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Current Why do I insist on asking idiotic questions? It's just going to make me feel more like an idiot.
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No more procrastinating! It's time to get up and fight some boredom!.... You know... Like... In a minute...
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Gonna get me some tacos.
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Feeling pretty lonely today. Not many people want to talk it seems.. Work wasn't all to great either. I need a new job.
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Really rough day today, but tomorrow will surely be better!


Well that poem was a fun place holder but I guess I should put in a real bio.

Well to start off, I'm a 22 year old male and writing is a huge hobby of mine in general. I've been rp'ing close to about 8 years now with various outlets but since it's hard to find partners after a while I decided to join up on a forum. I hate rp'ing in fandoms that allow for non-original content so you won't find me going into any Naruto or Star Wars rp's that take place in the era of the show or attempting to just live out the in show scenes. I hate posting less than I can describe when it comes to my rp's, and love to develop expansive in depth worlds. All this lead to me trying to organize open world rp scenarios, but time's a' wastin' and I want to get my writing fix.

I don't really have any genres I won't rp if I find them interesting, but I definitely prefer Sci-fi and Fantasy settings. Really I'm not sure what else to put here, I'm having trouble finding rp's to get involved in and I'm waiting to see if mine will go anywhere before I give up pitching ideas. I prefer characters that talk over using brute strength, and this usually lands me the role as the Rogue in games such as D&D or literally every rpg ever. I don't mind playing female characters at all and I have several I love to play, but not many males that I don't just make as I go. I am very willing to go 18+, feel free to approach me with pitches.

I know I'm forgetting something... I'll come back to this.

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Ah great, screw me and my fast reading. Just gonna be the constantly embarrassed guy on this thread it seems >.>

Still Navy pride.
I feel that it should be noted that as an unintentional circumstance, that I didn't realize until now. I volunteer with the united states naval sea cadet core and I'm about 26, most of the cadets in our unit are also at or around 16. so that's interesting for me anyway.

Wait seriously? You're Navy? And with the seals? Nice man, respect on that. My father was a Seal candidate and I was raised with the Navy so props from me Sword.

Hey if she's an outcast in society that's all the more reason that Trey would go out of his way to bug her, and the oldest kid typically typically captures the attention of the younger kids as the cool one. To defend my point further, while he isn't an active trouble maker or a prankster he is a very lax and joking individual so if anything I stand by my initial point. XD
vague references would be fine, as long it's like "this is a scientist who worked with ___ and was quite well known in the village" or whatever. the mechanics come from a large variety of backgrounds, so there would probably be more that we haven't met yet!

I was planning on referencing really small things that hinted to a subtle history between the characters like inside jokes about chickens or vague references to incidents that happened in the past that he may have been around for.

It's pretty important since I'm trying to take the caring good/best friend angle or if you prefer the "big brother" troupe with his attitude. I want him to care about the birthed pretty deeply on a platonic level so it may even come off as him being a little less serious than he likely should be in certain scenarios lol

The only person besides the older mechanics I can see that troupe swaying away from is Trixie since while she is more like the birthed than most mechanics having grown up there and being only 5 years older than the birthed, she's still older than him and could very easily hold seniority over him. If he were to have one friend he didn't feel obligated to try to be the optimistic type with it'd have to be her considering her circumstances. Not quite part of the adults that look after all the birthed, but also more of an example that they grew up watching. I would sum it up to a more childish admiration and respect for her?

So far that's what I'm seeing his character playing out as, with a slight distrust of the other mechanics except Fiore since she's 16 and would have grown up with the Birthed too. So she'd fall into that category of playful nonchalant attitude of Trey's personality.
You know I actually realized today while at work that Kiki, Audra, Trey, and Trixie (considering her explicit backstory) would know each other rather well at this point if they were all growing up on base together, and any new birthed units added post this comment as well.

I'm gonna love pretending that there's a whole history that they can draw on from knowing each other so well since Trey's more of a sunshine optimist that loves his friends and involves himself everywhere he can lol

We still playing the angle that they haven't met the mechanics yet? Or do I get to make vague references for everyone?


But for real if anyone wants to help me get some small friend building for me to work with for my character let me know it would be a big help in playing him right!

I would like to mention that I did design Trey to be more of a tank and a heavy hitter than a frequent speedster. He only has so much fuel in his body at a time and it's important for him to be careful when he uses his rocket engines.

A bit bummed people are shifting around mechanics on me though. Feels like nobody wants to partner. Like being picked last for dodge-ball. >.>

But yeah his personality is more supportive, so I always pictured him preferring a heavy role that goes out of their way to tank shots and take attention away from his teammates since his power was designed to make him nearly invulnerable. Unless he gets shot in the back of the knee or in the small fold in his shoulder or armpit he won't really need healing. Unless he gets shot by something big. Or shocked. Concussives will mess him up pretty bad sure since you know metal but I would argue it's more important for him to get a mechanic partner that is good with sensitive or complex machinery since he's one of the more analog units with physical tech in him. In fact at some point he'll have to get stronger too I'm sure so augmentation would be important so he would need an mechanic based mechanic more that anything.

I don't mean to be negative or argumentative, but I did design him to be a birthed tank unit since I he was most likely to see combat than mechanics and be deployed in the field not as much of a flanker. In fact his only major offense is the harsh punches he can throw, and the very risky move of blasting high amounts of fuel to shoot heat out of his elbows if I wanted to be creative with the elbow rockets. Not to mention, rockets are loud and without them he isn't all that much faster than a normal person in shape.


Oh cool sword howdy.

Let's hope the guild stay alive for awhile this time eh?
I hope the forum being as off and on as it has hasn't dissuaded people from wanting to take part. I was looking forward to using this character soon.

Oh wait I was on the wrong character's traits >.>

I was thinking of Kiki who had the ability to interface with other tech. That's my bad. I'm embarrassed. Sorry.

Well Dark dropped last page so don't feel pressured to get a new character.


Well to be fair we're all supposed to be an internally controlled group and most of the characters were born in the village to scientists. Hell even I assumed that my character had parents with some importance to the program but I just didn't think I had to elaborate on it since it was already part of the narrative.

I do agree though having too many people with the same abilities would make things a little stale, but on the other hand there are only a hand full of things we can do as birthed that don't require augmentation and tech can be replicated so I'm sure that some player might have some overlap. A medical expert would definitely be a very unique thing to bring into the table but I wouldn't let similarities dissuade you from playing what you wanna play. But weren't you also a hacker to some extent?
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