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TLDR: Horror Fantasy RP where we take turns making death rooms for each other!

Flavor Text:
He woke up in a dark room. The only thing breaking the monotony of the black walls was a strange door. He could have sworn he’d just died, but even now the memory was getting hazy. Was it all a dream? He approached the door cautiously, and slowly he turned the knob...
This is a mansion where the only way out is through. Behind each door could be anything-another decrepit room, a thriving ballroom crowded with strange figures, or even a dense forest. But as desperately as he wants to escape, something else is desperate to keep him there forever... And every time he dies, he wakes up again in that melancholic room. The more it happens, the more he remembers and the more determined he is to get away once and for all-but so too do the rooms get increasingly worse. He has to uncover the twisted secrets of the mansion’s dark past before it consumes him.

•In this rp, I’ll be playing the character mentioned above. You play another character trying to escape. Both of us will also take turns playing the various monsters and villains of the mansion! (Not nearly as popular of an option, but if you want you could just “DM” it by setting up every room and I’ll react!)


The general structure of the rp is I set up a room (complete with threats, be it monsters or otherwise) for you and you set one up for me! So in a post, you would first have your character respond to the room’s events in my post, then have a section where you describe a room for me. And I would reciprocate. In rooms where our characters are together, we can both make stuff up at will! AT THE END OF EVERY ‘ARC’ (usually pretty short but can be as long as we like!) our characters die. The one describing the room gets to describe how the other’s character dies! (Player can add whatever dialogue/flavor they want though!) Then they are revived to try all over again. Eventually they’ll make it out… right?


A “room” here can be anything! Anything at all!!! We may be stuck in a haunted mansion that opens up to an entire swamp, or a dead mall, or cabin in the woods… whatever you can think of! The more bizarre, the better! Is it eerily empty? Crammed with monsters? One lone demon stalking the halls? Walls coming in on you? Floor quicksand? Just as there can be any room, there can be any threat or danger! Mix and match!

Bring your creativity and keep things moving! I can’t carry the story alone.
Romance(m/f) allowed if you want, but no smut!
This is a horror RP. The scarier things get, the better! That said, limits are important. My limits are basically no smut (but also, as a religious person, please no ‘evil nun/priest/church’ plots). In return I will accommodate your limits—sexual, violent, or otherwise.
Drama and angst encouraged but not required!

Message me and let’s get started! I’m open to doing this with several different people so don’t be shy!
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