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Hello, Sly here.

I've just returned from what seems like a decade long hiatus and I am trying to get back into the grove of writing again. I ask for patience while I settle back in, if I can settle back in.

In the past I typically always played rather docile, but caring characters who had a taste for adventure but weren't very ambitious. I think it really reflected who I was back then and my inability to play a character that I didn't personally identify with.

Now I want to play stronger characters. Maybe even an evil character or two. I think I would be more interested in doing 1x1 role playing, at least for now. The more people involved, the harder it is to get something going when you're waiting forever for others to put in their parts.

The most involved role play I have ever done and will probably always judge everything else on this was one that I created on Gaiaonline back in the day. Beginning of the End was a post apocalyptic world where magic and all involved was making a comeback and the human species was no longer top of the food chain. There was probably a good twenty characters and every single one of them was played by myself and one other person. We brainstormed extensively in private chat. The role play was broken into chapters. This was my pride and joy. But my RP buddy vanished one day and BotE died as a result. I want to do something this involved again.

If you would be interested in maybe trying something this ambitious with me, shoot me a message. I'd be thrilled to give it a go.

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Looking to start roleplaying my Dungeons and Dragons' character's background and begin fleshing her out. Just, you know, minus the dice rolls and strict limitations. So I'm looking for someone who is familiar with Pathfinder lore and types of characters.

If you're interested in hearing more and sharing ideas, toss a PM my way. I'd love to hear from you.
I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for the last few months and I finally have a character that has truly grabbed my interest. I think about her more than any other. I want to flesh her out and write stories about her outside of the weekly gaming session. I get excited about it and even came here to see if I could role play her even if it goes way beyond the campaign she's in.

The problem I am coming across is that as soon as I am prepared to start her journey it's like a gate in my mind just slams closed and I am blocked. I can see through, but I can't reach in and pull her out.

I don't know how to fix this.

I haven't role played in a forum or text based anything in years. Life got in the way of this hobby that I loved so much. Now I can't seem to figure out how to get back in.

What do you do when you get stuck?
Thank you, @ShwiggityShwah! I'm hoping to get some inspiration soon. Was just going over old posts back from my Gaia days.

I think I will always be a fan of fantasy genre role playing.

I am going to try this again. I created an account 4ish years ago and only dipped my toes into the RP world before wandering off once more into whatever fancy stole my attention at the time. Knowing me, it was probably Netflix and Laziness.

I used to be an avid role player. I won't say a good one, just an obsessed one. I went through the painful, and often embarrassing, learning curve and thought myself a master at this game. Then I met people who put me in my place but also inspired me to be better.

I've slowly been trying to get back into the world of make believe and have that fun once more.

What really inspired me to actively take that step is playing Dungeons and Dragons. I have a character who's background is sadly lacking and I want to flesh that out but I am beyond rusty. I NEED to fix this.

I hope to get to meet some of you and shake the rust off and have lots of fun!

Here's to hoping I can stay with this this time!
"I don't really play games but if I got someone to show me the ropes I think I'd do fine," she had answered with a shrug. "I've always been more about offline activities. Mostly studying. I thought I'd give it a little go while I had a little free time." She watched their scenery go by and stared at the adorable little fairy when it came. "So you only get a fairy if you own the game? What does it do?" She asked Trinity, taking her eyes off the creature in question for only a moment while she asked.
"Hmmm..." Was the only response for a moment as Slytheria looked through her menu and at her spells which were all beginning. "How many hours would you say you put into this game so far?" She asked conversationally as she equipped the items given to her. She had to admit, even the basic stuff looked kind of cool. She twisted this way and that to look herself over.

After she was satisfied with her gear, she cast a light healing spell. One that simply raised ones health in small amounts over time. There was no casting time and any special words. The only indicator that she had cast the spell (aside from holding her hand out) was a light green glow around Trinity. She didn't know if anyone aside from herself could see the numbers though. She saw the tick of +0 every few seconds. "Can you see the numbers or is that just me?" She wanted to know. Part of her wanted to turn that feature off. It seemed like it would get in the way of the scenery. But she also knew that she might actually need to be able to see what she was actually doing.
"Heal?" She asked thoughtfully, not really a question. She actually liked the sound of that, it seemed so close to what she wanted to achieve in real life. "Is there a lot of stuff that I would have to get to heal you or is it just the staff?" She wanted to know. "I don't mind buying stuff if it's not a lot. I mean, I am kind of forcing my company on you. I can't expect you to go short because of that."
Slytheria paused to think about it for a moment. "I don't think I could," she finally admitted. "Even if it was fake, I'm not really sure I could bring myself to hurt anything." She followed along. She'd almost forgotten that the internet had things such as games. For a moment she had thought that just being right where they were they could be in 'danger' of attacks, perhaps by some virus or something. Already she was beginning to think that anyone who wanted to be here in this virtual world was probably crazy on some level. "So is that what you do a lot online?" She asked Trinity. "Just fight monsters?"
"Pain?" Sly asked, homing in on that. "This is all fake! How can there be-- why would anyone want to feel pain online?" She asked, completely shocked. She hadn't heard of that aspect of the internet. "What does that have to do with maps? I mean, I can see why one would be needed," she rambled a bit while also looking around, completely overwhelmed. Then she went silent and stared at Trinity, eyes wide. "Fight a monster?" This girl was more hopeless than a newbie. The last virtual game she played had been when she was a child and she believed it had been called a PS Vita or maybe it was a Nintendo?
Slytheria watched Trinity go all the while thinking. They were already aquatinted now, might as well see if she'd like to have a tag-along. "H-hey, Trinity! Wait, please!" She called as she ran after the woman. "I'm sure you know already, but I'm new to all this," she panted after closing the distance quickly. "Would you mind if I... followed you around a little? I won't be in your way." She might be able to get some good notes down tonight. Her avatar looked pretty advanced compared to her own so maybe this woman was one of those addicts to diving into the internet if she spent all that time or money getting this stuff.
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