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Captain Threa report of the Sol system

Upon arrival to the Sol system a greeting was transmitted in the clear and should have been available to any ships listening. However shortly after our arrival communication traffic sharply increased, though with many different encryption schemas. We believe that this is a result of multiple separate nations reacting to some event. Initially it seemed as though our arrival was the cause, however as no ships attempted communication or challenged our presence it seems that this is not the case.

Speculation among the crew is that some diplomatic exchange happened that coincided with our arrival that has consumed the attention span of the resources in system. We will investigate further and try to get a general view of the political situation. Thus far we have identified the presence of likely 5 nations perhaps more, though we have limited data currently.

Preliminary survey of Earth and local space, Earth is a dead world as far as we can tell. Without an extensive survey the exact state is unknown but by our readings it is lifeless. In local orbit are several stations, we will attempt to close and dock with one of these stations. If challenged or threatened we will retreat and try our luck at another. We may have luck once we arrive on station.

48hours later - The Meeting Place neutral station

"Unknown Station, this is the New Horizons explorer, requesting permission to dock" The ship transmitted loudly and in the clear, in every manner the crew could devise. The explorer sat safely beyond the ranged of normal docking and navigational traffic with each of its laser cannons pointed away from the station to appear non-threatening as possible.
Theta Leonis - Well of hope - Senate floor

"We must explore our ancestral home, it is the most reasonable place to start." stated Jakus Hal, Senator of Hab-London. "Not only to see the fate of old Earth but it would be the only common ground any other surviving civilizations have. It-"

"Assuming there are other civilizations" said Irra Tosk CEO and Senator of the Fusion Core shipyards glumly

"Of course there are others!" shouted Derus Noi Senator of Hab-Moscow "We survived and thrived with nothing but a useless dead world to colonize, it is preposterous to assume none others did."

"If nothing else, we must send ships to explore these new systems to assess any opportunities and dangers, Perhaps there are hostile aliens with access to a gate, or an empty system with a neutron star to study." Interjects Senator Fabion Oris of the Outward Bound research group

Talks continued for months on what actions the senate should take, or if the senate should take action. As the Senate slowly ground on many Habitats began making deals, alliances, and partnerships to refit a ship as a dedicated explorer. It was equipped with the best sensors, computers and defensive abilities that could modified quickly. Before the Senate had reached any form of conclusion. However it was beginning to look like the Senate might come to the conclusion to help fund exploration efforts sometime in the distant future, long after research vessels had already left the system.

5 months later - New Horizons Explorer ship - Gateway

Approaching Gateway - Unknown danger - Please Alter Course

Captain Threa waved a dismissive hand at the computer screen "Dismiss" she said flatly, awaiting the next automated challenge. Her ship, a modified Asteroid surveyor, is a small and light craft compared to the hulking bulk transporters or mobile factories that crawl around the system with very few crew. Several scientists, handful of engineers and a pair of Envoys recruited by the sponsors of the explorer who largely waited out the Weeks long journey to the gateway.

State Intention and Habitat of Origin

Captain Threa sighed "transit through the Gateway, Habitat is the Outward Bound Research site Delta." Her ship was still days away from the gate and the interface for the gateway her ship was equipped with was a copy of the ancient relic from the original colony ship which was still docked at Hab-Delphi as a museum piece. Nobody was entirely sure it would activate the Gateway if they where honest. Even as she considered the possibility of the system not functioning it started communicating with the gate, lists of destinations populated. The captain selected Sol and would be taken to the cradle of humanity.

As the ship arrived in Sol several signals where detected from ships and stations in the system. The scientists where discussing the data from their sensors animatedly but Erin Penn spoke up "well, It seems the Jakus was right, the Sol system seems inhabited." The captain fired the heavy ion drives and broadcast a signal.

"This is Captain Threa of the New Horizons Explorer, We bring welcome from the Theta-Leonis system" She said while the crew waited excitedly for the first contact with their long lost cousins.
hmmm, im not a huge fan of rolling for things on the guild, but thats just me. I prefer a more narrative focus. It would be frustrating to come up with a clever solution to an SCP only to roll a critical fail on dealing with the SCP and a critical fail on how much 'heat' i would get. It happens sometimes I suppose but could wreck any overarching story I think up.

