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Current I’ll be making replies to rps tomorrow!! Also I’ve just finished watching the first season of My Hero Academia and I wanna RP it so bad bc...big gay cuties OuO
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Making my rounds of replies! Hopefully I’ll get them all finished today but if I happen to miss you just know I’ll be finishing up replies this weekend as well!
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fuck florida and its hot ass weather >.> Fucking hate the heat
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could anyone tell me how to make tabs for an rp thread? Like the CS tab and ic tab?
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Has ANYONE seen Blood+!?
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Looking for a Petyr X Sansa RP! I can play either Sansa or Petyr but I love this ship!
Giving a bump
Hello! I’m not going to make anything crazy or super lengthy but I’ve been in a huge mood to roleplay GoT and I was hoping to make some interesting roleplays with others! I am a literate 3rd person roleplayer I can give anywhere from 4-10 paragraphs. The least amount of paragraphs I can give is 3. I am looking to do anywhere from CanonXCanon to OcXOc, I love OcXCanon ideas so long as we can double up. When it comes to OcXOc we both must make at least a decent bio of what characters we will use. If interested send me a message and we can brainstorm there :)
Giving this a bump with hopes to make some new friends and start some new Roleplay!

Hello, So ever since the new Kingdom Hearts game came out last month, I’ve been having the itch to roleplay it! I’d love to do anything from CanonXCanon to OcXOc. After a bit of spotty activity, I’m finally back to normal activity and would love to have some more roleplays especially based off of Kingdom Hearts. I am more than comfortable roleplaying in either PM or in a thread, i enjoy both very much. I am a literate roleplayer, usually I can give anywhere from 5-10+ paragraph replies. I always reply in third person and these are just a few things that I ask you do as well, I don’t want you to feel you need to give out a novel but at least three paragraphs help to avoid lack of motivation or lack of content to work with. I love MxM pairings as well as MxF pairings, I like FxF Pairings as well and will happily roleplay them i just don’t do them as often so i may be a bit rusty in that area. I LOVE doubling up so if you like to do that i’m your gal lol! Mature themes are allowed and welcomed but characters must be of age, this will include any canon characters.​

(There will be no spoilers in this, just a simple plot based on a different outcome so those who might still be playing the new game or haven’t gotten it yet no need to worry.)

This plot is based for an OcXOc pairing, basically it’s about 10-15 years after all has calmed and darkness no longer threatened the lands, keyblade wielders eventually lost their ability to fight and the memories of the keyblade, that is until a small corporation had begun to rise. Threats upon threats were surging through the world bringing chaos and darkness once again. Those who have the souls of pure hearts retain some form of memories linked to the previous Keyblade masters, making them capable of wielding a keyblade themselves. Links coming to the future from the past, woken when darkness began to purge the worlds once again, coming to choose the next Keyblade Masters. Muse A and Muse B having been the next two to overcome this new threat, and the new organization 13 that has begun to rise. Muse A, Yin, one who accepts darkness in a healthy light without losing themselves, and Muse B, Yang, the one who has a heart of pure light, who can affect anyone and the one who keeps Muse A from losing themselves. Together these two prodigies must go through each and every world together to purge darkness from every corner. Kingdom Hearts is returning to the lands, and this new organization is plotting to take over that power, but can the two heros save the worlds from history repeating itself? Can they do what was done so long ago? (Many things to consider, also the creation of the new Organization 13 can be done by both, including what worlds go in what order, however Destiny Islands will be the starting world.

Thank you for taking the time to read my very awkward and choppy thread, I hope this has caught your interest, weather you’d like to get some good CanonXCanon/CanonXOc going or embark on a whole new experience with the OcXOc plot! Please feel free to PM me, if you comment here i will try my very best to get back to you but It would be much easier to get back to you faster if I am PM’d. Have a wonderful day!
giving this a little bump :) feel free to message if interested


Hello this thread has been created of course for a specific request as the title implies. Currently, I have been binge watching some of my favorite Ghibli movies and i find that i would love to roleplay them out either as canon characters or as OcXCanon! Here are the few I’ve been craving the most of, but also please be aware that i am more than happy to do other movies or even do plots based on the general plotline of some movies!!

Simple Guidelines.

Just a few things to keep in mind please, I’m not super picky and I don’t require a lot but i figured i would just add it here for whatever it may be needed for,

Please be 18+, while i’m not saying that all roleplays will be mature, i feel more comfortable knowing my roleplay partner is of age should anything like that come to light.

When involving mature themes, such as death gore or smut, please understand i do not want the whole story to be based off of just that. I love a good story to smut ratio and kinda go with the flow when it comes to it. If it calls for it then by all means throw it in there, I am comfortable writing things out and see no harm in having smut when it calls for it.

I tend to write a lot, so if you could keep it third person with at least 4 paragraphs, it would be appreciated. Also, i try to post at least once a day, if not then as soon as i am able, i am a very patient person and i am always willing to wait but don’t just ghost me please.

I love OOC talk, i love to make headcanons or think of fun things to add to roleplays, I love to gush about similar interests and i love making friends! I am comfortable with thread roleplays and PM roleplays!

