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Current I want to like, make a new rp group. But I don't have any super amazing creative ideas for one.
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Why do I insist on asking idiotic questions? It's just going to make me feel more like an idiot.
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No more procrastinating! It's time to get up and fight some boredom!.... You know... Like... In a minute...
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Gonna get me some tacos.
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Feeling pretty lonely today. Not many people want to talk it seems.. Work wasn't all to great either. I need a new job.


Well that poem was a fun place holder but I guess I should put in a real bio.

Well to start off, I'm a 22 year old male and writing is a huge hobby of mine in general. I've been rp'ing close to about 8 years now with various outlets but since it's hard to find partners after a while I decided to join up on a forum. I hate rp'ing in fandoms that allow for non-original content so you won't find me going into any Naruto or Star Wars rp's that take place in the era of the show or attempting to just live out the in show scenes. I hate posting less than I can describe when it comes to my rp's, and love to develop expansive in depth worlds. All this lead to me trying to organize open world rp scenarios, but time's a' wastin' and I want to get my writing fix.

I don't really have any genres I won't rp if I find them interesting, but I definitely prefer Sci-fi and Fantasy settings. Really I'm not sure what else to put here, I'm having trouble finding rp's to get involved in and I'm waiting to see if mine will go anywhere before I give up pitching ideas. I prefer characters that talk over using brute strength, and this usually lands me the role as the Rogue in games such as D&D or literally every rpg ever. I don't mind playing female characters at all and I have several I love to play, but not many males that I don't just make as I go. I am very willing to go 18+, feel free to approach me with pitches.

I know I'm forgetting something... I'll come back to this.

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As the translation came out nonsensical and foolish sounding Kriev turned his helm to Kiri as if he were waiting for an odd look. His voice clicked as he began to interject "... Well... I did say it would take some time." He tuned the machine as the conversation went on, occasionally smacking it as it fed back the strange translations. He took the time to tune it to the new female alien's tone of voice, prepping it to adapt her alien words more accurately but faster. Though by the time he attuned it precisely to learn her language faster, it seemed that another solution had given way. He let out a light sigh as he turned away from the group and looked at the surrounding woods.

It wasn't until his name was shouted to him. Soon he was given his orders to serve as the vanguard at the rear of the group as they moved. Once again his voice clicked before he spoke back, "Aye. As you say." As he accepted the orders he tossed the translator machine to Kiri before speaking back up. "Keep this close by, whatever the solution is here it may serve useful for the machine to finish it's learning processes. Maybe we won't have to... Rely on it again..." With the tone of his voice he hinted at the anger that was expressed earlier with how the woman touched Jess. But with his piece shared, he made his way to the back of the area waiting for the group to get moving. He raised his weapon and began it's charge, ready to defend the group at the drop of a hat if need be but not looking through the sights careful not to make it seem like he was going to fire on any of the alien's companions.
The sharp hum gave to a quick change in pitch as Kriev heard the call for his services, assuming this meant they were going to take a more diplomatic approach to this situation. He gave a low crackling grumble as he lifted the rifle, now not in full power mode, parallel to his shoulder and made his way around the rock and to his group. He turned his head to the captain, then the girl, trying to keep any sunglare off his helmet before beginning to take out the small device and speaking.

"This may take a moment to get anywhere actually helpful to us to do this..... It's not exactly very easy to decipher an entirely foreign language you know. Especially one with an.... Alien origin." He motioned to keep talking to the alien in front of them as he looked down and fiddled with the device. As he listened he watched the device, making some quick adjustments guessing at what certain things likely meant.
As the odd new human looking person stepping out of the woods spoke, Kriev's mind went blank and immediately he pulled forward his rifle. A loud Chak noise could be heard followed by the low hum of the rifle flowing into a loud high pitched charge. The Rifle was ready to fire, and Kriev could feel his eyes narrowing behind the mask. He let his finger creep onto the trigger, ready to pull it if he must as he was given the command to be ready.

Over the comm, the low growl of the marksman could be heard as if it were a predator anticipating a kill. ".... Aye." Notably, his tone and attitude was much less compromising than it normally was. To those with the authority to know it was negligible, merely a side effect of his past encounter and strong instinct for self preservation. But to the ones that wouldn't have known it might have come off as a rather unsettling experience, even for him. The low clicking continued as he breathed, his focus was pinpointed on the creature at hand though he waited for a signal to fire. "Ready on your command..."
Kriev scoped the area through his helmet, not seeing much more than a few bugs here or there and the occasional Lemur like creature. He slid off the rock and crouched to the ground as he communicated back to the group. "Nothing over here but me and the jungle. Though I'd make quick work of whatever it is you're doing. If a bird could get that big I'd hate to see a lizard."

