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Current Making my rounds of replies! Hopefully I’ll get them all finished today but if I happen to miss you just know I’ll be finishing up replies this weekend as well!
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fuck florida and its hot ass weather >.> Fucking hate the heat
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could anyone tell me how to make tabs for an rp thread? Like the CS tab and ic tab?
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Has ANYONE seen Blood+!?
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Replies will be coming out shortly~ if anyone has seen Blood+ and wants to help my unhealthy obsession please feel free to message me and discuss an rp~


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Anastasia looked back at the male in complete awe as he began to move the bed towards the door. Quickly she grabbed the duffle bags to keep them out of the way as Connor began to pile furniture against the door to ensure they would be safe should anyone try to enter the room they were residing in. She couldn’t help but feel a warmth spread over her chest as she watched him.

He was so determined to keep them safe despite having just met only earlier that day. It gave Ana hope that there are still decent people in the world..that is if they manage to survive this mess that has begun to spread nationwide. Her gaze watched him for a moment longer before his voice caused her to blink a few times in confusion. As she looked back at him standing by the bathroom door, a light blush dusted the woman’s cheeks as she gave a quick nod.

“R-Right of course..” She murmured, grabbing one of the duffle bags and making her way over to him and settled the bag on the counter. She gave a few hums before she looked to him then to the toilet, motioning for him to sit down so she could begin assessing his wounds. “With the shock and adrenaline from having gotten in an accident and then playing hunter, i’m sure you didn’t realize the blood was coming from a pretty large gash on your forehead..”

Her voice was scolding and concerned but also gentle and full of warmth as she turned to him, lifting a sanitary napkin, wiping it around the wound and along his face, cleaning the blood from it lightly. “You have a bruise on your right cheekbone as well, we have a few cold compresses that we just need to break to get it to freeze up, you’ll put one on that bruise..” She murmured as she continued to clean his face up.

With a small sigh, she turned back to the bag, grabbing peroxide and a large cotton cause patch. As she soaked the patch, she moved back to stand in front of him with an apologetic smile. “This is probably going to hurt a lot but please bare with me okay? I need to disinfect it before i bandage it up.” She explained lightly before sighing a bit and finally pressing the gauze to the gash on his forehead.
*ahem* looking for more people :)

Anastasia couldn’t help the wave of emotion that was washing over her, she didn’t want to admit that in such a short amount of time she considered the officer a friend already. She sat there for a moment as she listened to him speak, her head shaking slightly as she looked down at her lap, ignoring the tears that now began to fall freely. “No, I know you were just trying to keep us protected, keep us safe and i understand that completely..” She murmured softly, her gaze lifting to look into his eyes for a moment.

“I really hope the rest of the world isn’t like this..” She murmured quietly, her body shifting before suddenly the female threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. Her body had been shaking, too lightly to see, but enough to feel as she held onto him tightly. “Damnit..” She whimpered, clearly cursing herself for being so emotional, for being so scared and worried. She was better than this, she was stronger than this and yet she felt completely confused in these trying times.

For a few moments longer, Anastasia hugged the male and slowly let go of him, her arms falling from his neck as she pulled away, smiling up at him for another moment as she sighed. “No, I’ll sit here too, we can switch off if we need to and plus, we need to think of a plan.” She explained for a moment as she stood, wincing and stumbling to the side, biting her lip in pain. She had completely forgotten the injury she had obtained during the crash, her ankle already appearing to be bruising.

“L-Lets get you cleaned up, you have blood on your face..and i’ll bandage up your cuts, sit down and get comfortable, it’s going to be a long night.” She murmured softly, grabbing the duffle bags and setting them down next to him before going back to the bed, inspecting the pillows closely before bringing them over as well once she was sure they were bug free.
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Ana gave a small nod, prepared to leave with him when he turned around and gave her his pistol, instructing her to go ahead and head out on her own, that he’d catch up with her. A small flutter of panic began to blossom in her stomach, she wanted desperately to tell him no, that she wanted to stay by his side but instead she gave a small nod, grabbing the pistol and turned away, making her way to the motel. Ana grimaced most of the time due to her ankle throbbing in protest to every step she took but she couldn’t risk stopping and tending to it, she could do that once they were both safe in one of the hotel rooms.

As she rushed into the main office, she walked inside to see that the place was practically abandoned. Quickly, the female went behind the counter, looking around for a few moments before she grabbed hold of a room key, taking the rest of the same room key to ensure no one would be able to just grab another one and enter the room they were going to hunker down in. She then glanced over to the vending machine that had been smashed in. With pursed lips, she quickly shuffled over taking whatever snacks and drinks remained and put them in the duffle bags, something she figured they would need.

