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Alright, that sounds good.
This looks interesting, but I can't see any sort of plot being developed from it. Do you have a storyline in mind, or is this slice of life?
"Looking for a way to not be bored without getting roped into doing chores," Abigail responded, rubbing her nose on the base of her palm. "Preferably without getting in trouble again, and giving them arcade kids a wiiiide berth. They're creepy as." She regarded Zephyr lazily as he approached and tried to join in, only showing a bare modicum of interest when she found out he was able to do martial arts. As Angeline and Zephyr got along, Abigail was starkly reminded with how her age made her even more of an outsider. She didn’t take part in the lesson yet but sat against a wall and watched them, awkward yet inquisitive. “Is this, like, something you do for fun?” she asked Angeline as she watched the woman contort into what was - in her opinion - painful and unnatural positions.

“What’s it like being a ballerina?” She tucked her greasy hair back into her baseball cap, sprawling against the wall in her own yoga pose of sitting around doing sweet F-A. “You gotta train a lot? Are the guys hot? How do they even get into leotards?” she bombarded Angeline with questions, unaware of her rudeness. She may be an uncultured little shit, but she was a curious uncultured little shit who was at least making an attempt to make friends in the face of life-changing uncertainty. At the very least, one could be thankful she hadn’t found a decent way to make fun of their poses yet.
Yeah, Bazmund runs all the IC shenanigans plus some of the OOC shenanigans whilst I do a lot of the OOC stuff and help bounce ideas for the IC. We both do recruitment too.



Affiliates, and Others



Current Players:

Welcome to the Paradigm Shift Advanced section reboot! This RP has been going on in casual for around half a year. We are Currently Accepting New Applicants, but ask that you complete your sheet by June 14th for review.

Link to the Casual RP

Link to the Discord (HIGHLY recommended: makes the review process faster, you can meet the current cast and get to know us!)

- Timeline -

The history of our History


  • January 1st
    • With the first sunrise of the new year, a wave of violet light sweeps the globe, touching each country as the light of the sun meets the land. It is invisible to cameras and doesn't disturb wildlife - only mankind notices, and they see the purplish light even in their dreams when they're not awake. This event becomes known as the Violet Dawn.
    • Immediately, governments enforce a coerced silence on media corporations and try to stifle the news while their intelligence agencies figure out what exactly happened.
  • January 3rd

    • A significant portion of the world’s population suddenly manifest magical abilities. The vast majority of these tragic individuals are either killed by the uncontrollable manifestation of their vast power, or driven irrevocably and unintelligibly insane - and are subsequently lethally subdued by riot police and government response.
    • Very few of what were eventually called The First Wave were taken alive; those that were, disappeared completely. It is likely that their citizenships were revoked, and that they remained in state custody until their deaths in captivity.
    • It is unknown if any 1st Generation Mages survive in the wild, but estimates are that less than a handful possibly could - and that less than a half could still possibly be serviceably sane. The events of this period will come to be known, one day, as the first World Wide Witchhunt.


  • January 1st

    • It happens again. Like a flashback to a nightmare, the public find themselves once again the subject of a wave of Violet light, washing over them like an occult tide with the rising of the sun. The world watches in horror… and waits in dread.
  • January 3rd
    • The Second Wave awaken, and much like the first one they are either so wildly out of control of their powers that they are killed by them, publicly, or they are mentally destroyed by the weight of their new abilities. The government respond as they did before - with gunfire and Witchhunts. The position of the agencies created to deal with The First Wave is now secure; these are the forefather agencies of the modern institutions dedicated to hunting magicians - and accordingly, the second World Wide Witchhunt commences. A few more magicians from this era survive the bloodshed, but not many. Never many.
  • April 20th
    • The Stafford Act - informally known as the Inquisition act - is passed by the UK parliament and subsequently taken up by the European Parliament as well. It formalises the cancellation of Brexit and the beginning of global intelligence cooperation to counter the Magical Threat. Mages are not quite universally seen as an enemy of civilisation as a whole, yet, but the public are terrified.


  • January 1st-3rd
    • The Third Wave are expected to follow this year’s Violet Dawn by the FOE, and by the wider antimagic intelligence community - but they expected it to be different, more chaotic, more violent. The magicians of the Third Generation are instead like something more subtly deranged, like a failed experiment. For this reason, many of them survive, at least initially. Their hallucinations and delusions will eventually lead most of them to be captured nonetheless, but in the meantime they remain the most survivable Generation yet.
  • February 4th
    • The disparate branches and divisions of existing national intelligence agencies - the FBI Unusual Affairs branch, the CIA’s Extraordinary Intelligence Committee, the NSA’s Paranormal Task Force, MI5’s Crowley Office… - are formally dissolved and recondensed into their own institutions of investigation, by almost unanimous votes in nearly every sovereign nation in the world. This is the birthday of the European Magical Defence Agency, with the birthday of the Federal Occult Enforcement group coming the next day on the 5th of February.
  • September 24th
    • The Magician known as Cam, a talented and reasonably stable individual of the third generation, develops their abilities and is eventually able to identify individuals with latent magical potential. They immediately begin using this ability to try and find themselves some friends.
  • December 25th
    • Cam succeeds in finding seven others who are due to awaken after the next Violet Dawn. Knowing that they will not be able to reveal themselves until they too have self-identified as Magicians, Cam puts measures in place to protect them, and waits for the Sunrise on New Year’s Morning.


