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8 days ago
Current we are all true believers on this day
5 mos ago
anyone else hate it when people drop out of rp's without saying anything? i guess that's why i hate myself
9 mos ago
i'm back and ready to RP as a giant robot
1 yr ago
what do prisoners use to call each other? cell phones.
2 yrs ago
shadow of war hype


Artist's rendition of the Battle of Hastings

i used to rp a lot but now i'm lazy and dumb

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two laughs but no takers

that's the way it is
ya ya yeet
who wants to have a western showdown with me

sheriff v outlaw "this is my town"

outlaw v outlaw "you messed with us for the last time"

outlaw v concerned citizen "you killed my cousin, you sumbitch"

you and me, pardner. let's throw down
is this whole thing toast?

was interested in doing something but it looks like it's pretty quiet up here

edit: nevermind, got my answer

it's yes, by the way. fucking rip, lol
i was tired and shit posted

sorry sorry sorry
sorry for going silent again. clearly i can't maintain a consistent schedule on the site. i'm gonna apologize again and then just vanish into the ether where i belong
In D-CLASS 5 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
lol yeah

i'll try this RP again someday but i've given up on it for now. people just going away without saying anything cuts deep into inspiration
In D-CLASS 5 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
well my internet went out for a whole day so i didn't get to write anything

tree hunting
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