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19 days ago
Current fuck florida and its hot ass weather >.> Fucking hate the heat
3 mos ago
could anyone tell me how to make tabs for an rp thread? Like the CS tab and ic tab?
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3 mos ago
Has ANYONE seen Blood+!?
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3 mos ago
Replies will be coming out shortly~ if anyone has seen Blood+ and wants to help my unhealthy obsession please feel free to message me and discuss an rp~
4 mos ago
I’ve been rewatching Kamisama Kiss it’s so cute!! If anyone wants to do a Kamisama Kiss themed rp feel free to message me :)
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21 year old brat
Naruto, Black Butler and ouran host club are my favorites
I like to write naughty fanfics
Wattpad: @/petiteusagi
Instagram:(for Roleplay) @/queenofsmut
Currently interested in horror anime’s
Likes to be smol and cute
Doesn’t like loud noises
Fufufus a lot
Hnns a lot
Whines a lot

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