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The communications console came to life in front of the captain from the Caldari Carrier
"Hello, Captain. This is Captain Anttoss of the IKC Liberator, under the command of the Ishukone Corporation. We seemed to have stumbled into this system and not familiar with this Region. Would you mind Providing us some information? Maybe even some directions?"

The Captain looked over to the screen mildly surprised but showing no emotion, due to the precariousness of his situation. His ship was mostly stuck and the carrier could easily catch and destroy him and his little fleet. Captain Adam had not been in high security space for many years and nearly everyone he encountered needed to be carefully watched as friend or foe, he couldnt even count the numerous attempts to destroy his ship out in Null-sec and a Carrier was a formidable combatant

"Captain Anttoss, Regulation requires that i inform you that i am in command of this Rorqual on behalf of the Outer Ring Excavations mining syndicate." said the captain in hopes that if this Captain Anttoss was indeed caldari navy he would know that their economy was heavily reliant on the ORE syndicate for especially valuable materials and hostility against them would effect their reputation with ORE. After his claim however he visibly relaxed somewhat "That said Captain, I can not give you any information on this Region, Constellation or system. As far as our navigator can tell we are in uncharted space, possibly deep within W-space. I do have an offer for you however, our exploration frigate has found many other ships in the area and i would like to ask for protection while we make our way back into K-space. And under ORE regulation you or the Ishukone Corporation would be entitled to ~2B ISK on my safe return to ORE territory."

While this conversation was happening the Covert ops frigate warped to 100km from the Caldari ship, then dropped cloak to target and scan the Carrier relaying the information back to the Rorqual.

"However that 2B ISK may be forfeit if you require us to make significant repairs to your ship which would be more than a fair trade" says captain Adam finally as he glances over the report from the scan.

@Anomaly758 just go when it makes sense/you have time.

You don't have to wait for everyone but imo it's good to let other people go just so two or three people don't just take over the game.
@Queen Raidne

I was joking. No need to worry lol.
I just realized, I should have low key broken the game by playing the Zerg...

That would depend on each ship's sensors. I expect most ships that do not encounter space monsters or biological ships would just see a weird ship reading.
anyone with good sensor coverage would be able to see the scanner probes btw ;)
The Forge

"The battleship's shields are down! The Rattlesnake wont be able to protect us for long!" shouted the sensors officer "We.. we are being targeted by their Dreadnought."

"Understood" said the Captain Adam sternly "Navigation, where is that Cyno beacon!"

"nothing yet sir"

The Rorqual rocked as 4 Mega neutron blaster bolts slammed into her shredding through the last of her active shield and scorching swathes of armor, there was nothing the crew could do as The Forge was loaded down with thousands of tonnes of ore and supplies making evasive maneuvers impossible.

"Shields are down, part of that shot hit the armor, wait, that hit overloaded the shield core its ab-" shouted engineering from their console.

"Eject the shield reactor! activate the armor repair nanite pumps.. Navigation! where is my jump beacon!"

"I don- wait, im getting something.. ah, weak jump point" replied navigation as the ship shook violently, just as the flaming shield reactor was launched from the ship before detonating in spectacular fashion.

"lock and fire jump drive as soon as you have it." replied the captain calmly, hoping that their defensive fleet could hold the pirates off long enough for them to get away.

"Jump in 3... 2... 1.. " counted out the navigation officer "Cyno lock lost" announced the computer just as the jump engines fired

For a brief moment the captain panicked, his heart raced and he was about to shout frantic orders of desperation when he realized the ship was alone in deep empty space or was alone within the couple light seconds range his sensors had to work with so far. he couldnt work out what was happening if he went to a jump cyno beacon he should have a fleet of powerful ships around him now but there was nothing in his range of detection. Though admittedly the sensors of his ship where designed to pick up the mineral composition of asteroids more than fleet activities throughout a wide distance.

"Engineering... get me a damage report while we have a moment to breathe, Desai see if one of our pilot's clones have awoken and if possible get a scout out there and get me some eyes about a light hour coverage would be great... oh and navigation. what the hell happened, and where are we?"

The XO left the room after a curt nod while navigation typed away at his console trying to get an answer. "uhm, sir.. i have no idea. as far as i can tell we... we are not even in the same galaxy. distant stars are all wrong and there are no system beacons that i can detect at all. empire, pirate, or even private corporations.

The captain and bridge crew discussed the situation for several minutes while Lieutenant Zan launched the little Covert ops frigate, in mere moments from then it had warped 2AU from the Forge under cloak and launched scanner probes set to a wide dispersal pattern giving her a moderate coverage of the area a full light hour from the ship.

"oh my god, Captain! there are almost a dozen ships in our area, most of them i cannot identify.. their signatures do not align with anything in our database there are several capital ships and A Caldari navy carrier? Sir what is going on?" sent Zan through a tight beam transmission that had functionally no chance of interception.

I'm pretty sure the 2km is accurate
(made minor language changes no significant difference)
@Lmpkio lol I didn't get a length for the rorqual but it might be that long.. it's huge but mostly storage space rather than room for gun turrets and bullets.
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