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Once I was the Minister here until the Farmies occupied our land. Then I became a Wanderer. I feel so miserable. We are building a secret Resistance Base in the Parsley Forest.

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Hello, Friend. I'm presently discussing plots with a couple of nifty folks so I'm temporarily closing this.

Back at it again. Should I be on the prowl for a new game? Heavens, no. But it’s Friday night and I’m feeling reckless.

Because this is the 1x1 section, I do feel that the dynamic between writers is one of the key factors in a successful game. So, I’m going to open with some lazy bullets on me:

- I am very, very slow to respond. I am irresponsible and allow all the bits of my life to bleed into all of the wrong times.

- OOC conversation is crucial in my book – dreaming up future scenarios, delving deeper into characters, etc. Furthermore, it’s what I use to bop in and tell you where I am/ensure that a reply is coming during my periodic disappearances.

- That being said, if I’m ever taking too long on something, I strongly encourage you come after me with the largest stick you can find. I don’t intend to go on hiatus every two weeks but I do (I’m sorry I suck).

- Concise language? Who? I try to vary the writing style I use based on the character though it is mostly contingent on how much time I have to write up a post and the nature of the game. And sometimes, it’s just me exploring different ways to string words together. And by all that, I mean it’s all just me being lazy and never proof-reading so you get the first bull poo that lays itself on the page that sometimes is stupidly flowery to harken back to those angsty preteen days when I fancied myself a deep and brooding artiste because I wrote that song once (ask me about my poetry).

I’m really only looking for one involved game or perhaps two very casual ones. I’m already involved in a darn amazing game with a dang amazing writer but I have a wee bit of time that I used to dedicate to a D&D campaign and a long-running RP which have recently ended. That being said, don’t be afraid to shoot me a reply if you see this and feel any interest. If this doesn’t fall back to the twentieth page by the time I’m all set up with a writing buddy, I’ll update when I’m no longer looking.

By God, I hope you went through all of that nonsense just to get here. To get to the important bit where I share my little plotling because prepare to be met with disappointment:

Gay (and/or lesbian) vampires.

Yep. That’s it. That’s how I want to spend my free time.

Okay. Not entirely. Just mostly. I'm not actually particularly invested in their gender/orientation or whether or not the characters’ partnership ever ventures past platonic. I just really like the notion of a pair of vampires going through their undead existence, maybe brooding, maybe philosophizing. In particular, give me one who might be a little less okay with his or her condition paired up with one that seems pretty well adjusted. Number1 doesn’t like to kill but Number2 recognizes it as a necessity and is okay doing it for the both of them for a while.

Mostly, I want to see Number2 dragging half-dead folks to wherever Number1 has plopped themselves to brood like a mother cat trying to teach its kittens to hunt.

Everything else is negotiable but I have half-baked ideas aplenty. Feel free to hit me up with any of your ideas. Otherwise, just hit me up and I’ll get right down to some potential ways these characters meet and all that. I have a vague idea of how vampires might work but, again, everything is negotiable at this point.

Anyway, if I don’t get any responses, I’ll update with some of those ideas over the weekend to potentially draw interest. For the time being, I’m done typing in any intelligible manner so that’s all, folks.

Finally giving this a bump. I swear I'll start working on expanded ideas eventually. At the moment, I'm really feeling high fantasy, superheroes, and/or zombies.

Shoot me a PM if you're interested! I'd love to collaborate on details.
Taking into account that I’m perpetually tired, I’m going to do myself a favor this one time by cutting out flowery prose and any impressive bells and whistles from my introduction.

In short, I am in search of an excuse to exercise my lingual skills as well as that old (and frankly neglected) imagination gland. Because of the limitations placed on me by my present schedule, it would be ideal if I could find a partner to work with. Of course, I’m always open to multiple partners, assuming all are willing to put up with my particular quirks and inabilities.

Speaking of quirks and shortcomings:

- Presently, my schedule is exceptionally hectic. That’s not to say I’ll be unreliable. Because I actually have a schedule, I like to think I’ll be better able to reply consistently during the slower periods of my day (namely between finishing projects and falling asleep). Assuming everything remains as it is, I could probably pump out replies within roughly 72 hours of receiving them. However, I ask that one does not expect anything more than weekly replies, especially if I happen to take on multiple games.

- School is my top priority. I will take leave for major projects if necessary but again have no intention of leaving anyone hanging for more than a week or so (I foresee Sundays being a major reply day).

- I tend to prefer written descriptions for just about everything within the game. I have nothing against a writing style which takes advantage of an online medium using links to images, etc. but I’m really just looking to write. That being said, presently, I would prefer to stay away from script-style as well (again, I have nothing against it).

- I have no particular predisposition to writing characters of any gender. Character sexuality, beliefs, etc. all tend to vary as well and I ask my partners to understand that in no way do any characters I write represent me as an individual. Still on that note, if there is a role you’d like me to write, please feel free to make suggestions.

As far as what I’m looking for in an RP partner:

- Reasonably regular replies would be nice -- once every week or two is enough to keep me interested. If you’re feeling ambitious, I’d certainly appreciate replies at a faster pace but can’t promise to always return the favor.

- While I see the appeal of shorter posts, I’d prefer longer replies at the moment. I’m in dire need of practice and I tend to find that longer replies pair better with slower games. Let's set a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs to keep things low pressure.

- While not required, it would be nice if you would talk with me about the game so we could develop it OOC and have a direction for the IC. I could certainly be on regularly for some quick plot discussion in my typical down time.

On to what I’m looking for in a game:

I’m really open to most genres, so if there is anything you’d really like to play and for one reason or another you’ve dubbed me a good fit, feel free to make any suggestions. The worst I could do is to attempt to make a snarky comment only to realize that I’m not quite clever enough to be making any humorous quips. Really though, I don’t bite and I’m certain whatever you have to offer is super.

For the time being, I’m just going to leave a generic list of things that especially interest me at the moment. Just send a PM and I would be glad to expand.

Things for which I have semi-formed settings or inklings of potential plots

- Apocalypse / Post-Apocalypse (Be it nuclear, zombie, etc.)
- Vampire Overlords
- Epic Quest (fantasy or otherwise)
- Pirates (of the seas or of the skies)
- Randomly forcing characters together in random situations
- Secret agents and drug lords or whatever – I have nothing for this but think it could be neat

Things for which I really do have a barebones plot (and maybe a setting). I’ll update this list with the ideas at another time (Edit: Maybe. It has been roughly one year and I haven't gotten around to it yet)

- Sniper vs. Sniper (could go with several settings)
- Historical polygyny or concubine drama (this particular will very likely include hints of homosexuality between women)
- Isolated wizard story
- Superhero drama

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This is a response post, so it's safe to assume things that don't quite make sense are in reference to something from previous posts or things I intended to elaborate on later... or I may have been half asleep or in a rush. I don't entirely remember.

More post samples can be provided upon request.
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