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9 hrs ago
Current "Ajit, darling, what do you want to be when you're old?" "I want to be the most hated man in the internet!"
4 days ago
"You will understand when you're older." Um, I am older and I understand absolutely nothing.
5 days ago
Holding my tongue is no problem. Sometimes, it's my face that needs control.
10 days ago
When I die, I hope it's early in the morning so I don't go to college/work for no fricking reason.
11 days ago
Honestly, I will never outsmart a girl who wears leggings as both casual and formal wear. I mean, she can be comfortable in any situation— including a first-degree murder investigation.


Yσυ Cαи'т Sтσρ Mє.

"I will conquer your world with one hand while you're holding the other.
You're crack-snap-crazy but somehow sane; black and blue, just absolutely fucked the way you are...
Murdering murderers is our favorite language while your tongue, hard to swallow lies, is so sweet to bleed.
Remember, flesh martini and olive bones just taste so good.

I am twisted like the flesh of my brain, any problem? Oh, you know my laugh mocks vermillion fears and drinks salt of your tears. You see, to swim in your oceans can never be enough. Yet, against all reasons, you like the way your skin dances against my so finely sharpened blade, oh how often I lose myself in the blueness of your eyes and the blood of your life...

Your evil smile is so beautiful.
Let my dark intentions make you as my unprecedented piece.
Powerless soul and already weak, I can see death in you.
Exactly. Let me love you like that.

Let me call you my darling with my mouth full of your heart. I will take my time, chew it up well so it feels nice slithering down my throat, into the pit of my stomach. Each slice, soft and thick, is nice. Let me play upon what's left of your innocence and grasp that weakness. Tick-tock, soon you will be dead living or half alive somewhere inside me.

Cold is good. Cold is nice.

Cold like winter. Cold like ice.

Cold your heart. Cold and blue.

Cold your soul. Cold for you.

You're my ice doll.

And the mystery shall remain...

Of why you smell so good."

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Looks like America is on the verge of an internet apocalypse. It has been fun memeing with you guys.


Both of you, please step on a lego.
If only the death note was real, I’d know who dies first.

I hate surprises T-T

*Inserts a huge surprise in here*
There are lots of people I would like to talk to, but then I'm afraid there will be one crucial detail about them that I just can't live with, so I don't. Issue: I want to talk to people but I don't want to get to know them, except I do, but only if it actually turns out I like them, but how will I know without talking to them or getting to know them. Sigh. Then the loop continues.

Annnnnnnnnnnd my brain turned into a soup
"Am I venturing into the fashion industry? DO YOU SEE THIS COAT."

>>> When the bed is too comfy in the morning so you try convincing yourself that you don't need to pee.

Anything I should know before I get comfortable?

Half members of this community are serial killers Noooope.


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