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Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (2/30) EXP (still thinking of what new power to get)
Location: MegaDragonBowser castle
Word Count: 334


Centurion had been stuffing his now much larger mouth with food, he had a seemingly endless appetite. He ate cleanly and effeciently, wolfing down vegetables and meat like a practiced expert, leaving nary a trace or crumb. His now razor sharp teeth sliced through the food like nothing. Listening intently to the conversation, the large man wiped his mouth with a napkin and leaned back in his small chair, satisfied.

"Well! I say we find this Galeem and strangle him to death with and strangle him to death with his own entrails." He said to the group gathered around in the room. He nodded at Gene, accepting his explanation fully.

"But first, we must elimiante the lieutanents. We don't have to strangle them with their own entrails- we can come up with something else for them. I'm going to the Land of Adventure to kill everything there. I wouldn't want to accidentally burn down the entire Dark Forest. As Tora says, we can split up and cover more ground that way. Time is of the essence. It's important we put as many of these bastards in the ground as fast as possible." He snapped the now dry stick of a kebab between his index and middle finger. He glanced up at Bowser. Agoston's newfound power made him wonder at what the turtle beast felt like all the time. The Centurion had never felt this...big! Were he to return to the Southern Empire now, he would be able to crush the enemies of justice like insects beneath his feet. There would never be a champion as great as he. All the more reason to restore things to what they were as fast as possible.

Anxious and eager, Agoston picked up a glass of water in his palm and began heating it up to watch it boil and evaporate away. He gulped down the steaming liquid and set the glass back down on the table.

"I'm ready to move as soon as possible. So rest quickly."

Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (2/30) EXP (still thinking of what new power to get)
Location: MegaDragonBowser castle
Word Count: 470

"Very well. Thank you, Tora." He said, filled with grim determination. He placed the spirit against his chest, right over his heart, and it vanished within his breastplate. Suddenly he was all alight, and he could see nothing but flames. He cried out in fear, assuming he had totally ignited. But there was no pain, just heat. An uncomfortable level of heat. His helmet shifted, and there was the crunching of metal as two horns burst from his forehead and pierced the flat, steel face of his helm.

He felt himself grow larger and stronger. "Dear God! I'm on fire!" He called out, attempting to pat out the flames. But they subsided shortly, and the astonished armored warrior was left looking over himself in disbelief. The black pits of his helm's eye holes were now glowing embers.

An armored gauntlet came up and gingerly touched the horns. "Oh, my." Something felt wrong in his mouth. He ran his tongue over his teeth, and they were sharper. If he had hair, it would be red and spikey.

"I'm a demon." He mourned regretfully. But he did not feel like sacrificing goats, or pillaging the innocent. He only felt stronger.

"The powers of Hell are granted upon me..." He clenched his fist, and then sheathed his gladius, which now seemed like a dagger in his hands.

"I'll need a bigger blade." He mumbled to himself. No, he thought. This was important.

"I need a bigger sword!" Agoston demanded proudly."But now, we feast. A just reward for such a fierce battle."

The Centurion plopped himself down in a chair, the poor piece of furniture almost crumbling beneath his now much larger form. He attempted to remove his helmet, only for the article of armor to be stuck on his horns. Grunting, he tore it off, ruining the poor thing.

"I need another helmet, too. With horn holes." He wondered if there was a blacksmith. For the first time, everyone could see his face. It was battered, scarred, and rugged from years of conflict, and now his teeth were razor sharp, horns burst from his head and his eyes were burning coals. Were it not for his relaxed body language and face, he could easily be mistaken for some horrible villain. The Centurion rapped his knuckles on the table.

"Come on! A feast! The Princess commands it." He looked down a Tora and winked. "And a toast as well. To our fallen friends." As he prepared to gulp down whatever drink he had in mind, a ruckus was approaching. An intruder of some kind. He grumbled and downed his drink in one go.

"What's this!?" The horned man called out. "Be quiet!" He chucked the mug as hard as he could at the stranger.
Magnumus Agoston, Centurion.

