.

Yay! So we started the IC but that doesn't mean people can't jump in later, we're still gonna be able to include them. Right now, they're all waking up in a dormitory filled with fluorescent lighting and hard on the eyes white walls! It consists of all genders and everyone's pretty much shaking off the effects of drugs that were in their system to make them forget details as to where they exactly are.
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