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2 mos ago
Current Next week has been exhausting.
3 mos ago
We are all going to die. Now back to Jimmy with the Sports.
4 mos ago
You know, the first 24 hours of the day are always the hardest.
5 mos ago
Guys, 2018 is almost over and all I gotta say is: "What the fuck was that."
10 mos ago
Flipping water bottles is boring, this is why I flip babies.


“And when your smile peeks like a warm luminous sunrise,
I will teach you how to hate again.”

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If I talk with 10 people in a day, 8 of them are likely depressed and tired of life. Depression is consuming more of people everytime and that's kinda sad.
I am eh . . .

Well, I'm hungover.
I was an English teacher this week. It was fun. Next week, I go back to Math.

Do you like teaching?
<Snipped quote by Chasebloodcrest>

Welp at least I have hazel eyes.

I have hazel eyes too.
"Oh, Candice..." (her twin sister's name).

Does the hair have to be naturally black?


Another weird fact--

Ever finished reading a book and when you turned the last page you felt your world going silent, time froze and wished to remain silent for the rest of your life? Well, at the end of every book, I imagine all characters; the protagonist, the antagonist, the deuteragonist, secondary characters-- everyone in matter of fact, even the dead ones in the journey. In my imagination? Everyone is alive, standing together. All the hate or conflict is gone. This is nothing but a bunch of people that fabricated an interesting set of story, smiling and looking at the camera.

"Say cheese!"

Then the camera goes off to catch the moment after. The picture has been taken. The book is officially closed.

And I'm left there feeling a little bit nostalgic; a symptom of being a book hungover.
I have a great memory for dates and numbers.

I'm so jealous of that. If I don't keep notes on my pad, I'd forget everything.
I have a psychopathic craving for blue eyed and black haired people.
I may mentioned this before but--

I'm hungover. Again.
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