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1 mo ago
Hey guys, Moth here! The site maintenance is nothing to worry about. I can guarantee it will not go anything like the last maintenance day, as this maintenance will require ZERO pesticides. Keep calm!
3 mos ago
Hey guys, Moss here. Please do not own snakes as pets. If you are aware of someone on who owns a pet snake, please report them at…. Thank you!
3 mos ago
Hey guys, Moss here. Quick reminder -- Turtle gang always wins! 🐢
3 mos ago
Hey guys, Moss here. You asked, and we listened! A new forum has been added to the site. Going forward, please post all Cyberpunk Military RPs at Thanks!
3 mos ago
Hey guys, Moss here! Please do not use the status bar at any time.


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@Starboard Watch Can't say I have. Crimson King felt too Prog-Rock/Dark Tower and Red King was a big lizard that fought Godzilla. Vermillion King would have made the cut if the word "vermillion" didn't stick out in the setting like a sore thumb.

Anyway, googer seems to have eaten a ban. Knowing our benevolent mod team only uses bans as a last resort, I am sure he was both targeting users for harassment, posting pornographic material, and inciting hate speech. Good thing has plenty of original, thought-provoking roleplays to pick from!
Good stuff! I'm interested, but requesting additional flavor images/videos/music for maximum erectile longevity. All of the Antediluvian media I'm coming up with is schizophrenic postulation about aryan atlantean superscience.

EDIT: How do you feel about aryan atlantean superscience?
I am requesting my name be changed from Moss to Nahz. My previous request seems to have been erroneously deleted.
pls recommend the most experimental/avant garde/free jazz tracks you would earnestly recommend
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