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I have some time and I am back!
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Didn't even get a chance to start new games and Im off again T_T
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I am sorry I've been terribly busy. Promise I will be back around soon :)
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Work is still going strong. I'm in the middle of an influx so replies may be a tad be slow due to utter exhaustion at the end of the day!
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Got crazy busy again. I'll be able to get to replies next week!


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Hello all.
It's been a while since I've been here but I'm currently with a lack of work and looking for some potential rps.
My name is Soulstrifer. Though you may call me Crow as it's what most know me by. I'm not going to get too crazy with this one. Im 30 and request 18+ of my partners. I am female, work full time and run my own business. I have no triggers and should we delve into it mature themes may occur. I am not looking for someone who's going to reply every hour every day. I do request at least once or twice a week. Though if you have the time for more that's fine. I Don't like ghosting. If you lose interest tell me! I know interests and wants change. Fine by me.
I am casual to advance it all depends on my partner. I sometimes struggle to stay interested with one line replies so I request at least three or four! Though more is great too.

At the moment the only fandoms I'm craving are
I play:
Morrison/Solider 76

Hades (the game)
I play:

If someone's feeling extra adventurous
Critical Role
I play:


Now that being said. I am also here for high fantasy stuff. DnD style settings. Scifi. Ect. Have no problem with aliens, monsters, omegaverse, mXm, mXf, fxf ect ect
I am open to hearing about your plots.
Please feel free to give me a shout. <3
XD that's what I figured. He cant use his nifty trick either cause it's too wet. SOOOO fighty tiefling druid says he's a battle healer. -whispers- Im not sure he is. THOUGH... hmmmmmmm using flaming blade would that increase the power of his thaumatergy since he could technically manipulate the fire.
He watches as the bottle impacts against the shield, and fire engulfs the liquid as it splashes across it's surface. Little rivulets of fire drip down the surface of the shield to the wet deck but continue to burn as the flame eats up the alcohol like a hungry dog for a scrap of meat. Eyes like liquid metal reflect the flames and lightning back at the creature that rises from behind the shield. The barbed red tail swats uneasily against his heels as he bares his fangs like a cornered wolf. A snarl that is caught somewhere between a challenge and displeasure.

Nephrus clears a circle around himself. The long shafted sickle in hand swathing through the weaker creatures too close to him. Feet shift against the wet deck, doing his absolute best not to stumble. As the creature rushes in, he waits till the last moment, digs his feet in and slides out of the way, the shield makes contact with his shoulder, spinning him just a little off kilter. As he turns however it's enough to keep out of reach of the blade that splinters the deck.

The Tiefling wishes for a small moment that the rain would ease. If he could disperse the spore through them and ignite it he could do quite a lot of damage, but the water clinging to the air dampens the unseen spores that cling to the mossy patches of his sickle. Not this time. Using his Thaumatergy once more he creates a gust against the shield as it comes around. It's enough to slide the Druid backwards on the wet deck and when he stops sliding, putting space between them, he casts Flame Blade. It's a struggle at first, but as the blazing scimitar appears in his free hand, he roars back at the creature. The fire sizzles against the rain and it illuminates the space around him a good ten foot. He could deflect with his sickle and attack with his blade, but ultimately he wants to kite him as long as he can. Nephrus was quick. He had that going for him, and perhaps keeping the big guy busy would buy others time and save lives too. At least until he could come up with a better plan.

"Come on then. Taste my flesh..."
By the way Im assuming that because of the nature of the enemy they're probably immune to poisons?
Cause Neph is Circle of the Spore and there are certain traits he can use because of that.
Good job Neph, yah done did it now XD!
Neph: 1V1 me bitch!
The Tiefling watched as the ships drew closer and closer. Sure he had been raised among combat casters but he'd left that behind. At least that was what he said to himself. Sure there was no escaping magic you'd already learned, and honestly his gifts lingered always at the back of his mind sometimes pressing too closely to his Druidcraft.
As the ship drew closer and suddenly he was close enough to make out the enemy, realization settled into him. This wasn't going to be a normal fight.

He moved deftly forward, meeting the first wave with force. The scythe like weapon in hand cut through the rotted flesh and bone with relative ease. It was enough to set the crew into motion. Making his way towards the railing of the ship he sought anything that would be flammable. A stray bottle of liquor caught his eye as it slid when the ship listed restlessly and he snatched it up, dodging and weaving around the attacks as he stuffed the top with a piece of clothe. If he could set some part of that ship on fire maybe it would spread quick and sink, but the fire would have to catch and burn fast.

Nephrus lit the cloth with his Thaumatergy cantrip, a gift by blood, and he let it burn a little bit. "Have a taste of hell fire you bastarts..." He growled out and threw the bottle as hard as he could towards the mast of the enemy ship, hoping it would break and ignite.
I will get a post up for ya'll tomorrow. Just drove for ten hours and my brain's a tad fried. XD
Sorry that took a tad longer than I needed it to
The end of his weapon twitched, a sharp little motion that brought a bolt of lightning down from the swirling cloud into the deck of the enemy ship. It lit the entire deck up in white blue light, and wood splintered in all directions as thunder clashed with the waves roaring around them. He was gearing up to repeat the action a second time.

It was a near whiplash effect, to be focused on the spell bubbling in the back of his mind and then have someone speak to him. Well. It was much less spoken to him and more AT him. Nephrus frowned a little bit. It wasn't like he was the best person to deal with people. Most feared him quite readily, not that he blamed them honestly. The Tiefling ignored the way the lightning no longer curved towards the ship. Without focus he couldn't continue the assault, so instead he gave a crisp nod.

The druid moved, seeking out the nearest cache of weapons. "To arms! Gather yourself, and prepare for combat!" He called out, usually quiet voice raised to be heard over the din of chaos.
Nephrus shoved cutlass into floundering hands and clapped frightened men upon the shoulders.
One young man in particular trembled violently as he stared wide eyed past his shoulder.
"Look at me..." Nephrus mused and the young man darted stormy eyes up at him, "Fight. To your last breath. Do not cave to the will of the enemy. Fight. Or die fighting. Do not go gently into the arms of fate." He gave the young man a squeeze, turned and spun his scythe like weapon in one palm over his head before snapping it back against the deck. Droplets of water broke free of the honed blade. He would not hesitate to strike down any who drew blade upon him.
Gotta pick up a buddy tomorrow afternoon but I'l reply tomorrow night :3
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