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"Oh, oh, how exciting!"

<Snipped quote by Sketcher>

Works a lot better, thanks! Tempted to suggest a physical type due to how hectic things will be later in the roleplay, but I understand if you just wanna have a mental type. Other than that suggestion, yeah, add him to Characters!

<Snipped quote by Shizuochan>

Approved! Go add that mon to Characters.

Oh, I had added a long range one but should I go into detail about how he'd use it?
I edited the variables a bit. Hopefully they work better now? ^^'

"Oh, oh, how exciting!"

I'll get my character up first thing tomorrow
As long as we're in the planning phase, anyone want to talk about what kinds of relations everyone's characters might have with others? Since they would've spent quite some time together before the IC.
I'd love to join in as well ^^ This looks pretty cool! Time to sketch up a new character!
Question! Is there a strict limit for the number of pokémon our characters can have? As in, can we have an experienced trainer?
(also, Gravity Rush ftw...)
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