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Current Sorry, another physically and emotionally draining day that is completely prohibiting my creative ability. Slowly working on my responses.
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Too exhausted to write today. Rest assured responses will be coming.
2 mos ago
Back on today - patience is appreciated as I work through messages.
2 mos ago
Limited posts/responses from me until Tuesday.
2 mos ago
Bought my wedding dress! I can't wait to put it on. Too excited for sleep.



I usually log-in to check for PMs and immediately log-off if there are none. I'm a fairly busy person. Until I finish my masters (end of July- WOO), I'm likely going to be pretty quiet.

I have been roleplaying for almost two decades now (where has the time gone?), it has been an interesting journey in learning and evolving. At this point in my life, I like dark writing that is flooded with complexity, obscenity, horror, and passion. The more grotesque and gritty, the better. Slice of life and generic plots exhausted me more than anything. My personal slice of life is pretty wonderful admittedly, I don't need any other slices. Writing is meant to be my escape and an unfettered world to let my mind wander and explore all the little caverns of the creative mind.

I like to think I'm friendly, though I sort of tend to keep to myself. My patience and attention span can somewhat easily grow short, so I need partners that are likewise vested and engaged in the creative process. I spend a lot of my free time either hiking in the mountains or in my computer chair playing a game. (Elder Scrolls Online, anyone?) For those who are interested, I am in the United States in the mountain standard timezone.

Bring me the head of the disco king.

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I have a really hard time not being busy and trying to relax. At any point in time I need to have several things going on; either on a large scale (like juggling two professions and my masters) or having movies on while doing freelance work.
Updated, again. 🖤
Updated. 🖤
"There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft.Every other sin is a variation of theft. When you kill a man, you steal a life... you steal his wife's right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth. ... there is no act more wretched than stealing."
Khaled Hosseini

Just a little bump.

Absolute perfection.

Tell me a story...

I’ve been collaborating with people for nearly 20 years, I’m picky but that will benefit us both in the long run. Like most of us, I have a busy life and responsibilities that come first. Writing for me is relaxing and fun, being "required" to post x amount of times in a set time becomes work. And I do enough of that already. I will post several times a week. If I plan to be on vacation or away for some reason, you will know. If you are concerned I've disappeared, follow up with me. I don't get offended and my feelings are rarely hurt.

Please do not jump on board if you are currently just looking for temporary or do not intend to put effort into plot collaboration. I also don’t want anything to be a chore, so if you aren't excited about a plot, tell me. This is meant to be an escape from reality and it is meant to be enjoyable, I expect that you communicate if it is not. I put time and effort into my writing, I would rather not waste that energy and I don't want to waste yours.

I live a busy life but I intend to find one or two partners that can work with me to challenge our minds, to bend reality and to create a story that leaves us both craving more. Sound interesting? See below.

♦♦♦ 4.16.19: I am at capacity. If you have a specific idea in mind and you are excited about working together, feel free to message me. Just know I may be slow. ♦♦♦

►A few things you should know...◄

♦ I do not fade to black. I'm not timid with any subject matter. If you have hard limits on things you are comfortable with, please tell me.

♦ I can and will play all genders. I also play all pairings.

♦ I would appreciate that if you are no longer interested or feel that our story isn’t what you wanted, that you be an adult and communicate that. I won’t bother you if you drop, but I won’t write with you again.

♦ I can't verify your age, but please respect the request that you be over 18.

♦ On that note, I won't play with characters under 18, either.

♦ I only RP through PM in a 1x1 context. No outsides sites.

♦ If you do not move the story forward in your posts, I am not interested and will likely end the story.

♦ If you cannot generate at least 3-4 substantive paragraphs per post on average, I will overwhelm you. Please do not inquire if you cannot do this. I appreciate grammatically correct writing.

♦ I don't do anthros or nekos, sorry.

♦ No cliche and generic characters, please.

♦ Not looking for sex-based plots. Things of sexual nature will likely occur, but that's not what I'm here for and should not be the driving force of the writing.

♦ If horror, obscenity or science fiction make you uneasy, we aren't compatible.

♦ No slice of life.

♦ I post several times a week - unlikely that it will be daily. I feel burnout occurs relatively quickly with forced and rushed posting.

