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Heart Braker looked for any signs of trouble, not seeing much, which made her happy. But the night was still young. She had no idea what was going to happen.

Enfant Star wave back "Bonjour!" She said.

Marlene decided to get into costume and find her friend. The second step of her plan shouldn't be that hard as she was told what her friend was doing today. Running to The Chaotic Alliance hideout as fast as she could (which is pretty fast).
As soon as Nebula put on her costume, she ran out the house and flew over the river to the west side of town. She was going to see if anyone needed her help before trying to talk the Chaotic Alliance. Not that any of Heart Braker's attempts to help the two sides be friends were any help as many were able to break from her emotional manipulation. No mater what, though, she was going to find a way to end the feud as peacefully as she can.

Enfant Star walked down the street to the Phantom and Friends hideout. She could fly, but she didn't find it necessary as the streets weren't that busy despite the fact that it was the time of day where kids and parents would be returning home from work or school. She wondered what was going to happen this evening, as most nights have been quite intresting to her sense she arrived in Waterway.

Just before she arrived to the hideout, she heard the commotion and knew tonight was going to be interesting as well.

Marlene yawned as she arrived home, not sure what to do this evening. She could go do what she loves best and gather information about others in town, or she could help her friend. The former option would be a little difficult as her hearing aid was not exactly working, not that she minded. She could do many of the things that she normally does without her hearing aid as she has learned to compensate for her short comings. However, as much as she wanted to help her friend, she wasn't exactly being easy for her to get a hold of right now. She knew that she needed to find her friend if she wanted to help her with what ever she is doing right now. Which meant that Marlene was going to have to get into costume.
Nebula ran to her house after getting off the bus. She couldn't wait to get to home, play with her cats for a little bit, and get changed into costume. She quickly arrived home, where her mother was waiting for her with the after school snack, which today was matcha and white chocolate chip cookies.

"Thanks, Mom" Nebula said, popping one of the cookies in her mouth as one of her four cats rubbed up against her leg, greeting her home. She petted the kitty before rushing to her room to change into her costume

Titania walked all the way home from school. It wasn't that far of a walk, only four blocks, but her host parents worry what she would do in the winter. She reassured them that she would be fine as she could handle the cold weather in her homeland.

When she arrived home, the doors were locked. Her host parents had trusted her spare key in case she got home before they did. While she hadn't been in this town for that long, she happened to always arrive home not that long before they did. The moment she unlocked the door and opened it, a white Shiba Inu jumped up and licked her face

"C'est bon de te voir aussi, Sake." The young, French girl said regaining her balance. She quickly fed the dog before changing into what the kids in this town call her costume. She wondered if putting on costumes was considered normal in this new culture that she is in currently. Back home, she was always called weird for putting on a hodded robe with shoes that resembeld high heals from an old movie from the U.S. that she used to watch all time as a young child. She liked it though. And the swirl symbol on the robe reminded her of space. That was one of the many reasons why she called herself "Enfant Star" or Starchild in English
I don't know exactly what side Titania would join, but probably Phantom and Friends.
Nebula is Neutral though.

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