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GM messaged me to say he'll be working on his post tomorrow, if that helps any. I'll be jumping in right after!
Surely there can't be too many of them left by now. Andrina's probably going to show up late for the action and loot all the bodies at this rate!
Intriguing character history! With both her and Flavia possibly being in the company pretty soon I'm going to start thinking the Daedric lords have an interest in our fate for some reason, haha.

Thanks! Vaermina's involvement with Andrina is minimal at best (and entirely dependent on the GM, since I'm obviously not going to take control of a literal daedric prince) with the focus mainly being on her interacting with and becoming friends with the other characters. I guess it'd be interesting in the long run to see if any of the mercs start piecing together what happened, especially since if - by some remarkable circumstance - she does succeed in her quest, her reward is basically undoing the one thing that's keeping her from remembering all the bad stuff in her life. But the goal really isn't to have her 'win' or ever find a way to reverse the spell. The goal is to see her grow and heal beyond it. Some things are best left untouched, especially if it involves suffering.

...The smaller but equally as important goal is having Calder give Andrina a piggy back, mind. I loved reading your sheet! Calder seems like the moral compass this group is lacking and he fits the misconstrued 'hero' vision that Andrina has assigned to the Company, so I get the feeling she'll be skipping away at his heels if they ever get a chance to get to know each other.
Hi! I hope you're still accepting characters. I'd love to try my hand at a wood elf concept I've been playing around with for a while, in preparation to RP on ESO.

Thanks for the input guys, this is really interesting to hear - especially from the writers in this thread. I've decided to make the server but it's such an array of opinions on the topic that I still want to hear about it. I'm more on @Inkarnate's idea that it's all about the members, so I'm going to be pretty stingy on the application process. @BrokenPromise has an intriguing way of looking at it from a literary aspect, but would you say the character limit is too severe for a good quality post? Nothing would stop a player from sending multiple messages consecutively.
Thank you all for your feedback, it's been very interesting to hear from you guys!

From what I've seen, most discord RPs tend to be very "impulse" post driven, which isn't my cup of tea. But if that's your sort of thing, I don't see why you shouldn't.

I'm curious to know what you mean by "impulse" posts. One of the main reasons why I consider a discord RP server is because I just straight up don't have the time to write lengthy posts anymore, nor do I have the patience to sit and wait for weeks so other people can slot in reply-writing into their schedule. This isn't out of anger, but I do like to use RP as a distraction technique so not having response-ready RPs at my fingertips these days has been affecting my health.

It also appeared to me that most discord RPs seem fairly self-sufficient as 'sandbox' roleplays, and with a team of moderators instead of a GM and co-GMs the workload is more efficiently spread out.

Regarding the CS/application process idea, as long as the server has a connection to RPG, you're likely okay. Offsite stuff (especially servers without any true connection to the forum) tend to be looked down on by the moderators, but regardless, there have been people who've recruited for Discord RP here.

Yes, that's what I was thinking about...What would you mean by 'a connection to RPG'? If the CSes were kept on site would that be enough of a connection, or should I maintain and update an OOC thread as well? The way I see it, only players with accepted CSes would obtain the link to the server, meaning there still should be a trickle of potential players through the site and enough communication to keep things going?

If one wished to do so, they very much could assume the channel by and large and play to their heart's content, with the same sorts of protections afforded to the forum - meaning problem players can still be enforced against - all while having a foundation to base the roleplay topic off of. One could, should even, create a topic as normal and simply play as they will in the Discord's appropriate channel. As it is, the only issues with terms of quality or ability are really limited to the persons involved, not so much the chat service. While it is less in-depth as the forum for any number of reasons, it is still entirely possible to play anything from highly literate posting to near rapid fire single sentences.

Okay, so it looks like the general consensus is that you can't really run a discord RP server and advertise here. There needs to be a more cohesive link between the server and the guild, otherwise the mods will lock the thread. That's a shame but like Harbinger said, the focus should always be on the website and not drawn away onto different apps.

