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Current I’ll say sorry but I’m not takin off my glasses
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10 days ago
I feel like I’m having some kind of seizure every time I look at the status bar like what does any of this mean
10 days ago
Yeah I COULD get up and take my meds but if I DID it would disturb the cat SLEEPING on me. I’m MENTALLY ILL not a MONSTER.
14 days ago
I only ever truly feel fear on the internet when I see a list of kinks and don’t recognise some
18 days ago
Another year, another Mardi Gras unattended. Any takers to go to the 41st next year? I’ll make it worth your while in tonnes of glitter
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Ignoring life for RP like:

This is my bio, where you will find some information on me and what I like to roleplay. You will not find any recipes, nefarious schemes, or insecurities, even though I have a plethora of all those things - as well as a combination of some, like my recipe for homemade insecurity pie. Delicious, tangy insecurity pie.

Pies aside, I'm AllOurPrettySongs. That's a long username that holds absolutely no deep meaning to me, but is simply part of the chorus to a Nirvana song I was listening to when I created my account. You can call me Songs, or perhaps Pretty, because that's the easiest way for me to get a compliment. I'm a twenty year old Australian girl. I don't like Piña Colada, or getting caught in the rain. As far as I can tell, I don't have half a brain. But then if I did, I probably wouldn't know. What I do like is music and movies; if you talk to me about old rock/alternative music - Especially David Bowie - I will be your best friend forever, whether you want that or not. The same goes for movies. If you talk to me about eighties horror, stupid horror we can laugh about (sometimes the lines blur), psychological thrillers, or comedies (and most everything else that I can't be bothered to list), I will never leave your side.

So, roleplay. Why did I take so long to get to the main reason we're all here? Because I don't get to talk about myself a lot. It's my time to shine, dammit. Anyway, roleplay. What do I like? What don't I like? Well:

+ Slice of Life! Life of Slice! Of Slice Life! I hope I'm getting my point across. Slice of Life is my thing, and I RP exclusively MxM pairings. Does that mean I can't play other gender and sexuality side-characters? No. No, no. I can do that. No worries. It's just that my main will always be a homosexual male. Does Slice of Life mean that I want fluff all the time? That's another no, because it's unrealistic. There is sadness and conflict in life, as well as other unpleasant emotions and situations. But I don't want something that is really dreary and depressing, because I have my actual life for that. A different way of putting it would be that I enjoy realism, but a reality that could be found in a romantic movie. There's drama, there's conflict, but there's a big dose of sweetness, too.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy a cliché or two. My personal favourite is undoubtedly the Denied Attraction.
"Like them? I can't stand them!" Character A sputters, sweating nervously. "Where did you get that completely insane and crazy idea that I don't loathe them at a molecular level?!"

Ah yeah, that's some good freshly squeezed cliché.

What don't I like? How many more question marks can I get in this bio? Well:

+ Smutty RPs, or any RPs that involve smut. No touchy. Our characters can be in love and hold hands and kiss and whatever it is couples do (shop for lawn gnomes together?), but anything other than that is a no-no.

+ Sci-fi. Don't like it, don't really understand it, can't get into it. I will not be partaking.
+ Medieval. Can't get into it and I'm not good at writing it.
+ Historical. Which is similar to Medieval, I suppose. Same reasons as to why I don't do it. It can be a bit of a grey area, however, as it depends on what you class as historical. I love modern settings, and I classify back to the twenties onwards as modern, but I guess it could be classified as historical? Kinda? Probably not really.

+ Fantasy. Again, another grey area. I'm fine with elements of fantasy, but just straight up fantasy is not for me. Same goes for horror. You want to set it in a terrifying place full of terrifying nightmares? Awesome, that sounds fun. But I want romance in there. How? I don't know. We can put our imagination craniums together and come up with something!

+ Along similar lines: Supernatural. Supernatural elements are fine (ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc.), but there has to be that romance. Gotta get that romance, people. Just inject it directly into my vein.

What are my rules? Well:

+ As I said up above, I don't do smut. Sorry, my friends.
+ I only RP with people who are eighteen or over. Makes me more comfortable. If you're younger and just want to talk, that's cool!
+ I write a minimum of four paragraphs. I can go many more if I am inspired and also not on my mobile. I'm sorry if that number fluctuates, but as I said, I'm sometimes on mobile and my poor thumbs cannot handle it. Plus, replies tend to look bigger than they actually are on mobile, so I might think that I've written more than I actually have if I don't look at the character count.

+ Please be able to write just as much as me! If you'd like to write more, then that's great. I would love to read your clever words.
+ Spelling and grammar. Everyone makes mistakes - I make them, you make them (probably?), we all make them. I'd just like it if you could keep the mistakes to a minimum, and I'll do just the same for you!

+ If you don't like the RP, please tell me. We can try and fix it! If you still don't like it, there's no hard feelings. I really hope that you find a plot you enjoy a lot more! Along the same lines, if you don't like how I write, that's okay. Sometimes styles don't mesh well. I'll wish you luck in finding someone who compliments your own writing better!

+ I'm active almost always, though that may not mean so much if we're in different timezones. Regardless, I will get a reply to you each day, unless circumstances make that difficult. Pesky circumstances.

+ OOC chat is fun, and I like it. If you don't really want to talk to me, that's okay, but I might be a bit sad about that. </3
Really though, I'd love it if we could be friends.

