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The Backroom at Carlo Brizzi's House of Sin

When he saw the portly man signal to him he smirked, knowing that his brash monologue succeeded. Then in his confidence and pride, the aura of the dragon's heart emanated from his soul, so he followed the man into the back room. When he entered the man introduced himself as Carlo Brizzi and presented the other members of the team which he will be joining. The Heretic gazed at each of them intently, almost as if he was peering into their souls, appraising their worth. His focus was so great that he didn't even notice the bag of money being thrown at him, until he heard its metallic contents rustle, which is when his eyes locked with the bag and with seemingly inhuman speed his arm snapped into form, clamping down on the bag full of precious coin. He then heard the fat man speak "so, are you in or out?".

The Heretic's Plight

The boy retorted "Of course I'm in.. How could I pass such an... interesting opportunity." chuckling a bit near the end. Still standing he thought for a moment and then began to speak "Sorry to ask.. but I do need a favor after this deed is finished..." he raised his left hand, and fingers agape, he pointed to a ring on his index finger. "This is a ring of perfected electrum, which was formerly enchanted. Now it is cracked and unusable... Worse yet due to my standing as "heretic" I can not go to the normal places of business to have my ring refurbished. For they will either turn me down or attempt to swindle me. So at my humble request..." he paused for a second, bowing, arcing his left arm to the side and putting his right hand on his chest, pausing for a second "please guide me to an individual who can help me with my... inconvenient... situation, and I of course apologize for my earlier... outburst... " as he spoke he slowly raised his head, eventually making eye contact with the crime boss. With that he sat down, taking up cutlery and voraciously sinking his fangs into some of the accommodations that were prepared. Before his new boss could respond, however, he said, in a lighthearted tone, slightly muffled from the food he was devouring, "What's the plan then?".

Atop a church tower, deep within the slums of Venedig

The boy groaned a little as he opened his eyes, a bump having emerged from his head. "do not worry mortal, you were not robbed, it was merely your ailment that took hold" an ancient baritone boomed from his sternum. "How long was I out for... and the thief? Any news of him?" he replied in a casual tone, his soul reanimating after his unplanned slumber. "Oh.. The Rat? yes.. I spoke with him not long ago. He claimed his haul was mere silver, for other ..rats had the same idea... However he also spoke of a rumor, that if true would be most.. entertaining" the baritone was calm, slow and wise in his manner of speaking, though when he uttered the word rat, for a moment his tone picked up with aggression and contempt. "Oh really?" the heretic grinned, the voice's statement having grabbed his attention, he paused for a moment "come on big guy, what's this rumor then?" he spoke mockingly. The deep baritone let loose a jolly chuckle "ragh agh agh.. I see that your interest has been piqued.. Boy. Very well. I shall tell you of this... rumor. In a place where people choose to kill their own minds, bodies and souls, some wretched den owned by a particularly disgusting worm, there is a plot to rob this city's bank of its gold, taking advantage of today's disgustingly... Mortal.. Occasion." the heretic did not answer immediately, and the voice waited eagerly for his response. The boy stopped grinning and spoke softly "Friend, such hubris does this Reich have.. That they would put their own kin in chatel. Don't they know how quickly the world can be turned on its head? When the master becomes the slave and the slave becomes the master?" he paused for a moment "perhaps not..
or they just don't care. I know that seeing such Hubris fell would be as best put by you.."
he deepened his voice and grinned"Entertaining.". Again he paused "We should be quick then" with that he jumped from the tower, and across the flat roofs of the dilapidated tenement halls of the slums to the Den of Thieves which is a mere few blocks away.

running across rooftops

As the heretic's stride crashed on each roof he continued "Hey friend, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't refer to that kid as a rat by the way, sure there are plenty of rats and worms alike sulking about in this shit hole, but that kid isn't one of them." the voice replied "very well... I gave you the authority to judge, so I shall trust in your judgement. Also do not forget, that you are being hunted, and the longer it takes for you to finish this task, the greater the chance of your capture" Heretic grimaced. "I can't say that I believe everything that you've told me so far, but to be honest you haven't proven yourself to be wrong yet, but I cant see a lot of what you're saying being true, for example, although a lot of my equipment seems to be valuable, I can't see myself as being a" the voice cut into him "do not fret, boy, for you were not born into that family" the boy smiled a bit "yeah, and hopefully when if that rumor proves to be true, I'll be able to afford putting this electrum to use" his face straightened. He sped up until planting both of his feet on a rooftop, contracting, like springsteel he compacted his muscles, then flexed. His leap was mighty and his landing heavy. He skid across the roof adjacent the building he just launched off. "Looks like we're here" he told his friend as he came to a standstill atop the roof of the most infamous opium den and whore house in the slums.

