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Current You know I'm unsure if I should go out of my way to reconnect with people or just try to start something entirely new and pray it doesn't fall apart. This is a delicate hobby for sure.
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I swear sometimes I just worry to much.
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I'm pretty sure I missed a lot of context but there sure is a lot of what seems like arguing going on here.
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I'm pretty bored man.
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Got me Tales of Berseria, gonna enjoy exploring a new JRPG. I gotta think up a new group rp soon, need my creative outlet fix.


Well that poem was a fun place holder but I guess I should put in a real bio.

Well to start off, I'm a 21 year old male and writing is a huge hobby of mine in general. I've been rp'ing close to about 8 years now with various outlets but since it's hard to find partners after a while I decided to join up on a forum. I hate rp'ing in fandoms that allow for non-original content so you won't find me going into any Naruto or Star Wars rp's that take place in the era of the show or attempting to just live out the in show scenes. I hate posting less than I can describe when it comes to my rp's, and love to develop expansive in depth worlds. All this lead to me trying to organize open world rp scenarios, but time's a' wastin' and I want to get my writing fix.

I don't really have any genres I won't rp if I find them interesting, but I definitely prefer Sci-fi and Fantasy settings. Really I'm not sure what else to put here, I'm having trouble finding rp's to get involved in and I'm waiting to see if mine will go anywhere before I give up pitching ideas. I prefer characters that talk over using brute strength, and this usually lands me the role as the Rogue in games such as D&D or literally every rpg ever. I don't mind playing female characters at all and I have several I love to play, but not many males that I don't just make as I go. I am very willing to go 18+, feel free to approach me with pitches.

I know I'm forgetting something... I'll come back to this.

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Personally I do love a lot of the characters that dropped in, Garanin was very enjoyable and personally I'd love to do a story with him included again. Who knows if I could figure out the dice mechanics maybe I could run an actual campaign on the site in my lore and you could explore the world the way it was intended to. Or just another high fantasy rp with a more solid plot from the get go. I sing your praises MultiMan, you're always welcome in my forums.
Well I've been talking with some people and I'm beginning to find this rp is losing a lot of steam. Behind the scenes I've been finding too many people are dropping, a lot of people are losing interest, and many of my actual plot points have collapsed as people have been leaving. I know some people have posted recently and it's my turn, but that's 2 loyal players and many many more that have devolved into inactivity.

So just a heads up, I think it's time to send off the rp. I will listen to feedback and opinions before I close it so if you want this to stay I would like to hear it.

I was awaiting something to timeskip your particular setting actually. You guys asked all the questions for orientation but I don't want you to wait on me to do something, this is an rp community I would encourage being a bit outgoing and do things you want to do or talk to your fellow players.

Honestly, if it were in character you could have walked out of the class like 3 days ago and told the teacher you wanted to spend your time studying on your own.
Ok if this makes it to a 5th day without SOMEONE stirring in here I'm closing the rp. Anyone?

So, uh, either my reading comprehension is shit or the enchanting master is like a friggin' gerbil or something?

If you want me to spoil the lore based explanation he's a mythical fae race called a Tavi that I based on one of my favorite stories called "The Borrowers" and another story called "The Elves and the Shoemaker." Basically they are small creatures from myth in the world of my lore that are spoken of in fairytales and are credited for the production of unusual legendary weapons such as the Rings of the Three Kings. Which are small silver rings that expand in size when you throw them magically and always return to one another. They are also the ones credited with the invention of the method used to cut and forge magical ice that is as hard as steel into a weapon that was created as an heirloom to the northern kingdom's royal bloodline.

Basically if King Arthur was in my world the lady of the lake would have gotten Excalibur from these guys.

Honestly by now I was hoping you guys would have known most things in this school are highly unusual.

There was no audible response while the forge still hid from view sight of the Enchanter. After a short amount of awkward silence a very small mouse sized creature hidden behind a cloak and cap made it's way up to the cluttered counter in the corner of the room with a bag over it's shoulder. The dwarven smithy spoke to the creature after clearing his throat, "Master Rovi, our student has greeted you with great enthusiasm for your arrival." The creature looked to him and perked up for a moment, looked at the student and then let out an sharp chirp noise as if shocked it had not noticed it's guests. Master Rovi removed his cap and to large rabbit like ears unfolded down to his back from under a tuft of long brown hair that covered his head. The Enchanter spoke through curved almost pursued lips in a barely audible shout from over the crackles of the forge. "L'rei cal ta. Ti a' Ra-vi." The language was highly unfamiliar and choppy.



As the rune floating in the room began to shift in shape and form, a few more students began to filter into the room. Not many more as was to be expected of a school teaching such a niche skill like magic. They mingled among themselves for a bit before finding seats at different locations in the room. They were trying hard not to be too audible, and on one occasion a shy looking girl stood and went to go speak with her new mentor. They exchanged a few words and bowed to eachother before the girl retreated back to her seat and returned to her own book.
<Snipped quote by MULTI_MEDIA_MAN>

nah man here every body likes everybody else... except dark elves cuse you know no one likes dark elves.

also still here just haven't thought of much to post in a while, Vale is still rather unimpressed with everything lol.

