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Commander Jerah spent his days in the commander's berth rarely interacting with his soldiers or his peers, being that they were mostly born and hardly fit to serve the imperial Guard at all. He had Major Oskar for such duties and did not need to waste his valuable time. Currently he was enthralled in a game of 'Risked Invasion' with a servitor he requisitioned and had programmed to play.

"Hmm, if i capture ikara III that would give me the whole sector and a bonus, 8 units... but if I take Jakum IV you, Servant, would lose the bonus from that sector..." mused Jerah. The servitor ignored the commanders thinking and sat at the table quietly whirring to itself. nobody would play any games with the commander because it could take him an hour to plan and prepare a small handful of moves and after he realized ordering officers to amuse him was not going over well he ordered a servitor be made. Jerah leaned in on the table placing his elbows on a stack of unofficial calls for reprimand of his regiment's behavior, that had been promptly ignored. Jerah was not Ignorant of his Raiders dealing drugs or weapons 'Salvaged' during war time, he just didn't care they were not nobility and could be expected to give in to their base nature in fact he often encouraged it because they were their most effective when at their most savage.

While pondering his next move a runner knocked on his door. Jerah simply called "Enter" and allowed the runner to open the door.
"Commander Jerah-" started the runner
"Lord Jerah please, i am a noble of Astartes world of Tuska and should be addressed as such."
"O- Of course Lord Jerah, you are being summoned to the Imperal guard officer lounge by Lord Commander Hetman Dar es Kalar."
"Ah, finally... away with you" concluded Jerah

As the runner left Jerah began donning his dress uniform that was clean and crisp and sporting several more medals than was tactful, it resembled the regular dress uniform of an officer in nearly every way except for a crimson stripe down the leg in homage to their Astartes cousins. He also belted on his power-saber but left the plasma pistol in its case, which made Jerah no less deadly due to his skill with a blade. He did not want to appear prepared for a real battle simply going to meet his commander and did not want to give a sour impression.

Jerah did not know Commander Hetman, even by reputation so he was likely not to be an especially worthy commander, but he had served under many a terrible commander and knew how to deal with the situation. Generally ignoring stupid commands and attaining victories so grand they could not be reprimanded, it worked before and should work now. Jerah finished preening over his uniform and marched off towards the officer lounge and being a mild disruption as he passed. Forcing soldiers and workers from their path regardless if there was room or if the group was occupied with some duty. It was a petty display of authority and one Jerah did not even notice.

Major Rolt sat in the common area/gang headquarters of the Raiders, Rolt was counting the income from the illegal trade happening in his regiment. Being his regiment was true. Jerah, while technically his commanding officer was little more than a strategium advisor who dealt with the other officers, so he could do the important things, like manage the illegal trade and be the combat leader. The ten company captains where arguing if the Stim lab hidden in the bowels of the ship needed moving because they received reports of several navy petty officers nosing around. Captains of the 2nd and 3rd company however where arguing what to do with a private in another regiment who had gotten himself into debt.

The major looked up at the discussion "captain Agro, you can’t hurt the private, because he would be sent to the medicae and there would probably be some level of investigation which is a headache i'm not going to deal with, so, just make his life miserable. Spike his canteen with alcohol, hide his wargear, put sergeant decals on his uniform or whatever else you can think of and his commanders will hurt him for us. once he pays up leave him alone."

One of the captains began to speak as their Commander walked through the common area and the whole table hushed immediately, while the illegal trade was an open secret they couldn't talk about it in front of their commander because he would be forced to reprimand them with some trivial punishment. The rest of the soldiers continued, though slightly quieter, with their discussions and games.
How is this?


i would like to ask if you would be ok with an idea I've been brewing for a while now. Rather than a regiment recruiting from planets they are a 'remnant' regiment picking up survivors of shattered regiments. For example, my regiment and some Death Korp regiment are in battle and the Death Korp regiment takes losses of 80-90% and is simply folded into my regiment rather than rebuilt.
Firedog noticed the drones on his sensor grid just after launch. "Pfft" he sputtered through his lips. He punched the thrust up to the edge of his own G limits. At 10 g he had to alter his breathing slightly to compensate the drones flight pattern was poor and he had a good distance on them.

He shrugged internally and fired all the manuvering thrusters hard to flip his craft 180 and cut his thrust. The ship flipped hard and jarred Firedog with the abrupt changes. With the ship flying backwards he fired a hail of laser and plasma destroying several outright and grazing a few more limiting their effectiveness.

With that done he chuckled and flipped back over to make a pass at the police ship. While deploying countermeasure to confuse the drones. As he rocketed at the ship the drones did lose him for a few moments and then realized his plan going for a much more aggressive attack on his fighter once they realized the mother ship was in danger.
And ill be in the fight in mere moments
Firedog laid on the wing of his heavy fighter when the lurch and alarm started blaring. "Oh thank god." he said to himself and leapt off the wing. He had been trying to think up ways to entertain himself since he hadnt had a good fight in like a whole week. Before the alarm made him forget he had been planning on rewiring the lights in the little mess hall so that only half the lights where on no matter which way the switches where flipped. Would have driven the engineers crazy for a day figuring out what happened and fixing it, which would have been hysterical.

He opened the cockpit to his fighter and climbed in. It briefly occurred to him that the captain might want him manning a gun near one of the airlocks, but he didn't have the best weapons for that kind of job and a few plasma bolts melting the other ships bridge would certainly give them something else to think about. Worse came to worse, he could always escape and leave the rest of his comrades to their fate. So out with the fighter was really his only choice. As soon as he closed the cockpit hatch he fired up the reactor and engines while telling the launch bay to depressurize.

The process would have taken too long for the bay to fully empty so he sent the Override command from the fighter and opening the door early, venting a reasonable portion of atmosphere into space. This making the ship lurch again but much less so than when the ship was grabbed. he opened the communication panel on his fighter and sent to the captain "Firedog launching, imma give em something other than killing you all to think about" around the same time he punched up the thrust on his engines and rocketed from the bay hard. The 8Gs of force his engines where making would have been enough to make most people start feeling dizzy and worrying if their bones would break. Firedog didn't worry about it, would take a few more Gs to make him woozy.

<Snipped quote by Sophrus>

Well it would kinda be hard for him to be religious when he doesn't know that much about the religion he's practicing or even understand it's language.

Why? If executed well, it could make for an intriguing character. I'm curious to see how it's implemented. I've listened to music and the like without understanding the lyrics and still found it beautiful or powerful. This char does the same with the religious sermons? That's my guess.
I don't necessarily see a problem with a religious character or a philosopher pirate. The character could work with the right execution though I would think that it's a bit tricky. Philosophy wise, there would be plenty of time traveling on a ship and laying low from the law so I expect most characters would have hobbies to occupy them during such times, why not philosophy?

Skill wise I do agree that there should be something.
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