outside the den of thieves

He stood atop the building and paused for a second, closing his eyes, calming his nerves. The voice waited with anticipation, to see how he'll be entertained next. Heretic opened his eyes and took a deep breath, jumping off the building landing on his feet, compressing his legs to break his fall, he groaned, regretting his decision, whereas the voice chuckled mockingly. He stood himself up, bones creaking, and the people on the street fell silent, gawking at this eccentric display. "Wait a minute, isn't that the heretic?" said one of the towns folk, "black robes, black grimoire, yeah I think he is" "what a fool, why was he up there? does he know who knows that building" some gossiped in this manner. Though many left when he was identified, not wanting to associate with a man in his standing. Some stared at him, frozen with fear, or burning with hatred, others smirked inquisitively. The Heretic pursed his lips and smiled uncomfortably, he stretched the joints on his legs before arching his back and stretching his arms in the air. When he was done, he swore under his breath "I need some fucking milk". he spun on one heel and walked into the building, those who were still in the crowd watching the young foreigner left.

inside the den of thieves

From the first step inside, he found it to be the most disgusting scene of debauchery which he had ever witnessed, even if he had retained his memories. many simply sat where they were eyes widened like saucers devoid of anything, unaware of anything, slowly wasting away due to their dependence. Others were dancing about, uncoordinated and sloppy, filling the venue with a disturbing crazed laughter, some were even selling their bodies in the open, and performing vile acts for all to see. The boy recoiled at the stench of sin and the voice snapped "disgusting worms" snarling in a deeper tone than usual. "Did you say something?" a large man said in a threatening tone. The boy replied "no" and the large man stared at him for a second before walking away. "Calm yourself friend, I don't need to be in any more trouble than I'm already in" said the heretic, his friend replying "very well, then I shall observe." "thank you" the heretic finished. He took a deep breath and with the strongest voice he could muster he boomed "ATTENTION MORONS!! ANYONE WITH INFORMATION REGARDING THE RAID ON THE CENTRAL BANK WHICH HAS BEEN PLANNED FOR TODAY PLEASE STEP FORWARD!! FOR I AM THE SO CALLED "HERETIC" WHOM THIS CITY HAS FORSAKEN, AND TO THOSE WHO WOULD RAID ITS COFFERS I CAN LEND YOU MY STRENGTH!! in exchange for some of the spoils of course, for I am low on coin. IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION SPEAK UP QUICKLY!! DO NOT ALLOW ME TO MISS THE FUN!!". The voice burst into laughter, the room however, fell silent.
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Silence is painful for him – so he woke up. His baggy and bloodshot eyes dart around his mess of a room searching for his alarm clock. Forcing himself out of bed and trudging to the other side of his room, almost tripping in the process. He moved a pile of clothes from where his alarm usually stood. Taking a second to focus his eyes and seeing in an irritatingly dim and red digital font 12:18 PM. He could tell it was daytime by the sunbeams pierced through his window’s blinds. The rays of light annoying him further, “well shit”, is the only phrase that he could think of saying and find appropriate to his situation. Thinking about when his school will kick him out as he walked to the bathroom, undressing himself and hopping into the shower. Cleaning himself up and brushing his teeth, getting dressed, grabbing his pack, skipping breakfast. Then running down the many flights of stairs to the ground floor of his apartment building and into the streets of Manhattan.

He wore a solid black long sleeve shirt and jeans with brown leather work boots. He also sported an olive drab knapsack which he used to hold his personal belongings. He had school on this day, but at this point he didn’t see any reason to go. He wandered about the busy Manhattan streets occasionally stopping to engage in conversation with those that struck him as interesting or much less frequently, to rest, because of his chronic headaches. They were very painful, like the crackling of flames or the screams of the innocent, or the scraping of metal against metal, just louder and more piercing. The painful ringing emanated all throughout his skull and down his spine. When they came, he had to lay back and if he needed to move, he would need help doing so.
He wandered the streets for hours, doing this, making small talk with odd characters, trying to fish for information about the occult. It was to no avail. Most simply thought that he was insane, or weird at best.