Really that's rather appropriate seeing as he's a dark elf. He's conditioned on a social level to have a sense of keen superiority and if he's more or less a special ops soldier I expect him to be keeping an eye out for powerful tools or spells that he can exploit for those above him. Alternatively if he's not loyal, he'd likely be striving for more power for himself. So all in all I am completely ok with him maintaining a bored persona, but if you want to be sure to keep your hat in the ring you should probably post something on your general thoughts on your circumstance or something cause it's looking like some people are flaking out again and I may have to cull them out again, but honestly that's not bothering me too much cause this rp was only supposed to work in a small group like this. I hope Scarecrow is still here though I've seen 'em post in the OOC but the que has gone missed for a few days now. And I haven't heard of the tiefling or the combat mage either and that would be a shame to see the dark elf teacher have to hold his classes off screen.

I kinda regret having rune in her class alone, but not many restoration mages have even signed up.
@Lucius Cypher

Oh hey bud if you're gonna jump in be sure to put your character into the characters page

The door towards the wall, shorter than most and mostly hidden behind the forge opened and shut very gently. The Dwarven Mastern forgeman turned to his Dwarfkin with a smile then turned towards the and spoke. "AH here he is. Master Rovi we have a few students eager to meet you today." He turned back to Garanin and spoke to him, "Brother, this is Master Rovi. The Grand Enchanter of the great Arcanium. Magical artisan of every enchantment that touches the metal of my forge." He stood with his arm extended at the door, a great awkward silence filling the gap in conversation as he awaited Garanin's reaction.



The teacher's eyes lost their luster and her gaze lowered downward. "That is..." Weakness was present in her voice, pattering into a very gentle soothing yet melancholy tone, "That is a story very, the phrase being, a very personal one for me. I'm sorry, I would prefer not to speak more of it." Her silver hair fell down to her shoulders as she began to make her way back to her desk. "Take your seats younglings, The class will begin in precisely 15 minutes." Her hand gracefully weaved a character into the air, beginning to shift it's shape into others as if it were counting down in some other language. The teacher sat in her chair and began to prepare her lesson in silence. Leaving her students to commune among themselves.



The students made their way to open seats, but the older student stood closer to the front of the room and made conversation with one of the male students that made their seat close by. He seemed friendly and calm, removed a pair of fine leather gloves he had on his hands, laying them down neatly on the table, and began to tell the conversation partner something about hand placement in spells. Soon Master Liyva made her way to the front of the room with a Jolly smile, "HELLOOO MY STUDENTS! GOOD MORNING AND GOOD DAY!" She made her rounds looking at each and every one of her students extruding an aura of overly enthusiastic happiness into the room. "I am very pleased to see you all here today, and welcome to the first year of Restoration magics. Now this school is not like most you see that have curriculum lessons or grades, you will be expected to learn and seek the knowledge yourselves outside of classes. But today, we have a simple lesson I enjoy teaching! The use of a Crystal of Wound Sealing. Waylin, if you would please?"

The Older Student took a basket from the window sill and began to pass out Large mostly clear crystals with the only impurity being a very unique and uncommon milky pink substance that seemed to float in the crystal like ink in water. Isil was the third of the students to receive it, and while this sort of crystal was fairly common in her home country as this was a elven technique she could very easily tell this was masterwork quality that was considered rare even among the nobles of the high elven cities. The crystal was far larger than Isil's hands, and as the Student called Waylin gave it to her he told her briefly "You don't want to drop this one." before moving on to the next student.
<Snipped quote by Lucius Cypher>

As I am on desktop and not scrambling to recall details on my mobile device, I am much more capable of giving accurate information.


Page 1 of the RP opens us up with the Orientation. We are introduced to Headmistress Miatri, the otters who tend to the books, and the Archmage Astioth. Only we're introduced to him as a painting, not in person. [At the time of writing, he has not made a physical appearance.] We are, however, told that it is quite possible to find him, and that he will be more than willing to share his knowledge with students. [A GM post focusing on Miatri later reveals the location of his office is up sixty flights of stairs.] Notable information we are exposed around this portion is that there is one copy of each book, destroying any of them will get you expelled, we are strongly discourage from bringing books into the baths [public style, available to males and females during clearly scheduled and alternating shifts], and that the Chef's name is Piero. We're also introduced to the rules of conduct for mage duels, as well as the arena.

Bah, running out of time on my end. Page 2 was when the announcement of the feast took place, as well as the feast itself. At the bottom of the page, the announcement of the mentors for the new students was made via parchement crow, and basically page 3 onwards has been building up to the first actual class held by said mentors. I apologize for skipping over describing the player interactions but those are basically the bare-bones bits of information in regards to what's happened.

And to add onto that soon we will go through a general summary of the orientation to the classes and be back to regular walking around and interaction since I don't want to like, do 10 pages of explaining all the magics. This is more of an intro to who you go to for what and where your assignments would be coming from. Sorry guys I've had a massive headache since this morning and haven't been on the computer all day.
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