His crackling and deep voice made it hard to tell if he was being condescendingly serious or just making a joke, but all the same he knew that he couldn't take this jungle lightly. Gigantism was a very real and very terrifying phenomenon that he was not keen on seeing go to work. The vast oceans of his youth taught him well that anything that's bigger than it should be can be dangerous whether or not it's threatening at it's smaller size. With that thought he took out one of the little vials from his pouch and scooped a sample of the soil before twisting it shut again and back into his pouch before returning his hands to a ready position on his rifle.
The masked figure strode out towards the planet's surface with an unwavering step as the crew began to move out, leaving the Doctor half way through her inspection before he so rudely tore away from her checks. Just the normal routine, the worst he would get is the age old human expression of rolling her eyes at him. It was a pointless gesture from her part, nobody would ever see her do it after all. Without much else to do she turned back into the hall of the ship trailing behind the regular trail of water and called something into a communicator to her assistant.

As Kriev passed by Jess he turned his face so his gleaming helmet showed her reflection and gave her a quick quip back accompanied by his typical deep clicking growl. "Best you keep up with me.... Ape woman."

The walk through the forest passed relatively quietly for Kriev, he would calmly stroll through and look at the foliage around him and never take his right hand off the grip of the rifle. Before they had left the Doctor gave him a few sample tubes that she had instructed him to fill with soil from any sites of interest, but as usual on these kinds of errands what "interested" him was subject to discussion. But he wasn't really bothered to stop and collect for her until the opportune moment. But that time would quickly come when they came upon the ship and the captain gave him instructions to keep an eye out. Beneath the mask, Kriev gave a slight smile as the crackle of his voice came through the mask. "Aye. If something comes up I'll let you know.... Before I shoot it this time."

With that he made his way to a large rock a few feet away from the crash site and hopped up onto it, taking a perching position facing the opposite direction of the group to keep a lookout on things. In the meantime after periodic sweeps of the area he would take out a vial and grab a small sample of soil from the base of the rock, but only enough to keep the Doctor happy with the results he would deliver to her.
Several fast paced foot steps could be heard in the lead to the cargo bay as a large heavily dressed humanoid man stepped into the the room. If one didn't know the wet suit of an Equariel better they'd think it were just another human with an over active sense of caution, or maybe even a gaudy taste for armor wear. But in this society the sight of the suit and the heavy scent of saltwater was a dead giveaway to the wearer's identity. This was a being of Opecularis, a fish man that would have been considered an oddity to many some years ago but now was just another aspect of daily life. It was none other than Kriev'en, totting a large plasma tech rifle in both hands as he walked to the group that had gathered as ordered.

A deep crackling click could be heard beneath the mask, a result of his deep injuries after a battle with a large predator on his home planet as he had explained it. Soon after his voice groaned through.

"Quite a large beast, if the planet has more of those in store for us perhaps we should equip ourselves with more appropriate weaponry." A deep inhale followed his statement and his grip settled into a more comfortable position before he continued. "Should the occasion arise for it, it's best not to tempt fate by being unprepared. From what I hear birds on the Human world like the taste of fish, and I don't plan on being a meal today..."

"Don't mind him, he's always been rather quick on the trigger." Another familiar face stepped in soon after the Kriev'en made his statement. It was the ship's brought on Doctor, Doctor Ballik. A specialist in the field of medicine and biological research. Like normal her face was exposed and she wore her standard labcoat with shorts combination that seemed soaked through where the sleeves made contact with the arms. Each foot step she took left large rectangular spots of water on the floor along with a trail of drips as if she had just stepped out of the shower with no effort to dry off. Without much hesitation she began to go through her standard check of Kriev's gear, making sure he would be sufficiently moisturized for at least the next 5-6 hours if needed. "Just be sure to find some kind of water source Kriev. You don't want to dry out again, you'll get a infection rash at this rate."

"The Equariel race is an amphibious gill bearing humanoid race, with large variations in correspondence with their natural environments and evolutionary conditions."

"Can you say that again in English Doctor?"

"They're fish people captain. They have gills, they have fins, they have scales. They swim fast, they're good divers, and they can breath underwater. Surprisingly smart too. While they aren't exactly the most dangerous creature on that planet down there, they certainly learned how to avoid the ones that should be worried about. We discovered them quite some time ago when the TCS Imperium fell into the Planet's orbit. If you're unfamiliar with them you're more than welcome to read up on them in my observational studies. They were still in their respective stone age when we discovered them- well they discovered us. If we hadn't brought them into the space age before their time, who knows what kind of advancements they could have made on their own..."

Ah great, screw me and my fast reading. Just gonna be the constantly embarrassed guy on this thread it seems >.>

Still Navy pride.
I feel that it should be noted that as an unintentional circumstance, that I didn't realize until now. I volunteer with the united states naval sea cadet core and I'm about 26, most of the cadets in our unit are also at or around 16. so that's interesting for me anyway.

Wait seriously? You're Navy? And with the seals? Nice man, respect on that. My father was a Seal candidate and I was raised with the Navy so props from me Sword.

Hey if she's an outcast in society that's all the more reason that Trey would go out of his way to bug her, and the oldest kid typically typically captures the attention of the younger kids as the cool one. To defend my point further, while he isn't an active trouble maker or a prankster he is a very lax and joking individual so if anything I stand by my initial point. XD
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