His phone started vibrating, it’s a text from his sister, “you really skipped school again? Mom and Dad are going to kill you…” James sighed, rolling his eyes and jamming the phone back into his pocket, continuing his stroll, and day transitioned into the evening. He continued wandering for some time, finding himself in a part of Manhattan with a high concentration of bars and nightclubs. The night just starting, many young people from many walks of life came here to let loose and have some fun. In a way James was there to do the same. Heck, he even saw a few girls from his grade try to get into one of the nightclubs with fake IDs. James isn’t there to get drunk and party however. He is there to observe the drunken shenanigans that would eventually unfold. Surely enough at about One-Thirty AM, he saw numerous groups of drunken friends leaving various nightclubs and prowling the streets making a ruckus. “This is where the fun begins.” He smirked. Before his very eyes, witnessing the droves of impaired humans exiting the drinking establishments. It isn’t soon, one of them decides to pick a fight with another for some petty reason or another. James being the bastard that he is, decides that pushing one drunk belligerent into another is a good idea. After a brief argument the two are locked in combat and soon the others in their groups joined. James was watching from afar, having retreated, reveling at what unfolded before him. Unfortunately he got too close. A rather large, intoxicated gentleman attempted to sucker punch him. James however had been caught off guard more than once on his nocturnal escapades, dodging the strike. Planting his feet into the ground he twisted his hips to face the man, carrying his fist into his opponent’s gut. The large man staggered backwards, winded, tripping over the curb and falling over. James continued to laugh.

The portly man’s defeat, unfortunately for James, attracted the attention of the rest of the mob. Knowing that it was too much for him to handle, he ran, sprinting down the street soon escaping the approaching mob. He arrived at narrower, darker residential streets where he took shelter in an alley-way. Unbeknownst to him, he was being observed during his little fun. A lithe, feminine hand stroked his face, and from the shadows right before him emerged one of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen. “Hey there, little mischief maker” she purred, smiling at him. Her facial features were perfect, her skin, supple and fair. Her maroon hair cascaded down her back and her dark, chestnut eyes, locked with his. He was taken aback and she had him. A grin appearing on his face, he somehow managed to squeeze “h-hello there” out of his throat. They said nothing afterwards only looking into each other’s eyes for what seems like an eternity, their faces slowly inching towards each other. Their lips pressed together and the two engaged in a passionate kiss. As their embrace drew out James became completely absent minded. He was completely bewitched by her. This is unusual for James – he tends to be very skeptical of these sorts of things, and rightfully so. Before he knew it, his body became paralyzed by fear, two fangs entered his carotid artery. He tried to scream, but he couldn’t. He could feel it, his life-force draining. His breathing grew faster, and the Vampire’s seductive eyes turned predatory, and blood red. Though it felt like hours to James it lasted mere moments. The vampire within seconds pushed away, stumbled backwards and cupping her hands over her mouth, gagging and coughing, as if she had just eaten something rotten. Her eyes widened with fear she took a deep, terrified breath, realizing what she had just drank from. She sprinted away, and she ran as fast as a car on the freeway. For James after that, was darkness.

He opened his eyes hours later. Staring at the brackish blue early morning city sky. He was standing in the middle of Times Square at five AM again. He didn’t remember how he got there, but thought about what had happened – or at least what he thought had happened, narcolepsy, sleepwalking it must have been one or both of those. Hallucinations. He quickly reached for his neck feeling no wound, backing up his hypothesis. He was starting to believe that he was losing his mind, staying up at night and sleeping in the day, skipping and flunking school, avoiding his family, getting into fights, learning about dark subjects, hacking, stealing, breaking and entering, more fighting, viscerally violent thoughts and anger. His hate came from nowhere, and he was good at controlling it, but it built up and sometimes he just has to let it out. Suddenly he thought about how he felt about his life, how he feels that it isn’t real and that he isn’t real. On the surface he thinks that he’s destroying his life but deep down he feels as if that the life that he lives is being borrowed, and isn’t his own. With that, tears welled up, then dripped. He didn’t really cry though, he seldom did, but he did scream. Clenching his fists for ten, twenty, thirty seconds then a minute. When he was finished his voice was coarse and hands were shaking. He had an angry look in his eye. He clenched his teeth and said to himself “I need some fucking sleep”. With that he spun around and began to walk towards his family’s apartment feeling thoroughly confused.

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