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I assume characters are to be more beginner adventurer then distinguished explorer and hero? Would I be allowed to be a healer of sorts? I'd love to join, and play a Druid or I guess a strict healer if need be, whom is just learning the ways.
As the title states, I am looking for a roleplay with a male( I'm female ), where we can roleplay as a couple, or as friends who eventually become a couple.

I'd really prefer 18+, due to drugs, etc. Also would prefer a male.

A few different ideas:
*Good girl turned Stripper who meets a bad boy, probably deal with drug abuse, partying, abuse, crazy love, robbing places..
*A couple(or friends) who escape from a dying oppressive space colony, only to have to fend and survive the vast universe together in a shuttlecraft, dealing with things such as attacks, search for resources..
*Medieval Fantasy times, where one or both is called to a quest in search of something grand, and must embark on a long journey to search of such.
*Zombie Apocalypse, walking dead style, could start in an apartment complex or something, but slowly have to transverse the world..

I'm open to suggestions and willing to expand on an idea or start a new one?
Name: Viktoria Cardoza
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Very pale white skin, with smooth olive undertones that give off a yellowish glow. Her hair is long, raven black smooth locks that wave ever slightly, even more when it rains or is rather humid. She stands at around 5'7, and has a thin frame at around 120lbs. Her body has smooth curves, very slight, that round her off enough to look like a woman, not a child. Her eyes are large, doe shaped with brown and gold intertwined to glow yellow,especially when she is fiercely studying something that captures her interest.
Personality: Quiet, calm and collected on the exterior, but a war of fire and ice on the side, that sometimes crawls through to the surface. She is smart, but new to the world, and often drawn to the alures of the shiny world.
Background: Graduated occupational studies with exceptional marks in humanoid anatomy and psychology, she loves studying people and learning from their quirks and faults. She had a long time sweetheart, whom sadly passed away when synths attacked openly in the streets one frightful night.
Other: To be added?
I am so interested in this! Read over your first post in the old thread and a few other posts. Are you still going to do similar postions? I'd love to fill the role of princess or like a hand maiden.
I'd like to join! :3 We can have jobs in the town and such right?
@Bornlucky I was thinking of things such as Cloth and Leather working, Potions and Herbalism. Skills that would be useful at the time, and would helpful down the road on an adventure.
Also what kind of skills would be as civilians be able to possess? I haven't had the pleasure of being in any of your previous RPs, but what are your stances on interesting and different types of weapons/tools? Nothing crazy or overpowered, maybe even underpowered, but unique?
Extremely interested! How many are you looking for?
I'm hoping to get this real life, family drama going!

The very basic story so far: (All subject to change, and workable to players ideas.)

After witnesses the death of a close work associate, FATHER and his family, MOTHER and Daughter(Me.) are placed in Witness Protection. Moving to a new small town has been hard to adjust to, especially when a FAMILY FRIEND mysteriously moves into town. What are their intentions, and will the marriage of FATHER and MOTHER be able to withstand the pressures of their new life.

Positions who need to be filled are in Italics.

I'm looking for dedicated players who want to develop a long term roleplay. Hoping for at least three people, willing to take in one or two more who could fill the role of a love interest for my character or other various towns people.
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