I think that's about it! Likely not, this bio will never be left as is. I am never satisfied.
But if you like what you see here now, why not send me a message and we could maybe roleplay? Or even just have a chat. :3

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What up, welcome!
It’s awesome to see a new face and someone who’s good with anything! You’ll make friends fast. If there’s anything you need help with or whatever, just let me know - I’ve been here for a long time and know things and stuff. A very long time. So long that I don’t remember actually ever joining this place, and I don’t recall ever leaving, ever. You’ll get to that level soon enough~
@Smiter19 not yet!
Bumpity boo

At first I thought of Goose from Top Gun, and then I thought of Goose from Mad Max, and finally, an actual goose. As an Australian, I’m ashamed that I didn’t think of Mad Max Goose first. Unacceptable.
Anyway, hello! If you’re in need of any info about the guild, I can sort of help you. I know some stuff about things - but if you want to know things about stuff? Can’t help you.

1955, Belmont High. All the cool kids have found their place among it all in their respective gangs and you better believe they’ve got jackets. As it is with gangs, they all have a feud going on with at least one other. They’re all vying for the top spot in school, and the competition has just heated up now that each gang has reached senior year. Only one can rule the school.

Character A is the trusted second-in-command of the currently second-in-command gang at Belmont High. Character B is the trusted second-in-command of the first-in-command gang at Belmont High. Their rivalry has gone on for years, so long that it’s legendary. Everyone is certain that it’s only going to end in a rumble that’ll leave someone dead.

The teachers are sick of it, having dished out all the punishments they can think of to stop the fighting - at least on school grounds. Now, the principal has decided to bring out the big guns: Character A and Character B are going to work together on a project or their behinds are out of Belmont High for good.

This is going to end well.


Hey, everyone!

So, you’ve definitely seen a plot like this before, right? Of course you have, it’s cliché as hell, but if you’ll take a peek at my bio, you’ll see that’s just what I love. This is going to be an MxM plot, a romance developing between Characters A and B, which is, y’know, juuust a bit of a problem for juuust a few reasons. Whatever will our dear greasers do?

I don’t mind which character I play, though I have a slight preference for Character A. But again, I don’t mind!
If you’re interested, chuck me a message and we can discuss things in more detail! Oh, and before you do, please take a look at my rules in my bio. I know it’s boring, but please? And please also tell me a bit about yourself in your message! Age, favourite colour, when you predict the world will come to its fiery end, whatever the heck you wanna tell me.

Hope to hear from you!
Hey, everyone!

So like, I was watching Van Helsing the other night. Y'know, the Hugh Jackman one that is honestly trash but fun anyway? That one. And it got me thinking that I'd like to do an RP where my character is a vampire hunter and your character is either actually Dracula or a vampire just as powerful and tbh dramatic. I'm open to this being in modern times but with a olde flavour because, well, vampire old. But I'm also open to doing it in a bygone century. You would have to bear with me on that, because I'm very used to modern times.

As for plot, it's basic and flexible. Dude hunts vampires, goes to a town where powerful vampire is at, sets about slaying him. That's ... that's it.

"But wait just a second, Songs!" I hear you cry. "The title says MxM. That means there's some kind of male/male relationship, right? Right? Or did you lie, like everyone else in my life?"

Don't worry, friend. I didn't lie. This will be MxM, and I would like to try out a one-sided relationship. Never done it. I'd like my character to become enamoured with Vamp at some point, which leads to much drama. Does it have to be one-sided the whole time? Nope. Ol' Vamp's dead heart could start beating at some point, too. Either way, it's gonna be a bit or a lot tragic. And, since this is a vampire RP, there will be blood, but the amount is really up to you. Be as brutal, or as chaste, as you'd like.

Now, there are some rules, and you'll find them in my bio. Please, please read them. Please. Not only that, please understand and accept them. They're important.

Anyway, if this has interested you at all, please PM me! In the PM, let me know a bit about yourself. How old you are, where you might like to take the plot, and whatever else you'd like to say.

Hope to hear from you!
My username is the only way I get compliments. It forces people to call me pretty. Take that, actually being pretty to earn compliments! Beat the system. But I like All, because it makes it sound like I am some kind of higher being that speaks in many different voices at once. I am all, and we all aim to be called pretty. What a pickle you've got yourself into, kemosabe. What a pickle.

Brb gotta rejoin my badger brethren. Their cries summon.
Any animal? Well, I'm Australian, so that could end up being really dangerous. This is a country of dangerous creatures; we're overrun. How about you take care of the clowns and I'll keep the billion venomous hellspawn at bay?
Don your clown costume once more so you may infiltrate the clown lair/nest.

Welcome to the show, kiddo!

I'm so glad that I'm still alive. I thought after the badger incident I would have gone the way of John Cleese's parrot and joined the choir invisible. I was sure that the sign that said, 'do not feed the badgers, don't chase the badgers. Definitely don't do either or both when naked', was less of a warning and more a challenge. No sign tells me what to do. I don't have access to a Canadian and my psychologist blocked me on all social media platforms. Is there another alternative?

All that aside, it's good to see a new face here! You'll fit right in sure enough and find lots of fun RPs and fun partners. They're all fun here. Which sounds really ominous, like Pennywise insisting that, they all float down here, but I promise there's no sewer clowns to be found on RPGuild.

If you have any questions or just wanna chat, don't be shy! PM me. I have more to say about the different breeds of clown. Spoiler: they're all horrifying.
Bumpity bumpity boo
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