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Current Hey guys, Moth here! In order to keep free to use for everyone, I have been making some extra scratch by renting out the Tabletop RPG section to a Chinese furniture wholesaler. 谢谢!
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Hey guys, Moth here! As part of ongoing site updates, I have managed to access using only my mind! I am typing this status through the ether! Thanks!
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Hey guys, Moth here! All posts will be fumigated tomorrow between 1-3 PM EST due to recent pest complaints. Please direct all posts during this period to the status bar. Thanks!
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Hey guys, Moth here! As part of ongoing updates, all private messages have been uploaded to a publicly available database. There's some juicy stuff here!
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Hey guys, Moth here! Did you know that you and I are always together? The space between us is an illusion no greater than dancing shadows on a wall! You are never alone on!


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HEIGHT: Variable
WEIGHT: Weightless

Simply put; Thlllth are strange, ghostlike beings intrinsically tied to magic. There is maddeningly little known about the Thlllth, with the common thread between any record or zoological treatise that mentions them being that we simply know almost nothing about them. They do not fall into any of the three states of matter, and induce a pins-and-needles sensation when they are touched; They are not any one color, and are really only visibly "colored" by way of analogy. While they are humanlike, they are constantly shifting in appearance like rippling water or light. Looking at a Thlllth is like looking at an optical illusion -- the longer you strain your eyes to look at it, the less it looks like the thing you started looking at.

Thlllth are not capable of speech, or do not speak, but instead emit sounds they have heard. They interact minimally with the physical world around them, floating over or through physical objects. They do not eat or sleep, and how they are created or born is not known, though those who have managed to capture a Thlllth all report that they disintegrate within a year.
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In the beginning, there was Terra. Certainly, its inhabitants may have called it something else; perhaps their word for "Blue" after the sky, or perhaps their word for "home", or simply "place". All the same, just as it is now, there was Terra. According to its wisest scholars and historians, Terra has seen three ages, each divided by Terra's slumbering for a hundred-hundred years. Though our oldest history is lost to time, modern advancements made in the field of archaeology tell us much about Terra's past cycles -- Denizens of the first age were each extraordinary builders and architects, constructing great stone homes and fortresses, while their descendants of the second age were skilled scientists who engineered the ancestors of today's races. The races of the Third Age.

Ours has been an age of peace. There are Kings, but not so many that they have yet fought over lands. There are warriors, but no armies yet to join. There are demons, but none so foolhardy to wake them. Terra, for all its forgotten ruins and ancient mystics, is a relatively new world. The radiation of yesteryear has long since settled to the dark corners of the world, and life has flourished in its absence. Pockets of civilization exist, but they are few, far-between, and rightly fearful of the world outside their high walls. Terra is a land where ancient horrors dwell in the glowing seas, where fearsome giants pillage small villages with impunity, and where the weak are picked off by harpies if they cannot protect themselves with a sufficient fort, sword, or spell.

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