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Current could anyone tell me how to make tabs for an rp thread? Like the CS tab and ic tab?
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Has ANYONE seen Blood+!?
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2 mos ago
Replies will be coming out shortly~ if anyone has seen Blood+ and wants to help my unhealthy obsession please feel free to message me and discuss an rp~
3 mos ago
I’ve been rewatching Kamisama Kiss it’s so cute!! If anyone wants to do a Kamisama Kiss themed rp feel free to message me :)
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If you like Inuyasha and would like to rp HMU I wanna do more pairings from the show and like some cute shit just be literate that’s all I ask! I’m on all day!


21 year old brat
Naruto, Black Butler and ouran host club are my favorites
I like to write naughty fanfics
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Doesn’t like loud noises
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Panic was beginning to overwhelm Ana as she swerved every which way, her eyes wide as the undead creature clung to the hood of the golf cart. She whimpered loudly as she leaned away in fear but his sudden grasp on the wheel caused her to have a moment of calmness, her eyes lowered slowly to his hand as he kept the wheel steady before a round of shots cracked through the ear.

Feeling a wide amount of relief for having looked down and away from what he was doing, Anastasia let out a shaky breath. Lifting her head, she watched the body drop lifeless causing their little cart to jerk and lift, her own body lifting into the air for a moment before it slammed back down along with the cart. Letting out a small gasp, Anastasia regained control of the wheel and stepped on the gas.

Almost instantly she was told to stop, the sudden command causing her to stomp on the brakes, just barely avoiding crashing into his vehicle. Panting heavily, Ana leaned back against the cart before giving a quick nod and quickly getting out and grabbing the duffle bags, only to stop short and look in the direction Connor was looking in, her eyes widening with horror. It seemed like something out of a bad movie, how the smoke lifted into the air, it even looked like a movie she had seen not long ago.

Shaking her head, Ana ran to the passenger side of the car and got in, slamming the door shut. As soon as Conner was inside the car as well, she groaned and rubbed her temples before glancing to him momentarily. “What do we do now? What’s the next step from here?” While her voice attempted to remain calm, it was clear the female was utterly terrified and confused.
New ideas have been added to this thread
I apologize for making another bump to this but
Currently I’m really searching to double up with
Someone OcXCanon wise if anyone is interested!
If anyone is willing to play Gaara or Kiba for
My Oc, I am more than happy to do the same for
Giving this a bit of a bump, currently really wanting to do some MxM pairings, possibly NarutoXKakashi or CielXSebastian

She didn’t know what would be instore for them but she also didn’t want to risk the idea of being left behind. As the male looked to her, telling her to lead the way, she gave a small nod and led him off to the front of the hospital. There, she stopped for a moment, going off to a side desk where one of the security had abandoned to go help the nurses and pulled out a small key before nodding for him to begin following her once more.

Soon the two made it out the hospital finding that it was surprisingly quiet and peaceful despite what all was going on just on the other wing of the hospital. “It seems like..just some weird illusion..” She murmured finally before shaking her head and glancing to the male. Sighing softly, Anastasia walked up to one of the golf carts and quickly slid in, starting it up. As soon as Conner got in she took off, swiftly driving into the small path that led to the wing they had just managed to escape.

“My car is on the opposite side but i figured with yours being a police car it would be the better idea to take yours.” She murmured gently, taking a small moment to shove the duffle bags into the back of the cart once she was finally able to get them off from being strapped around her. “I wish we could have helped them out..but right now it seems like this is a survival situation we would have ended up being caught up in it all and possibly dying.” She muttered, glancing to him for a moment before her gaze shifted to see a few stray people running out of the Trauma wings doors.

With a nervous gasp, she quickly sped up before glancing over to the row of cars. “Which one is yours?” She asked nervously as they got closer to the source of it all. Suddenly Ana screamed out as a body slammed hard into the hood of the golf cart. Her eyes were wide with fear as she swerved awkwardly continuing to scream out in fear as the undead creature hung onto the cart.


Sure! Send me a message and we can discuss plot and such~
Thread has been updated and renewed.
Giving this a bump bc honestly, I love me some baruto!!
Looking to do some CanonXCanon pairings!

