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18 days ago
It's my anniversary, going to be offline for this weekend.
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22 days ago
Anyone know a place to buy good battle ready swords online? I'm looking for a nice long sword.
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1 mo ago
I hate it when you're not tired but your eyes hurt and you've just got to sit there and take a moment.
2 mos ago
Just got back from seeing Here Comes the Mummies! *Waves Freak Flag*
2 mos ago
The best part of being a dragon is getting to sleep in.


Hello to those of you who have found me.

You may call me Stone, I'm an early 20s year old college student who loves to write.

Other interests include cosplaying, movies, and sword fighting. That's right actual sword fighting, from savage Viking Styles to the classy Samurai I know my way around several fighting styles and I am still learning more.

Come chat with me, I love making new friends and role playing is a great way to learn about new friends.

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Anu = Anubis

Bal, Iro = Jackals

Re = Ra, Hawk

Api = Apis, Ox

Amm, Ammit, heart

Se, set

Stone and Willow’s

Copper the Proud,a dull red almost rust colored.

Ruby the Graceful, scales like the setting sun.

Crystal the Climber light blue scales like they sky.

Second Batch

Slate the Swift, gray male like stone and eyes as green as willows scales.

Emerald the Curious, looking like Willow with only a deeper green to her scales.

Solaris the Sweet, yellow like a mid day sun dragoness

Crimson the Careful, Dark red male with very large wings and green eyes.

Sapphire and Quartz

Rose the Thin a pink dragoness

Lapis the long, Deep blue like her mother and a long tail and body.
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