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Current In other news, Republicans in Oregon have laid siege to the state capital, shutting down the democratic process. They have the support of right-wing militia groups who have shot at police before.
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There are concentration camps at the southern US border. Boy oh boy, am I proud to be an American.
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Does anyone else
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Samwise Gamgee is the hero of our hearts
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Once a week, baby. Catch me, Saturday to Sunday, every week. 4 hours a day, 2 days a week. 4/2, baby. Hell yeah.
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I'm a smug, rational lefty scumbag. Oh yes, I do believe in free speech, and yes, do I oh so believe in de-platforming the bigoted.

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Still here. Things were busier this weekend then expected, but I should be able to get a post up within the next couple of days.
Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (17/30) EXP
Location: On the Road
Word Count: 265

Agoston was oblivious to any latant goodness or hesitance within Grimm. Instead he rolled to a stop and popped back up to his feet. Victory was theirs! Grimm was dead. A glorious death, if Centurion did say so himself. Cracking his neck, he threw his fist up in the air. "Victory! Well done, everyone." He slammed his fist twice on his metal breastplate, smiling brightly. He watched curiously as Princess Peach took the soul of the dead man and transformed.

"Hmm. Not exactly a royal aesthetic. Nonetheless, in times like these, we must do what it takes." The Centurion had a great deal of respect for the Princess. Few leaders he knew would join the warriors on the field of battle.

"Kamek!" Calling out, the Centurion waved at the turtle wizard as he searched the field for his discarded Drill Kart. "Thank you for that embiggening spell! It was quite the thrill." Eventually he found his lost vehicle, tipped over and covered in dirt.

With a grunt, he flipped it back onto it's wheels. "Our enemies cannot stop us. Get yourself sorted out, everyone. Grab the big one, Bowser. Or somebody. I don't care. Glory awaits!" Clambering into the kart, the weary vehicle struggled back to life and the eager Centurion began accelerating down the road at half-speed. Time was of the essence. If someonebody wanted too, they could pull alongside the Centurion and talk to him. His mind was on that of war and progress towards his ultimate goal; killing Galeem, the false god. The fate of the empire was at stake.

Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (2/30) EXP
Location: On the Road
Word Count: 504

The massive Centurion looked at the Grimm brother. The man raised a gun, and fired! Centurion's eyes widened and he brought his arms up infront of his face and chest to protect himself. A golden orange light formed and hardened around his forearms. The Deathspawn slammed into his arms, knocking them away and shattering the phalanx. A good amount of force made it to his core and the Centurion was knocked onto his butt.

"Oof!" He onomatopoeia'd. The wind was knocked out of him. As he grunted to his feet to assault the man who had done this, he realized has much smaller. Well, much smaller than he just had been. He was much bigger than he used to be, but now he was much smaller than he just was. The wizard's spell had failed. Damn!

Standing to his feet, the Centurion began clambering up the side of the hulking machine. The Grimm asked him to bring it, and thus he would! Eventually, he slowly made it up, wrapping his hand around a raised bar and pulling himself up.

"Come here! I'm going to..." He pushed on his knee and got to his feet. There was no one here! Whirling around he checked the left edge, and then the right. There he was! Linkle was standing near him, saying something and looking confused. Some sort of spell? There was no time to lose!

"Watch out, Linkle!" He shouted.

Before anyone could respond, Agoston leaped from the roof of the vehicle. "HaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAA-" Laying on his side in the air, he was to come crashing down upon the kneeling man with an incredible elbow drop!
Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (2/30) EXP
Location: On the Road
Word Count: 504

The Centurion cursed as the Brothers Grimm smashed through their line of vehicles. If only he were made of steel and wire, and not flesh and bone. Still, vengeance would be theirs!