The female quietly moved closer, her hands clutching the bag with a bit of nervousness as she watched him agree and explain his plan. Giving a small nod, the female looked at him for a moment longer. “M-May i come with you? I-I don’t have anyone here in the city..well..not anymore.” She expressed softly, glancing back to Roberts crumpled up body on the ground before turning back to focus at the task at hand. She watched as he silently opened the door, caution being the key to keeping them alive during this moment.

As the two crossed over to the next room, she swiftly set to work, grabbing everything she could, gloves, anything that would be needed. With quick hands, Anastasia gathered up the last bits of medicine, bottles of rubbing alcohol and gauze before turning her attention back to the males vocie. She quickly zipped up the bag and walked up to his side and looked around for a moment. “That waiting room is going to be full of those things, we need to go a different way..” She murmured softly before nodding to herself and took his hand swiftly.

“Come on, that exit isn’t safe to leave out of anymore.” She explained and pulled on his hand, leading them towards the back of the corridor and to the left. There at the end of the small hall was another door. “This leads to the main part of the hospital, more than likely that part hasn’t had any incidents yet seeing as most trauma cases go straight to the E.R, we get through the front entrance. There we usually have golf carts we can ride back to the front of the Trauma wing of the hospital and get to either yours or my car.”
The female explained swiftly as she glanced back to see they have a slight lead on the stumbling corpses. Ana quickly pulled out a I.D badge and scanned it unlocking the door. Quickly she grabbed his hand once more and pushed him through first before going through after him. As soon as the door clicked shut as quietly as she could manage, she scanned the card once more to lock the door. “There..that should buy us time..” The female murmured and looked around to see the halls completely empty and quiet aside from the occasional ring of the phone or the sound of a nurse talking. It was as if nothing was going on and this part of the hospital was completely safe.

Shaking her head, she nodded to him and walked on ahead until she made it to the nurses station. “Listen very carefully to what im saying. We are leaving, as soon as we walk out those front doors i want you to put this the trauma wing on lock down. Get the patients transferred if you can. There are these things...walking corpses flooding the trauma wing, we need to keep them limited to that section, from there evacuate the hospital.” The nurse seemed to be just stunned in silence, her eyes wide as she stared at Anastasias bloody face. “Y-Yes doctor.”

With that Anastasia turned to Connor and nodded. “Shall we?” She asked with a grim expression.
So this thread has been completely changed up, not just to Accommodate my interest in Naruto based roleplays but to really play what i've been craving fandom wise. Please note that I highly prefer for my partners to be able to provide at least 3 good paragraphs worth of a reply in third person. Yes i always encourage more of a reply that's just a bare minimum kinda thing. Anyways, I accept all pairings, MxM,MxF, FxF, I also love to do OcXCanon and CanonXCanon pairings as well. I double up so that's also a plus! My only restraint I'd have on that is that i prefer to keep the rps separate from each other, meaning i wouldn't want to combine them into a single rp(Some exceptions may occur). Also, i am perfectly capable of playing this out in either a PM or a Thread, so strictly thread rpers fear not! Anyways, down to the task at hand, i have a few animes i've been craving most so this will be a kind of special focus kind of thing. If it's bolded, it means i prefer to play that role, If the whole thing is bold, i can play either role


Characters I am able to play:
Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Kiba, Neji,
Hinata, Ino, Lee, Guy, Iruka

Black Butler:
(will ONLY do ocXCanon if it is a modern AU rp)


Characters I am able to play:
Sebastian, Claude, Ciel, Alois, Grell, Lizzy


Characters I am able to play:
Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Naraku, Miroku, Koga
Sango, Kagome, Kikyo

Soul Eater:
MakaXDr. Stien

OcXDr. Stein

Characters I am able to Play:
Maka, Soul, Black Star, Death the Kid, Dr. Stein

Please note that these roleplays will have smut, depending on the pairing, i can go from either 50/50 smut to story ration or 40/60 smut to story ratio, Kinks do's and don'ts will be discussed as well. Enjoy the update!
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