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Current Mental illness? In MY brain? (it’s more likely than you think)
13 days ago
HE SAYS HE GOT BEEF BUT I’M A VEGETARIAN AND I AIN’T (cenSORed I was eleven when this song came out) SCARED OF HIM
24 days ago
What’s the point of filtered job searches if it doesn’t adhere to the filtered location. Like yeah sure I want a job in Tasmania lemme hop a plane real quick brb
1 mo ago
the wedding had a guy screaming for twenty minutes about love so I'd call that a successful wedding
1 mo ago
@lalisaeyo thank you that's a beautiful sentiment x


Ignoring life for RP like:

This is my bio, where you will find some information on me and what I like to roleplay. You will not find any recipes, nefarious schemes, or insecurities, even though I have a plethora of all those things - as well as a combination of some, like my recipe for homemade insecurity pie. Delicious, tangy insecurity pie.

Pies aside, I'm AllOurPrettySongs. That's a long username that holds absolutely no deep meaning to me, but is simply part of the chorus to a Nirvana song I was listening to when I created my account. You can call me Songs, or perhaps Pretty, because that's the easiest way for me to get a compliment. I'm a twenty year old Australian girl. I don't like Piña Colada, or getting caught in the rain. As far as I can tell, I don't have half a brain. But then if I did, I probably wouldn't know. What I do like is music and movies; if you talk to me about old rock/alternative music - Especially David Bowie - I will be your best friend forever, whether you want that or not. The same goes for movies. If you talk to me about eighties horror, stupid horror we can laugh about (sometimes the lines blur), psychological thrillers, or comedies (and most everything else that I can't be bothered to list), I will never leave your side.

So, roleplay. Why did I take so long to get to the main reason we're all here? Because I don't get to talk about myself a lot. It's my time to shine, dammit. Anyway, roleplay. What do I like? What don't I like? Well:

+ Slice of Life! Life of Slice! Of Slice Life! I hope I'm getting my point across. Slice of Life is my thing, and I RP exclusively MxM pairings. Does that mean I can't play other gender and sexuality side-characters? No. No, no. I can do that. No worries. It's just that my main will always be a homosexual male. Does Slice of Life mean that I want fluff all the time? That's another no, because it's unrealistic. There is sadness and conflict in life, as well as other unpleasant emotions and situations. But I don't want something that is really dreary and depressing, because I have my actual life for that. A different way of putting it would be that I enjoy realism, but a reality that could be found in a romantic movie. There's drama, there's conflict, but there's a big dose of sweetness, too.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy a cliché or two. My personal favourite is undoubtedly the Denied Attraction.
"Like them? I can't stand them!" Character A sputters, sweating nervously. "Where did you get that completely insane and crazy idea that I don't loathe them at a molecular level?!"

Ah yeah, that's some good freshly squeezed cliché.

What don't I like? How many more question marks can I get in this bio? Well:

+ Smutty RPs, or any RPs that involve smut. No touchy. Our characters can be in love and hold hands and kiss and whatever it is couples do (shop for lawn gnomes together?), but anything other than that is a no-no.

+ Sci-fi. Don't like it, don't really understand it, can't get into it. I will not be partaking.
+ Medieval. Can't get into it and I'm not good at writing it.
+ Historical. Which is similar to Medieval, I suppose. Same reasons as to why I don't do it. It can be a bit of a grey area, however, as it depends on what you class as historical. I love modern settings, and I classify back to the twenties onwards as modern, but I guess it could be classified as historical? Kinda? Probably not really.

+ Fantasy. Again, another grey area. I'm fine with elements of fantasy, but just straight up fantasy is not for me. Same goes for horror. You want to set it in a terrifying place full of terrifying nightmares? Awesome, that sounds fun. But I want romance in there. How? I don't know. We can put our imagination craniums together and come up with something!

+ Along similar lines: Supernatural. Supernatural elements are fine (ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc.), but there has to be that romance. Gotta get that romance, people. Just inject it directly into my vein.

What are my rules? Well:

+ As I said up above, I don't do smut. Sorry, my friends.
+ I only RP with people who are eighteen or over. Makes me more comfortable. If you're younger and just want to talk, that's cool!
+ I write a minimum of four paragraphs. I can go many more if I am inspired and also not on my mobile. I'm sorry if that number fluctuates, but as I said, I'm sometimes on mobile and my poor thumbs cannot handle it. Plus, replies tend to look bigger than they actually are on mobile, so I might think that I've written more than I actually have if I don't look at the character count.

+ Please be able to write just as much as me! If you'd like to write more, then that's great. I would love to read your clever words.
+ Spelling and grammar. Everyone makes mistakes - I make them, you make them (probably?), we all make them. I'd just like it if you could keep the mistakes to a minimum, and I'll do just the same for you!

+ If you don't like the RP, please tell me. We can try and fix it! If you still don't like it, there's no hard feelings. I really hope that you find a plot you enjoy a lot more! Along the same lines, if you don't like how I write, that's okay. Sometimes styles don't mesh well. I'll wish you luck in finding someone who compliments your own writing better!