I've been tossing the idea around for a while now of opening up a discord RP server but I thought I'd ask some pbp RPers what their take on it is, and whether or not it's a good idea to store character sheets/do applications on RPerguild - I couldn't find anything in the rules that said no. Just want to open up a conversation about it and see what people's experiences of this medium are.
I'm so sorry for the delay, Dino had guests until very recently so it was difficult to get a moment to sit down and type. Responses will be much quicker with conversation, so if @Arkitekt wants to do a bit of back and forth, I won't mind chatting.
Victor and Adrian: Central District, Trade District
Morning - Early afternoon.

Adrian stared at Roman, seemingly unimpressed. Nevertheless she nodded and went back to peering around the room, absorbed in her own contemplations. Victor's brow furrowed as he listened to Roman's words with intrigue but he didn't have any questions to ask. Once the talk was over and they were permitted to leave, Adrian was the first to trot outside and stretch. She looked up at Victor dully.

“He didn't understand,” Adrian grunted.

“It’s fine, we’ll have to figure it out with the others.” Victor reassured her.

“Was it my fault?” Adrian asked, following Victor through the neat cobblestone streets of the central district.

“No, you’re just small so people understandably gloss over you.” he nodded.

Adrian made a thoughtful grunt and pulled on her bandana again. They squeezed their way through the trade district and up towards their tavern room; most of their gear was spread out across the floorboards. It didn’t take long to figure out the essentials, under the assumption that there wouldn’t be any civilised facilities inside of the district; things like torches, rations and water cantines were packed first alongside first aid kits and potions. Tonics and toxins were next; simple poisons and their antidotes alongside painkillers and fortifying brews made for strength and staminia. Two long coils of rope were attached to the pack with twine.

It started to become more tricky when they approached the issue of preparing for a particular beast, because no beast or being they’ve ever encountered before had any sort of similarity with the witness reports. “Eyes, flesh and cocoons. Sounds like...spider?” Adrian dug through the myriad of large, small and equally as dangerous weapons before her. “Many people lost, in short time. Whatever did it is big, many, or sneaky.”

“For all we know it’s not even a beast.” Victor remarked, making sure they keep their minds as open as possible when threatened by the unknown.

“Still could be many, big and sneaky,” Adrian pointed out. “What do you think it is?”

Victor let out a deep sigh, seemingly lost without any form of real evidence to go off of. “There’s a myriad of creatures that can cause something of this scale, especially in a crowded city…” he went quiet, seemingly lost in thought as he stared at the pieces of equipment they were packing. “I couldn’t tell, not this early.” he went back to packing.

Adrian made a quiet noise of acquiescence. She slipped in two invisibility potions into the pack as an afterthought but let Victor decide the majority of the equipment they would bring. Once everything was buckled up and ready to move, Adrian set about clearing up the non-essentials.

“We should meet the others. Didn’t someone welcome others to a drink?” Victor enquired.

Adrian nodded, but her expression was one of confusion. Similar to the meeting in the central district, she was woefully inexperienced with larger social gatherings that included more than two other people and drinking in a tavern was a foreboding prospect. “Yes. Why?” she asked, hoping to glean some more information from her travelling partner.

“We should take them up on it, it’ll be a good way to get to know our peers.” he explained, aware of her confusion.

“Like tracking a monster,” Adrian responded helpfully, trying to translate it into something she knew a bit more about. She nodded and poked her head out of the window - judging by the position of the sun it was coming close to noon. “Not yet, but soon,” she pointed out.

After some brief debilitation as to what they should do with their remaining time, Victor persuaded Adrian to plunge back into the hectic market for some supplementary supplies; notably, herbs that were as fresh as they could find within the city, a few spare vials and some extra antiseptic to widen the variety of potions Victor would be able to brew. Typically Adrian would have helped find the best specimens, but the sheer overwhelming amount of smells and sights made it difficult. She loitered in the back and helped with the shopping list instead.

Once they had their gear in order, they ventured into the Lazy Pheasant Inn and were perplexed to see that nobody was there yet; they had arrived somewhat early. Victor bought himself some ale, ordered a glass of apple juice for Adrian and they settled on some potage for lunch as they conversed quietly amongst themselves, waiting for their fellow adventurers to filter in (or, in Y'vanna's case, stumble downstairs.)

Brilliant, thank you for the information!
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