  • January 1st-3rd
    • As is now the broadly accepted pattern, on New Year’s morning the world is once again bathed by the Violet Dawn, and once again another fraction of the population is awoken. This year’s magicians are the most stable yet, 90% or so of them remaining both bodily and mentally intact. Intelligence agencies scramble to capture them, using new - if primitive - magic-sensing devices developed covertly using captured mages to test on; they are moderately successful, but for the first time most of the awakened Fourth Generation remain free past the first month mark.
    • Cam is successful in liberating four of the seven - the FOE were already too close to the other three - and bringing them together in Brightwell, Illinois. This is where they will, in the coming weeks, become the founders of the Violet Underground.


  • January 1st
    • The Violet Dawn arrives once more.
  • January 3rd
    • You Awaken as a part of the Fifth Generation.
    • At 03:03AM, on the third minute of the third hour of the third day of the year, you get a text from an unknown number, telling you that FOE will be knocking on your door in fifteen minutes, and that you need to leave your apartment by the back entrance and meet them in a nearby alleyway if you want to live. The text is brief, but apologetic - and you probably don’t have any better options anyway.
    • After a traumatic but successful extraction, you arrive in Goodnight, an abandoned mall complex used as a temporary shelter for the VU and freshly awakened survivors.

Important Information

Hello, dear friends, and welcome to the world of Paradigm Shift. This is a roleplay where your character is a newly awakened magician, with no particular training or extensive background in magic, who is rescued shortly after their awakening by an agent of the Violet Underground and whisked away to safety just barely in the nick of time.

This isn’t an RP about saving the world, and it’s not a game where every plot line will have a happy ending. There will be loss and pain in equal or greater amounts as there will be joy and hope. You will be dealing with forces that were, and are, almost entirely beyond human comprehension - and you will also be dealing with forces created by mankind, too. This will be a story about survival as much as about being the good guy, and I personally have very high hopes for it.

Before we truly begin, however, some ground rules…

- Expanded Lore -

Stories and Detail

- OOC and CS Skeleton -

This RP aims to actively work with its player-base to produce a tailored experience to the characters. As such, it works on a mutual trust between the players and GMs to act reasonably and within the limits of the world set before them. In order to encourage communication and mutual content building for the game, the character creation process becomes an application into the RP with the slight chance of rejection.

Please do not be alarmed by this! The way that character creation works is as follows:

  • The player creates their character sheet as per usual. In this example, they have some areas they could improve upon.
  • A GM will formally check their sheet and provide official feedback on the improvements that need to be made before they are accepted.
  • The player submits their improved sheet, whereupon it will either be accepted or declined.

Throughout the entirety of the process, the player is allowed to ask any queries they may have about lore, their application’s shortcomings, or potential ideas and work-arounds. Even though you get two ‘chances’ to formally submit your sheet, you are actively encouraged to ask any questions you have and work with the GMs to produce the best version of your character.

The CS Skeleton is below:

Ever since Abigail did away with her sleeping bag she's had to sleep on the floor. She tried to sync up the times she'd shuffle, half-awake, to the bathroom with the times she'd then shuffle out into the cold, blue expanse of night and light it up with purple. She was pretty sure her name was starting to stick out amongst the of yet, nobody else seemed to have as much trouble as she did with containment of her magic. She had burnt holes through the metal trash can but it was better than great jets of violet flame pouring out into the sky like a big, obvious, magical flare for nosy neighbours or overzealous FOE agents trying to scoop up the stragglers. Every time she used that spell, it hurt. Her palms blistered, went red and shiny. It woke her up every time, and then left her hungry as her skin peeled and shed off to reveal healthier, pinker flesh underneath - all in the span of fifteen or so minutes.

Did Abigail have a right to complain? Absolutely not. As far as she could tell, she was one of the lucky ones. Nobody had died - nobody important, at least - and she didn't kill anyone when she awakened. Did she desperately want to? Yes, but not here, and not to anyone she knew. Homesickness was a coming and going urge that she was surprised hadn't been so prominent in her mind, perhaps because of how definitively her old life ended. She wanted things to be the way they used to be - just like everybody else in this crumbling ruin. Goodnight felt like a liminal space, a place of stasis. It was the biggest bus stop she could possibly imagine, or perhaps a train station (though she'd never used a train before). It felt like people were waiting to move on. "Am I in purgatory?" she asked the singed trash can with its nasty old garbage fumes mixing with the mists of dawn, and got an odd look from one of the guards. That made her indignant. She turned to stare him down and raised her voice. "Well?" she barked. "Am I?"

"Nah, you ain't," grunted the man, pulling his scarf up a bit higher to keep out the chill.

"Just checking."

Abigail stank to high heaven thanks to teenage BO and a lack of deodorant. She wasn't wearing any of her old clothes except for the ruined baseball cap. They were secondhand and musty and suited her just fine, even if a lot of them were too big. She wandered around the sparse tiled halls of Goodnight trying to find something to do. The arcade kids didn't want much to do with her after she melted one of the joysticks. She couldn't tell which of the adults were helpers, survivors, sane or bonkers. A lot of the ones her age were all over the place, as if it were their first time away from home or something. Usually, an opportunity to kill time presented itself. This time, it presented itself in the form of one lady in an alcove stretching.

Abigail watched her for a bit. She was really pretty with the morning light coming in from the windows, a bit like an angel. And she didn't look all sad and worried like everyone else. She looked up and down the corridor and then loitered her way over to the stranger, rubbing her forearm awkwardly. "Whatcha doing?" she asked.
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