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Current point me towards mechanically-intensive/competitive games to learn, i need something new
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idiot gang rise up
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ad carry fiddlesticks
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oh mb i haven't checked rpg in a while

the discord link i got was expired, could i get another one?

edit: also i remember Ambra saying there were two champions who were unavailable. who were they?
are all characters available?

interactions: @SamaraJayne96

Emily woke up to the sound of birds chirping. She tried to see if it was a species she recognized, but it was much too early for actual thinking. Emily looked outside and saw that it was 11:00 A.M. A frown fell across her face; she preferred to wake up and see the sun rise. Thankfully she had the day off. Although she could've taken all the time in the world to get out of bed, she thought that it'd be best to get her day started as early as possible.

When Emily had finished her shower, she wondered what she would do today. Without having work, it was difficult for her to plan anything. Her job was fairly enjoyable for her. While she would make people's orders, she would always get to talk to them. The chance to chat with random people about anything turned her job from one that would simply be bearable to one that was actually fun for her. On top of that, her coworkers were pleasant to be around. She would always go to work first and then do whatever came to mind once she got off, so her days off started to become much more confusing and less eventful than days she had work. However strange it may be to other people, Emily silently wished she worked a shift today.

Emily quickly found out that Ann was gone. Emily had to work her brain to remember, but she did end up remembering that Ann had a flight to catch today. For the next few weeks, Emily would be living alone. Another thing to make her days uneventful. She wondered if she'd even come to her apartment during those weeks. She used to always be at someone else's house, but all of those friends ended up moving out for college right after high school. Emily didn't want to come home just to be bored for hours until she slept.

'Whatever,' Emily thought. She'd figure all the details out later. For now, she ought to get out of the house. When she walked to her closet, she saw a note written in Ann's handwriting that read:

"i couldn't wake you up, so here.
there's a town meeting cause of some girl. i'm not going, so you have to show up for me. have fun finding out if you're late or not!
(p.s. i hope u are)"

"Cool, I guess." It didn't take much thought for Emily to realize that 'some girl' was probably Lily Turner, the mayor's daughter. Emily yawned and stretched before opening up her closet door. She picked out the first three things she saw. A white hoodie, jeans, and some sneakers. She didn't really see how they looked, but that didn't matter to her. It might've been in her best interest to dress better, but she figured most of the town's residents wouldn't have done so. A quick clock-check told Emily that it was 11:45. The light shining into her room from her window told her that it was definitely A.M..

With no car (or bike, scooter, skateboard, you get the gist.), Emily walked everywhere she went. On any other day she probably would've spoken to somebody by now, or someone would've said hello to her. The somber atmosphere of the town gave her the reason why neither had happened yet. The streets seemed a lot less busy than before, and any talking that she heard people do was quiet. It seemed like Emily was the only person who wasn't in a bad mood. Emily was an Adult Link in Castle Town. Hopefully the disappearance of Lily Turner wasn't a sign of things to come. She enjoyed the city much more when it was lively, even though it could get a bit loud. It was part of the reason why she liked the recent developments being done in the city. Putting these thoughts aside, she decided it'd be the best idea for her to make her way to the community center first.

A sigh escaped Emily's lips before she entered the community center. The groups of people talking was a drastic change from the mood of the town on her walk here. She recognized at least one person from every group. While she could've easily joined any of them, she decided not to. Her goal for today would be to meet at least... what number would be good? Two? Three? Four? Five. She would meet at least five new people. That goal could've been met immediately, but Emily wanted to talk to someone that was alone. She knew that not everyone was as outgoing as her, so some people might not have met anybody at all yet.

Thankfully for her, a girl with long, blonde hair was standing on the back wall. Emily made her way through the crowd, giving people an off-hand 'sorry' if she bumped into them. When Emily finally made her way to the girl, Emily was close enough to realize that she recognized her from somewhere. She looked awfully similar to the gardener from Canis Major. Emily decided to forget about it for now. She would probably find out if she was right eventually. Right now, she'd have to start a conversation.

"Hello!" Emily said, waving.

approved via pm

i already got my char approved in pms but im just posting in ooc so people knoiw im joining. hi
randomly logged in to a nice surprise. how will exploring in this rp go?
This seems pretty interesting. Consider me hooked

^ if this rp ever takes off, i loved the world of this game
There was once a place known for its overbearing trees and always-active insects and rivers polluting the ears. It was said that none were allowed to step around the edges, but stepping into it would make the earth recoil, bending the ground separating you from the rest of the forest backwards. The wind would serve as a warning to turn back, with the bitter smells of plants and the stuffy, warm air pushing whoever dared to enter it away. The trees themselves would grow larger, the canopy blocking the sun and shrouding you in complete darkness. Within it, the sounds of the rainforest would begin to ebb. Lively birds and monkeys fell silent; all that would be left were the footsteps and growl of the animals walking their rightful hunting ground.

Although her decision making was questionable, a single woman did not let the forest’s attempt to fear them succeed. She continued walking across the shaky ground that was covered in predators’ footsteps. She began to hear the footsteps of the aforementioned predators, quickly scanning her surroundings for the animal. She managed to force down the growing lump in her throat and slowly walked further, making sure her step was as light possible. To be heard by anything here would spell death. One, two, three, four, she said in her head, counting her steps to clear her mind. It was on the fourth step that she heard a bush rustle to her left. Turning to face it, she unsheathed a sword to block whatever jumped out of it and...


“Stupid game,” Hana mumbled. She patiently waited for the ‘YOU DIED’ text to stop rubbing her failures in her face before her attention was brought to her door. Someone was knocking on it? Who could it have been? She didn’t expect anyone she knew to be at her door, so it was probably one of Angel’s friends. She lifted her head from her desk and pushed herself off from it, launching her backwards in her rolling chair. Getting up from her chair was a daunting task, one that was absolutely not contributing to her comfort, but she did it nonetheless. She opened the door.

“Alec!” To both her surprise and excitement, her friend was sleeping by her door. She quickly covered her mouth and quietly said, “Sorry,” before getting a closer look at him. Hana hadn’t seen Alec in a while, but he looked... off. He usually looked angry when he slept, but this time he didn’t. She would carry him into her room, but she wasn’t the strongest, so she decided to wake him up instead. “Wake up, Ally,” she said, taking one of the few chances she would get to call him a slightly-embarrassing nickname while also nudging him.

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