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10 mos ago
We are all going to die. Now back to Jimmy with the Sports.
12 mos ago
You know, the first 24 hours of the day are always the hardest.
1 yr ago
Guys, 2018 is almost over and all I gotta say is: "What the fuck was that."
1 yr ago
Flipping water bottles is boring, this is why I flip babies.
2 yrs ago
This guild is so slow that— *hold on, the rest is still loading*


“And when your smile peeks like a warm luminous sunrise,
I will teach you how to hate again.”

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I can have one of my eyes go cross-eyed, and keep the other stationary.

That's a talent right there.
I created this thread when I was drunk.
Game of Thrones is better than Endgame.
Yesterday, I watched from the distance as fire swept Notre Dame cathedral and I couldn't help but play the GoT soundtrack theme in my head.
<Snipped quote by Chasebloodcrest>
Thank you. Have we ever Role played together? Please excuse me if we have. I am old and have terrible memory. If you remind me of what we may have done, I will know. Chances are, I have a copy of the entire Roleplay on a flashdrive.

Nah, we never did. I am rarely here, unlike the old days where I was very active.
@Gunther I like you on this thread.

I'm into bloody aesthetics.
If I talk with 10 people in a day, 8 of them are likely depressed and tired of life. Depression is consuming more of people everytime and that's kinda sad.
I am eh . . .

Well, I'm hungover.
I was an English teacher this week. It was fun. Next week, I go back to Math.

Do you like teaching?
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