Finally Anastasia made it to the room in question, right in the front and one of the first ones. She used the keys and opened it up, placing the things inside as she set everything down on the ground. Once she had everything put down and gun gripped firmly in her hand, she went back to the door and opened it to stand there and look for Connor. With a nervous frown, Ana looked around the area, grateful she didn’t really see anyone dead or alive, figuring this particular area must have already been abandoned with hopes to evacuate.

As soon as she caught sight of the male, she lifted her arms waving him over to come to where she was. With sharp eyes, the female continued to look around to make sure there was no one else coming that could potentially harm him or her. As soon as he got into the room she closed the door quickly, locking the doors. Her breath was coming out raggedly as she slid down to her butt against the door, tears threatening to blur her vision. “New rule, we don’t leave each others side, ever.” She whimpered out sternly though her eyes were filled with relief, clearly happy he was unharmed.

Anastasia let out a panicked whimper before the male had reached over her and unbuckled the seatbelt, freeing her. She gave a small nod as he left the car, her attention focusing on the duffle bags she had, quickly reaching to grab them, a sigh of relief leaving her mouth once she found they were seemingly unharmed with nothing broken inside. Shaking her head a bit, Ana shifted and made sure to put them close to her so she would be able to easily get them as soon as she got out of the car.

Ana shifted, her hand reaching for the handle on the car door only to find the thing wouldn’t budge, she blinked in slight panic as Connor came to try and open the door as well but it wouldn’t open. Shaking her head, Ana shifted, banging on the window for a moment once Conner was out of sight. Did he leave her behind? What would she do if he did, but her attention redirected towards the driver side as the door flung open revealing Connor.

His words were calm but full of urgency as he spoke, she knew this was a risk he was taking by trying to save her, she knew he could have easily just left her behind as a lost cause but he didn’t, he was trying to save her. Nodding her head, the female looked to his hand before taking it firmly in her own hands, closing her eyes for a moment as he pulled her out, a loud gasp ripped from her mouth as she arched her back in pain.

Once she was pulled from the car, she quickly grabbed the duffle bags, only taking a moment to glance at her leg. She had hit her ankle pretty bad, probably managed to sprain it but nothing too serious. Looking around Ana had noticed a motel not far from where they currently were. Gently she nudged him and pointed to the motel. “There, we can hide out in one of the rooms until we can think of another plan.” She explained swiftly as she looked around awkwardly for a moment, her eyes landing on the small group of undead heading their way.

Anastasia let out a shaky sigh as she managed to regain her composure, her eyes stinging from the remaining tears that were desperately trying to spill over. Thankfully, Connor’s reply had given her a good distraction from the pain that had its icy grip on her. She looked to him as he spoke, the way he cleared his throat and how he gripped the steering wheel so tightly was plenty to show that he was truly grieving for his fallen comrade. With a small frown, Ana gently placed her hand on his shoulder, lightly rubbing it with her thumb for a moment as she waited for him to calm down and relax his rigid body. “I’m sorry, I know you must have wanted to go back try to find him, at least to keep him from walking around aimlessly like these creatures..” She looked away for a moment, sighing gently.

“Thank you Sergeant Sullivan, honestly if it weren’t for you i’m sure i’d be dead right about now...or well undead i suppose.” She smiled a bit goofily as she glanced back to him but it soon faltered as they came to a halt. She blinked in confusion looking over to the barricade before a frown set on her lips. “Are they trying to keep from the infected making it out of the city..or are they trying to keep us in?” She muttered darkly before giving a nod to Connor and gripping tight to her seatbelt as he reverse, swerving the car back around. Letting out a small sigh of relief, Anastasia looked down at her lap for a second before it all went to shit.

The crash was deafening, the pain even worse. One moment they were turning into another street and the next, something slammed into them. A scream bubbled from Anastasia’s lips as she was thrown about much like Connor, her thin frame not faring well against the impact. Darkness threatened to take over her mind, everything was fuzzy but the smell of smoke was strong in her nose. Ana sat there awkwardly, her body slouched to the side as small shards of broken glass stayed jammed firmly in her left arm. A low groan came from her lips as she tried to get her bearings, her gaze slowly drifted towards Connor who had blood pouring down his face. Shifting slightly, she winced as she fumbled to get the seatbelt off. “W-What the fuck just happened?”
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