As he wrestled with the monster truck, he felt his strength waning. His arms felt like they could pop out of their sockets! He was leaving two wakes of upturned dirt behind him as his heels dragged through the Earth. Clowns laughter echoes in his ears and he turned briefly to see the mad ice cream truck come charging towards him. Bowser Jr was forced to escape by some powerful weapon. The Sweet Bot was distracted and damaged by his allies but it might only be a matter of time until it came upon him. Agoston furrowed his brow and turned his attention back to the monster truck, trusting his allies that they would kill the Sweet Bot.

He screamed out in anger as the monster truck slipped through his grasp and his feet lost their balance. Falling forward onto all fours he watched as the monster truck began to speed away. Suddenly, a blast of plasma struck into the mechanical menace and it slowed once more to a halt. Briefly his eyes glanced towards the source. "Yes, Franklin!" Agoston celebrated. The man Micheal had freed was certainly proving his aim was true.

The Centurion scrambled to his feet desperately, as if the halted monster truck was an oasis in a desert. Like a mad man he latched back onto the truck and stumbled around to the ground of it, gripping it by both sides of the hood. "Incredibilis!" He grinned as he slipped into his native tongue. He raised his fist in the air and slammed his knuckles into the hood of the car. Channeling his unstoppable energy and the heat that was gifted to him, he was trying to do as much damage to the monster trucks engine as possible. Mechanical bits stuck up through the hood of the car. Those looked important! He punched the monster truck's pistons and tried to batter exposed engine parts into submission. Shoulder pain throbbed through his form but he was a practiced soldier, and ignored it to focus on the battle.

The Centurion tried to position is form so the machine guns would have as little of his form to hit as possible. He was so close to it he might be hard to hit. After a few strikes, he reached down and tried to wrench one of the miniguns off of the side of the car and slam it across the front of the truck. His main focus was keeping the truck still if it started up again, and continuing to lay down impact after impact to bring the trucks inner workings to stagger and studder. With help from some of his allies, this truck may never move again! At least the next time Frankline fired a plasma bolt at it it would hopefully be a much easier target.

Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (2/30) EXP
Location: On the Road
Word Count: 417

Centurion looked on, determined, as the convoy retreated. That was too easy, he thought. It would also be a shame to have this giant effect wasted on such a small skirmish. His inner thoughts were confirmed as he saw a massive convoy approaching.

"That was just a scouting party, it seems. Here comes the real threat." His crimson eyes focused down on the intimidating monster truck. He could stare it down and- that was a lot of guns. That would be a wound that could put him out of the fight. Quickly, the Centurion considered his options. He could try and last through the beating, but he might not be able too. He could Phalanx, but that would shatter his shield for a long while, and ultimately do no good. That thing was coming straight for him with an intent to kill.

Cursing, the Centurion dodged his giant form to the side to avoid the gatling guns. The Brothers Grimm would thunder past. One of the Koopa nobility began assaulting the man on top, and would most likely defeat him. Whatever destruction that monster truck would wrought upon his allies, Centurion intended to immediately avenge. He quickly followed in it's stead, attempting to take on the metal menace with little to no help from his allies, save of course his immense size.

"Brothers Grimm! Prepare yourself for death!" He called out after them, making haste in their wake. Eventually, the Brothers Grimm would have to turn to make another pass at his allies, or perhaps he could just catch up with them normally. Centurion, being on his legs, would most likely be able to outmaneuver the monster truck, at least that was his plan.

His ultimate goal was to get his searing hands on the accursed wheeled monstrosity. He would peel off the exhaust pipes, and try and break the glass of the front window. If he could get his fingers into where the drivers sat, he could burn them alive with his newly granted abilities. All the while he would put his weight on the thing and grind his heels into the ground and try to bring it to a slow down.

Or, perhaps, he wouldn't be able to catch it, and would just chase it around for a bit. Either way, that would keep the monster truck off his allies long enough for them to destroy the other enemies and come assist him. 1 giant for another, it seemed like a fair enough trade.

Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (2/30) EXP
Location: On the Road
Word Count: 522

The Centurion saw the Koopa King set up his barrier. That was an intelligent move. It would give their ranged fighters a station to fire from and put their karts alongside for cover, and give melee fighters like himself a place to recuperate stamina and composure. Now that they had the backline established, the Centurion decided he would be the one to establish the front line. Donnie, though they hadn't been introduced to each other yet, began to fire down upon the enemy karts. Agoston had never see anything like a kart before, let alone these mechanical horseless carraiges. Some of them were armed with guns, like Micheal, Franklin, and the Courier had.

Centurion swerved around Bowser's barrier to the right. Pressing a big, red, button the drill on the front of his kart began to spin. Leaning forward, Agoston drove into the fray. One of the enemy vehicles swerved to avoid Donnie's Chi blast, and Centurion took the advantage to break the car into pieces with the drill. "Woah! Hah!" Laughing, the Centurion began playing deadly bumper cars with the enemy.

Agoston began driving around, using his phalanx ability to protect himself and any nearby allies from gunfire.

Suddenly, one of Bowser's turtle friends spoke up. The wizardy one with the big blue hat.

"What?" He turned around, not quite hearing him over the bass-blasting music and roaring engines. Sorcery suddenly began to envelop him. Before he knew it, he felt himself becoming larger! He knew the feeling already. Clambering out of his kart, he watched in awe as he grew to be the size of a small building. Fortunately, this size increasing brought his armor to size with him, so it wouldn't just pop off of him.

He gave a nod of acknowledgement to the wizard and turned. He might be slower, but he was much more maneuverable than these enemy karts giving that he could run, walk, and stop in whatever direction he wanted. Therefore he could just raise his leg or dodge out of the way if they tried to ram his feet.

Agoston also moved his legs and used his phalanx ability to interrupt enemy fire, aswell as the now several inches think amount of steel he had to protect against the now tiny bullets.

He would attempt to snag at enemy karts, heat them up with his internal energy, and fling the now molten projectile at the other vehicles. Kicking and stomping them into pieces would also work. "This is fantastic!" His booming voice echoed across the battlefield. The mounted guns could not even reach his face if they turned all the way back! In this scenario, the Centurion felt invincible, and would put himself into the fight as much as possible to protect his more vulnerable allies and smash, toss, and melt as many enemy vehicles as he could.

In this way the Centurion was also a moving piece of cover. One of his tree-trunk legs, imbued with protective energy, could be used as a shield from enemy karts and gunfire. That wizard turtles drinks were on him for the rest of time!

@Lugubrious For Centurion's level 3 power, I was thinking he could get the ability to heal off kills. He has the feat in the game called Body Count. The bigger the enemy, the more health he gets back. That way it gives him more sustainability. Does that sound fair/ balanced to you?

If not, maybe his new ability is just being able to summon and create a new, heat resistant gladius that matches his size.

I'm not sure which one.
Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (2/30) EXP (still thinking of what new power to get)
Location: MegaDragonBowser castle
Word Count: 256

"These things are puny." The Centurion complained, picking up one of the karts and examining it. He had hovered toward the kart with the massive drill on the front. "Even for regular sized me. I'd much prefer a mighty steed. Are there any giant flaming horses around?" His eyes fell on the horse shaped kart. That's not right. The Centurion had ridden in horse carts before, but riding a kart horse seemed to be a totally different experince.

These karts were allegedly supposed to take them great distances. Well, he had seen stranger things today. These karts just magically went forward when you stepped on the pedal, so whatever. Hunching over, the Centurion put his hands on the steering wheel and accelerated forward.

As he got the hang of the strange drill kart, he pondered this situation with the Pokemen. "I don't see the value in these tiny war beasts. An elephant could never fit in those tiny little spheres. Even if they are magical, or bigger on the inside, or whatever. I'm going to crush the enemy with my bare hands, I don't need a little worm creature to do it for me."

He stood up, planting one boot on the seat of the kart and the other on the grass, rolling the kart back and forth like a very heavy and very dangerous skateboard. It rolled out from underneath him, and he stumbled backwards, almost tipping over. Regaining his composure he crossed her arm and made a casual but determined pose.

Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (2/30) EXP (still thinking of what new power to get)
Location: MegaDragonBowser castle
Word Count: 334


Centurion had been stuffing his now much larger mouth with food, he had a seemingly endless appetite. He ate cleanly and effeciently, wolfing down vegetables and meat like a practiced expert, leaving nary a trace or crumb. His now razor sharp teeth sliced through the food like nothing. Listening intently to the conversation, the large man wiped his mouth with a napkin and leaned back in his small chair, satisfied.

"Well! I say we find this Galeem and strangle him to death with and strangle him to death with his own entrails." He said to the group gathered around in the room. He nodded at Gene, accepting his explanation fully.

"But first, we must elimiante the lieutanents. We don't have to strangle them with their own entrails- we can come up with something else for them. I'm going to the Land of Adventure to kill everything there. I wouldn't want to accidentally burn down the entire Dark Forest. As Tora says, we can split up and cover more ground that way. Time is of the essence. It's important we put as many of these bastards in the ground as fast as possible." He snapped the now dry stick of a kebab between his index and middle finger. He glanced up at Bowser. Agoston's newfound power made him wonder at what the turtle beast felt like all the time. The Centurion had never felt this...big! Were he to return to the Southern Empire now, he would be able to crush the enemies of justice like insects beneath his feet. There would never be a champion as great as he. All the more reason to restore things to what they were as fast as possible.

Anxious and eager, Agoston picked up a glass of water in his palm and began heating it up to watch it boil and evaporate away. He gulped down the steaming liquid and set the glass back down on the table.

"I'm ready to move as soon as possible. So rest quickly."

Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (2/30) EXP (still thinking of what new power to get)
Location: MegaDragonBowser castle
Word Count: 470

"Very well. Thank you, Tora." He said, filled with grim determination. He placed the spirit against his chest, right over his heart, and it vanished within his breastplate. Suddenly he was all alight, and he could see nothing but flames. He cried out in fear, assuming he had totally ignited. But there was no pain, just heat. An uncomfortable level of heat. His helmet shifted, and there was the crunching of metal as two horns burst from his forehead and pierced the flat, steel face of his helm.

He felt himself grow larger and stronger. "Dear God! I'm on fire!" He called out, attempting to pat out the flames. But they subsided shortly, and the astonished armored warrior was left looking over himself in disbelief. The black pits of his helm's eye holes were now glowing embers.

An armored gauntlet came up and gingerly touched the horns. "Oh, my." Something felt wrong in his mouth. He ran his tongue over his teeth, and they were sharper. If he had hair, it would be red and spikey.

"I'm a demon." He mourned regretfully. But he did not feel like sacrificing goats, or pillaging the innocent. He only felt stronger.

"The powers of Hell are granted upon me..." He clenched his fist, and then sheathed his gladius, which now seemed like a dagger in his hands.

"I'll need a bigger blade." He mumbled to himself. No, he thought. This was important.

"I need a bigger sword!" Agoston demanded proudly."But now, we feast. A just reward for such a fierce battle."

The Centurion plopped himself down in a chair, the poor piece of furniture almost crumbling beneath his now much larger form. He attempted to remove his helmet, only for the article of armor to be stuck on his horns. Grunting, he tore it off, ruining the poor thing.

"I need another helmet, too. With horn holes." He wondered if there was a blacksmith. For the first time, everyone could see his face. It was battered, scarred, and rugged from years of conflict, and now his teeth were razor sharp, horns burst from his head and his eyes were burning coals. Were it not for his relaxed body language and face, he could easily be mistaken for some horrible villain. The Centurion rapped his knuckles on the table.

"Come on! A feast! The Princess commands it." He looked down a Tora and winked. "And a toast as well. To our fallen friends." As he prepared to gulp down whatever drink he had in mind, a ruckus was approaching. An intruder of some kind. He grumbled and downed his drink in one go.

"What's this!?" The horned man called out. "Be quiet!" He chucked the mug as hard as he could at the stranger.
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