I suppose I would do something like this:

GM introduces SCP-whichever though news, police, or whatever report.
Player(s) works the problem
GM decides based on player actions the repercussions (assuming its written well with the expected problems of dealing with SCPs)
Player(s) Manages fallout
Repeat step 2-4 as needed

This is just my first thought on how to manage it. probably isnt perfect.

i do like the writing of containment procedures though, that could get interesting.

ok, just trying to get my bearings on what kind of technology is reasonable. I have a fondness for realistic scifi but still love me some space magic too. I wont start the debate on what is realistic.

for me, at least to start ill probably stick with pretty realistic tech, like ion Drives, fusion power, automation etc. Things like hover tech and hard light ill probably buy, trade, or steal. The cool factor im planning on is more of a scale thing O'neill cylinders are big lol.

sorry double post..
Awesome while Im thinking about it, technology, I haven't read everything but it's all reasonably plausible technology yes? No energy shields, FTL flight or communication (ignoring the gateways) or infinite energy schemes etc
So I was looking about some, looks like an interesting game if there is room?

If so I'll start work on a proper CS, only question is a space based civ ok? Such as orbital or asteroid habits rather than a planetary based civilization
This looks really interesting, not 100% sure how ill make it work but love the idea
Grave Lord Mortan

In a long-forgotten ruin the Grave lord sat upon a simple throne of stone, staring at the night sky through the broken roof with pinpoints of light emanating from his empty sockets. Ancient cobwebs cover his desiccated body, decades of neglect leaving armor pitted and flaking. The cloth of his robes crumbling to dust. Empty sockets of his skull fixed on the sky, the only changing scenery in the hall. Death of the Holy Empire granted the Grave Lord respite from their priests and paladin-knights. Allowing the servant of the Black God to await the beginning of his master’s dying curse.

The Grave Lord did not sleep however, he sat contemplating the dark rituals and runic sigils that gave him power over the dead. Recombining them in his mind to make more powerful and profane magics. Three hundred years after the fall of that holy kingdom the Grave Lord still hid from the world. Something new crossed the heavens before Mortan, it took several days before he became aware of what was before him. A crimson streak of light. As the Grave Lord focused on the comet. The splash of color he noted was in the constellation of the earth mother, a grim omen indeed.

As the gravity of the omen was realized Mortan’s eyes began to glow with brighter eldritch light as his awareness was dragged to the fore leaving the tangled ritual formulae he had been considering forgotten. “The blood star” Mortan spoke into the silence of the ruin, an omen he had only seen twice before. The comet had been in they sky, in the constellation of the priest, the same year Paterdomus collapsed. Only once before for a full week after his master spoke the death curse upon this realm. This time it spelled doom for the world itself.

The Grave Lord rose, flakes of rust and clouds of dust falling away, and stepped away from the throne he had sat upon for so long. He walked to the entrance of the ruin where sign of battle had long been covered over by nature and time, but some signs proved difficult to mask. A boulder laying in the rubble of cut stones or bones still clutching at the spear that ended their life. One such skeleton caught the Grave Lord’s attention.

He carefully disentangled the bones from its armor and plant matter that had grown from the fertile ground beneath it. In time the skeleton was laid out carefully and completely. Mortan gently removed the skull from the arrangement and began etching profane sigils into the bone with his claws. While doing this Mortan chanted weaving the sigils with arcane power. It took hours to cover the skull, once complete he placed the skull in an exact position of the arrangement and began the final chant.

As he murmured the words the bones slowly drew themselves together, snapping into place held together with dark magic rather than flesh. As the ritual completed a rush of power flowed into the bones and the skeleton jerked drawing itself up and stood silently awaiting orders. Mortan examined the skeleton briefly examined his control over the creature before he nodded, satisfied at the success of the ritual.
The Grave Lord ponders how the curse will take hold in this world, if nothing else the servants of the black god will need soldiers beyond what the fell creatures can provide. Soldiers he could provide. Before making war however Mortan needed to build the army, but he needed to learn what had become of the world during his hiding. While he hadn’t been sleeping since the fall of his master he was still out of touch.
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