Level 3 - (2/30) EXP (still thinking of what new power to get)
Location: MegaDragonBowser castle
Word Count: 514


Centurion had retreated back, trying not to drop his gladius as it glowed bright orange from the heat. He realized that in this fight, he was no good. Perhaps if he had a ballista. Yes, Agoston thought to himself. If he had a ballista, he would have been much more effective. A big wooden stick flung at high velocity. Right into the evil bowser's stupid, glowing face!

Fortunately, he provided enough of a distraction to give a little helping hand to the rest of his teammates, who were more adjusted for killing giant monsters, rather than hordes of Vikings. So it was that Mega Dragon Bowser died, turned to dust, and the castle was saved. Centurion roared loudly in victorious glee, throwing his arms into the air and celebrating rambunctiously. "Yes!" He slammed his fist twice against his breastplate.

He made rounds to various teammates, attempting to slam his own and their palms together in a mighty handshake.

The quandry of the spirit of beast came up. Apparently, absorbing it would grant the wearer great strength in battle, but worries of corruption came up, specifically for non-evil Bowser. I could certainly use that, the Centurion thought to himself. He became quiet and ponderous of what he should do. He took a knee and propped his chin up by his knuckles in an incredibly obvious 'thinking pose'.

"I could certainly use additional power in battle. Against these large beasts I am rather ineffective. But the beast did indeed offer his soul for Bowser, an obvious ploy of some kind. But was it just Bowser his spirit had a chance to corrupt? Or any of us? I believe myself to be incorruptible. But perhaps, that very ego is what will lead to my downfall. Alternatively, offering up his spirit could be some kind of double bluff. Whereby offering up a reward has made it more suspicious, purely based on the virture of the rewarder. Thereby, him offering the reward once it was lost, was a trick, to make us wary of improving our own strength. I could use this power to help restore the Empire. If I die, and my comrades fail to destroy Galeem...all is lost. Risks must be taken." He stood up.

"We cannot win by playing it safe!" He shouted valiantly. "I will accept the power of the dead tyrant. We shall wield it against them, and smite our enemies mightily! With God on my side, I shall not be lead into evil. This false god Galeem must be stopped, at all costs. Including my soul, if it must be that way!"

The self-aggrangizing but earnest Centurion stood and strode forward to the spirit on the ground, leaning over it.

"If I do become evil, stay at range and restrict my movement for the best chance at winning." Agoston advised, kneeling down over the spirit. His confidence was much less obvious now that he was about to do the deed.

"So, what. Do I just touch it- or?" He gingerly attempted to cup the object in his hands.

forgot about discord. i'm really on a roll, huh?

i guess i'll...get The Centurion to try grabbin the MDB spirit then
you guys think so? i was under the impression that it was off limits, and by "take care of it" @Lugubrious meant destroy it.

I mean if The Centurion was a flying fire person with dragon wins that would be great. But it might be too dangerous, right? or is it just Bowser who cannot excepet Evil Bowser's spirit because...well, then we would just get evil bowser again, lol. But if any of us could become evil I'm not sure. If anyone had the will to resist the allure of personal power it would be a borderline brainwashed egalitarian, honor-bound fascist.

but yeah mechanically it would be pretty neato. but also...potentially evil.

Am I just making this up, DM? OOC will any of our characters turn evil if we take the spirit of MDB? Or is it just a risk reward type thing

dragon wings...evil....dragon wings...evil

huh. i genuinely thought i posted last round.

maybe i...deleted my post. or something. bizarre. i can like, remember the wording of it, too.
sorry! i really don't know what happened. I dreamed up a post and never put it to paper, I guess. will start working on a post soon. at least we won, right? lol
will get a post up tomorow. i will have cent...i don't know. i'll have to think about it. stab him in the toe?
well. my ankle stab was worthless. I'm not sure what Centurion could do besides trying to get some damage in. Maybe try and cut a toe off or something

@Lugubrious do you think I could do a second character soon? I think I'd like to be able to write more versatile characters both in combat and in personality, just to have more to work with. If i understand correctly I need to get Centurion to level 3, right?

don't talk like that

we're going to live forever!
Hello. Hopefully, I'm going to be online more often than before. So, I figured I would write up a character that I've always liked and maybe get a chance to play in this RP. Let me know if there's anything I should change.

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