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11 mos ago
Current Me: *is exhausted* Also Me: *stays awake an extra 30 minutes just taking pictures of my cat because he’s sleeping in a cute way*
1 yr ago
Oh god, I have to remember how to code again.


Well, hello there. Welcome to... whatever the heck this is. I’m Krita. That’s what people, and you, should call me. My interests include cats, memes, Netflix, theatre, the occasional book, and even more occasionally, writing. I’m a full time college student who works part time and has rehearsals practically all the time (summer excluded) which means I unfortunately don’t have much time to write consistently or quickly sometimes. However, if you are feeling patient and would like to try writing with me, I enjoy:

-(Some) Romance
-Historical Themes

I can always be persuaded to do things outside of that list, if the plot is good there’s a good chance I’ll get excited about it.

So go ahead, reach out, say hi, even if you don’t want to RP together friends are cool too? I don’t bite, I promise.

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@alexfangtalon She also works at the pet store, and probably has stopped into the record store a time or two to buy music so they may have run into each other at either of those places but honestly I dunno. Any thoughts? They can also just not know each other yet lol.

Also; gonna try and get my post up tomorrow morning when I awake (hopefully..)
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