Doubling up is welcomed and most definitely preferred so both sides get that craving they have been seeking also keep in mind that most of these characters will be kept of age, maybe except for howl and Sophie since their age works. MxM, MxF, and FxF welcomed!

Onto the Good Stuff.

Spirited Away:


I would love to roleplay a plot where Chihiro is much older, possibly in her late teens or even early twenties where she comes back to visit the place where it had all started for her. With a new life and possibly a new love interest, Chihiro finds she can’t forget the boy who saved her parents. This plot would involve Chihiro coming back to where it started, getting stuck in the spirit side of the area and finding Haku again after all these years still working in the bathhouse with everyone else who still look the same. Possibly something could go wrong or even lead to something dramatic happening, we can always figure out details together!! (ChihiroXHaku)

2. Chihiro never came to the bath house, Haku had never seen chihiro again which resulted in him forever being chained to the bath house. As the years went by and Haku got older, he finds himself meeting someone new, someone who could possibly help break the spell he is under. More can be added to this and is definitely welcomed to be added. (OcXHaku)

Howl’s Moving Castle:


Basically i’d love to remake the experience with Howl and Sophie in possibly our own eyes, maybe add an interesting moment here or an interesting moment there maybe involving Sophie to have a different kind of curse put on her instead of the one that turned her into an old woman. (HowlXSophie)

2. Howl and Sophie after the war, what happens when the two come to get closer and truly become a couple, what if something happens and a new problem surfaces, what if Sophie gets kidnapped by a wizard who is aiming to get revenge on Howl? Just some things to think about or get creative juices flowing! (SophieXHowl)

3. Basically for this Oc and canon pairing i thought it would be fun to switch things up and possibly remake the movie but with a different character, a different curse that brings the two together and something much more fun and interesting to add to it, what if instead of a woman cursed into an old woman, howl finds his path crossing with a woman who has a different curse.(OcXHowl or SophieXOc)

Kiki’s Delivery Service:


(I Don’t exactly have many plots made up for this movie but it’s definitely something i’d love to play out!)

Final Words.

I hope that my thread has caught some eyes and i hope to roleplay with you all soon! Thank you for taking the time to look through this!

Day 1;
The End.

They never said anything about it, no warning or news station to cover it, they were all left in the dark. They were completely clueless as to what was going on around them, had they known the end was coming..maybe they could have been better prepared. How were they to know that the government was launching some sick and twisted experiment? How were they supposed to know that all of the united states had come crashing down like this? They needed to test out their theory and so they did, however, the entire country was their test subject. Was i right to let be apart of this?

Day 15;

Its been about 14 days since the outbreak happened, things had gotten out of control, not even the government was able to reign it in. A failed experiment, who would have thought things would end up like this? We tried to stop the infection from spreading, not even the military forces we set out to keep things contained was able to stop it, and now the whole world is at risk. Was there something i could have done to help prevent this?

Day 50;

Traveling for days with the small group i used to work with, we thought most everyone had either been shot down or had changed into one of those...those things. But we found some, survivors that is, we found a few who had managed to stay alive, perhaps it was because the area they were in was a bit safer, or maybe they just got lucky who knows..i’m just glad people are still alive…

Day 70;

They’re all gone. Everyone who had managed to find each other..dead...maybe i’m next, maybe this is my punishment for having helped to aid the government in such a twisted experiment gone wrong….I’m all alone, and i’m scared.

(two years after Outbreak, current time)
Signs of Life.


This group roleplay is basically something for people to do, weather it is something you really want to put your time into and create a world, or something to keep your motivation up and working, or even something to do while you wait for roleplay replies from your partners. This is to have fun, get creative and push your writing to new heights.

While i am never picky about post length, i do require that you have at least 4 paragraphs per post just so others have something to work with~

You can apply with either a super detailed character sheet or something as simple as looks, name age and personality that is completely up to you i don’t mind either way. Both anime style face claims or real life face claims are welcomed, just remember this is going to be as realistic as can be so no vampires or nekos lol

Depending on how many people join, there may be a posting order to keep things organized, if this is something you would prefer to have let me know your opinion, or even just let me know if you feel this is a good idea or not.

There can and will be mature themes related to this rp, anywhere from some gore to death to the occasional sex scene. I personally don’t care if you write out your sex scene or not, but for arguments sake lets just fade to black then things get to the big bang okay? So steamy makeout scenes, yes. The actual dirty dirty, no.

This is my first time making a group roleplay thing so forgive me if i miss some things or if this isn’t the best thread post ^^; Once there are about 3-4 people having joined, that is when things will begin. This will take place of course in the US, probably in California just for shits and giggles.

Please please please don’t join if you aren’t going to be actively replying, i’m a patient person and know very well that life can get hectic but I also want this to be successful and free to grow. Also, please remember to interact with everyone~

You can have up to 2 characters if that is what you wish to do if you want to have more then please feel free to do so, just so long as it is something you can handle and not get overwhelmed with haha.

Current Characters:

Vivian Braxford
who's craving some sort of spirited away or BNHA rp? THIS GAL YAAAY ppft sorry any who give me partners come to me, commmeeee
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