+ I'm active almost always, though that may not mean so much if we're in different timezones. Regardless, I will get a reply to you each day, unless circumstances make that difficult. Pesky circumstances.

+ OOC chat is fun, and I like it. If you don't really want to talk to me, that's okay, but I might be a bit sad about that. </3
Really though, I'd love it if we could be friends.

I think that's about it! Likely not, this bio will never be left as is. I am never satisfied.
But if you like what you see here now, why not send me a message and we could maybe roleplay? Or even just have a chat. :3

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A bold yet fraudulent claim because I’m, in fact, the worst.
Welcome! If you need any help, don’t hesistate to message me, because I’ve been here a long time, to the point where I’m not sure how to leave and don’t expect I ever will. I also enjoy crying, so we’re already on common ground!
’Imagine for a moment that this thing is not anything that can be identified because it prefers not to be.
Wherever there is life, it brings death, because it is evil, absolute evil.’

In the 23rd century, an ancient evil returns to a world completely unprepared. For all of human’s technological advancements, breakthroughs, and discoveries, we are completely unprepared - and for the majority, unaware - of the encroaching enemy. It would seem ultimately pointless for us to fight. However, there is still hope - in the unlikeliest of forms.

So, as you’d have figured out, this is an RP based off of The Fifth Element. If you haven’t seen it, what are you doing? Go and watch it right now. Don’t even think, just go. When you come back, we can talk about how awesome the movie is, okay? Okay.

But anyway, having seen the movie isn’t absolutely essential, but there will be references and I’d like to be following the story in a general sort of way. It’s not going to be a word-for-word, scene-for-scene thing, but general, you know? As the title would suggest, the gender of The Fifth has been changed and therefore the relationship between him and our reluctant hero. I would like to play The Fifth. I know this is quite vague really, but I will discuss things with whomever is interested in much more depth! Let’s build something cool off of an already cool thing, yeah?

If you’re interested in this, in learning more, or even in just talking, then send me a message! Before you do, though, it’d be amazing if you could look at my bio and read my rules. That’d be so awesome, and I’d be really appreciative. When you message, you don’t have to tell me anything about yourself (except your age because of my age rule), but I’d love to get to know you and be your friend, you know?

Alright, that’s it from me. Hope to hear from someone, that’d be super green.
Hey, all!

So, 10 Things I Hate About You. That’s what I want to base this RP on. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it. It’s 90s af, got Heath Ledger in it, a baby-faced Joseph Gordon-Levitt - what more could you want?

Anyway, I’ll hash things out here for y’all, and you can see if you like! I will be taking the role of Character A:


Character A is a stand-offish, resenter of rules and societal norms, anti-social, somewhat preachy guy in his senior year. Disliked by most, unnerving to others and bothersome to teachers, Character A is the complete opposite of his sister. His sister is sweet, popular, a little ditzy, and well on her way to becoming the girl who’ll hold onto the Prom Queen title even after she’s graduated.

Unfortunately, she’s caught the eye of rich, douche Character B-, who is certainly not interested in her personality. Thankfully, Character A and his sister have an extremely strict father, who will not allow dating. However, after much coercion, the father puts in place a new rule that he thinks will ensure neither of his children will ever date: sister can date - when Character A does.
Given his overall personality and disinterest in dating, his sister feels her world is ending, knowing she’ll never get to date Character B-, who she holds up to be the coolest guy, unaware of his true nature. But then, Character B- devises a plan: he will pay someone to take Character A out on dates.

Enter Character C, a mysterious guy who is the centre of seemingly endless rumours. Character B- sees him as the perfect guy to date Character A, and after a little monetary persuasion, Character C agrees, unaware of just how difficult things will be in even getting Character A to agree to a single date, and how difficult things will be when the two start to actually fall for each other.


So yeah! That’s that. If you’re interested, please let me know either by posting here or sending me a PM.

I bet you were hoping that was the end of it, eh? Sorry, but nope! I do have some rules, and if you’d like to direct your eyeballs to my bio, you will see them in all their glory. Please do read them, they important. When messaging me, I’d love if you’d tell me a bit about yourself! Age, favourite colour, how you plot to overthrow the government, that kind of thing - and anything else you might like to tell me.

Hope to hear from you!

What up, welcome!
It’s awesome to see a new face and someone who’s good with anything! You’ll make friends fast. If there’s anything you need help with or whatever, just let me know - I’ve been here for a long time and know things and stuff. A very long time. So long that I don’t remember actually ever joining this place, and I don’t recall ever leaving, ever. You’ll get to that level soon enough~
@Smiter19 not yet!
Bumpity boo

At first I thought of Goose from Top Gun, and then I thought of Goose from Mad Max, and finally, an actual goose. As an Australian, I’m ashamed that I didn’t think of Mad Max Goose first. Unacceptable.
Anyway, hello! If you’re in need of any info about the guild, I can sort of help you. I know some stuff about things - but if you want to know things about stuff? Can’t help you.
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