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Zeke rubbed his face in annoyance. He didn't want to be here, but the librarian he worked for insisted. Something about finding new pieces for the library, whether it be an ancient book to add to the collection or an interesting relic to put on display. He never really cared much for archaeology and old things, and even less for crowds, so it was safe to assume that the man was rather not at home.

He drew his blue cloak closer around his body. It might have looked suspicious, the day being bright and warm and him wearing a heavy robe that could concealing any number of dangerous weapons, but the fact was that Zeke was unarmed and defenseless, quite unlike many of the travellers he saw in the streets.

One such group of obvious foreigners was making a scene. Zeke, small as he was, became trapped in the thickening crowd, people all gathering to see what were the goings-on, as apparently there were several. An interesting-looking man had just been challenged to a fight by a soup-bearing fire humanoid, and two rather young-seeming people put themselves right in the way of it. Comparatively, they were both quite out of place and created a strangely amusing image.

But strangest of all was the androgynous person standing somewhat to the side of it, holding their own dismembered hand. How ever did that one happen? His assignment forgotten long ago, Zeke slid his way over to Kaite. "Pardon, but are you needing of assistance?" he tentatively made a friendly gesture.

Hey! Can I join this party?
it was a joke, I got rid of it though
hrng i drew him at like 2am this morning

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