♦ Want to see what I bring to the table? First, let me know you are interested and give me something to go off of, I will give you a sample in return.

♦ If these things sound out of question for you, please know we aren't compatible.


The role/gender may be reversed on any of the above. These are all just skeletons and can be molded and morphed as we see fit. Have an idea you are dying to toy with that seems to mesh with things I've listed? Please, feel free to propose it.

Roman: She is promised to the future king, an outsider to this land but from a lineage of incredible wealth and beauty. You work as a servant for the prince and cannot help but notice strange occurrences around the foreign woman - when you discover more than bargained for, what do you do?

Wanted: A quiet agency has raided across the country, overturning every stone along their way to find her. Wanted signs asking for information on her are tattered and aging, all strongly advising to not make contact with the "Extremely unpredictable and dangerous" fugitive. You are no saint but find yourself unsure of what to do when you think you've found her.

♦ From the sea: She woke in a foreign land and found herself breathing air for the first time. Legs replace her glistening tail and lungs replace her gills. How did she arrive here, how will she return, and most important, what is she?

Science and War: During WWII far more than the atrocities of war and the simple-minded human experimentation was occurring. Beneath the battlefield, a sinister plan and a clever team of scientists are developing creatures like never before. Where do you fit along a brilliant young scientist?

♦ Wasteland: A plague like never seen before by medicine has ravaged most of the planet. The world is quiet and void of more than 90% of the previous inhabitants. Rogue groups have formed and violence is rampant. The forest is her refuge, and you've stumbled upon it.

♦ Oath: She is obsessed with death and found herself working in a trauma surgery ward to get as close as possible to death, without interference. She's moved from state to state, always with a reason. You know her secret, you know of the skeletons in her closet and her ghastly actions- the question is, why haven't you turned her in? [Extra gruesome plot.]

Blood of the Ancient: You are an avid Lovecraft reader and find yourself often lost in your own thought; but what happens when a mysterious woman appears and suddenly you find that you cannot awake from your daydreams? Where have you gone, how will you escape, and why does she appear time and time again?

Sleepless: Night after night you awake in a fevered-sweat. It is always the same nightmare that jostles you awake. You have tried a pharmacy of pills and sleeping techniques, but after months of sleepless nights you feel your mind is slipping. One evening while reading, you swear you saw something out of the corner of your eye. Months pass and the sightings become more frequent, until you begin to hear her as well.

♦ The Unknown: You have lived for a century, an unapologetic life of hedonism. A life of feeding off of the weaker species, both literally and metaphorically, while enchanting them with your looks and talents. Whatever you have desired you have not feared to pluck. One evening, en route to your secluded home, you find the most stunning of women unconscious at the edge of your woods. Something compels you to take her. But soon, you will learn this one is not like the others.

♦ Black paint: You've spent twenty years in homicide division and it goes without saying that it is exhausting. When something in your life snaps the delicate web that has been holding you up, you see the world around you far differently. You see the actions of a serial killer you've been hunting for years in a new light; and they have noticed.

♦ Deeper into the wood: [High fantasy] I don't necessarily have a prompt, however, it would be a pairing with a vengeful dyrad who has been robbed of her home and injured.

♦ The chains which bind: I don't have a prompt for this, however, I have in mind a historical slavery (and escape) story line (be it during ancient, more modern, or fantasy setting).

♦ No plot idea, I am itching for a sci-fi/tech adventure set in the 70s/80s. Perhaps stumbling upon tech far beyond understanding and causing a an interstellar crisis. Let's figure something out.

► Interested? ◄

Send me a PM, let’s build a story. Be patient if I don't reply right away, I am a big girl with a life and responsibilities.
Greetings RPG,

Well I finally did it, I reset my password and brought myself back. Life went crazy on me, a lot has changed in the last several years. Now that things are settled and I'm feeling apt to writing consistently again, I am back. I apologize to anyone I disappeared on, things moved much beyond my control. I am curious to see if any of my old partners are still floating around on here.

I typically do only 1x1's and only a handful of highly detailed and constructed RPs. I fancy horror, sci-fi and all things gritty and strange. I have been doing play-by-post RP for over 15 years now and love to get lost in a good story. I'm hoping to shake off a few layers of rust and dust and get back into it.

See you in the interest checks. :)

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