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Current Officially a College Graduate.
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Finals this week, I'll get on when I can.
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Sorry about any delays. There’s been a lot going on I’ll response soon.
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Just got the LEGO Saturn V set for an early birthday present! Built it in just under 3 hours.
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I hate hospitals, and I was just vising. I am sorry to the ones who are stuck there sick.


Hello to those of you who have found me. You may call me Stone, my interests include cosplaying, movies, and building things. Come chat with me, I love making new friends and role-playing is a great way to learn about new friends. If you want to get a hold of me and I'm off the site try here:

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Se crossed his arms at this, his eyes seeming to glow a little more in the firelight turning the red color into burning embers as he looked at the pair. The demonic looking beast man simply glanced in the direction that they had come from, "Are you guilty?" his words came softly, with a chill to them, no emotion in his voice as he looked back at the city that had nearly been the end for Aneira.

Anu moved slowly his own eyes reflecting the light of the fire, but in a more warm manner like the last light of a setting sun. "Do not pry into other's lives so much. We are to be kind hosts to them, not interrogate the two."

"Anu is right!" Ba cheered, breaking the spell over the group. The air growing lighter in line with the happier nature of the cat woman, "Do not worry about old Se. He's just old and cranky and needs his beauty sleep." Sticking her tongue out as a child would at Se as she spoke.
He nodded along at this, "I see, we have run into some of those before." He bowed his head to her at this, "Thank you kindly for this, we shall travel south." Lifting his head he glanced around at his companions, each time a set of eyes would meet the jackal's eyes would glow a soft gold.

Ba leaned in taking a spoonful for herself and smiled, "Superstitious indeed, the last group we met like that tried to call us witches." She smiled as she looked over at Aneira, the white fur of the cat shinning in the firelight. Sitting so close to the guests her dress reviled just how far the animal went on her. There just before her shoulders did the white fur end and light skin start, the animal only being at the head.

The others all soon taking a seat. Bek eagerly waiting his turn for some of the food. The large set man sitting partly back from the two, but his eyes a light green seemed to always be drawn to the clothing they wore. Out of all of those sitting before them, he was the one with the most ornamentation having four rings, three on his left and a single on his right. Perhaps a hint at his preferences in life?

The last pair of them, Anu and Se both work simple black clothing the pair far harder to make out in only the light of the fire. Still, with Anu so close to her, and in the light of the fire did his tattoo shine softly a strange cross with the top of it ending in a loop while the three other sides all swelled out at the end. The entire thing done up in gold that would catch the light at times.

"So what brings you out here, as you are?" Se asked he was the furthest from them, his eyes as black as his fur showed poorly in the light of the fire. Still, his head lay locked staring right at the queen in hiding, the darkness that hid him doing little to hide the fact he was suspicious of the pair.
The group moved in closer as well, Ba moving to sit on the right of Aneira with the large bowl. "It is always to greet others as you would wish to be greeted," the cat woman smiled as she offered them the food, "I hope you enjoy what that we have." The bowl holding a simple porridge that smelled softly of honey.

The other free took seats across the glowing flame from the pair of humans. Anu was at the center, with Bek and Se on either side of the jackal. He dog-headed man smiled as well, "Indeed I am glad that we can offer you something in such weather." His hands waved over at the large cart that they had been behind them, "We hope to share some of the goods from our land, would this be a good place to start trade?"

The other two nodded along at this, leaning in a little to watch the pair of humans. Nothing seemed to be amiss with the group, and none seemed to be anything but hospitable with the strangers. Still at a time or two Tannith could catch Se glancing at the weapon on his side, the fact that none of the beat men carried a weapon might lead to why the sword at the man's side be of such a concern.
The man bowed kindly to her as he helped her off the horse, his arm easily moving her along. The men or beasts before them both returned a bow when she curtsied. Still, their eyes didn't fall as they bowed, rather keeping their heads up as they chests fell, a rather strange costume.

"Welcome, Aneira and Tannith!" the Dog-headed man spoke first, "I am Anu," the crocodile-headed man stepping up next this Anu, while the dog man's hand landed on the other's shoulder. A hardy pat from them as he smiled, the lips of his dog-like face curling up in a kind of a strange site, "My friend here is Bek! Then there is Ba, and Se."

Anu's hand waved, the pair behind him bowing as they names said. The cat woman being called Ba, and the strange one known as Se. None of the group seeming hostile, but Se's eyes seemed to be fixed on the sword that rested at the guard's side.

"Please, come and warm yourselves. Take of the food we have." Ba spoke up, lifting the large bowl up into the light with a kind smile on her face. Her words kind and soothing, like the call of a mother to a child. Her words even in this seeming to invite peace to them, as the image of a smiling cat greeted them with food at the ready.
"you are very welcome my new friends. Come and warm yourselves by the fire, we shall share what food we have left for the night." The crossed arms drew a wide gesture waving them over to the orange glow of the flames. Turning on his heal the man lead the pair of travelers back with him.

The others around the fire sharing the same as the man before them bodies of humans with heads that of a beast. The one coming closer to them was a great beast with a row of teeth reviling under green scaled skin. The head of a crocodile, the man marched closer as well and offered a hand to the guard as either a hand to hold the horse still or better help the man from his steed. Even in the dim light of the fire could they see the muscles move under the best man's skin, accented that he wore no shirt only a simple set of shorts.

The first, with the head of a dog, turned to help the woman from her horse as well. His eyes seeming to capture the light of the fire as he looked up at her. The steady orange glow looking back at her as if the beast's eyes burned with the flames as well.

Behind the pair stood two more of the beast men. The first also bearing similar black fur to that of the dog and himself seemed to have similar features. Yet where the muzzle of the first turned into that of a dog, this others turned into a far thinner piece the mouth of the strange anteater, a creature only recorded by explorers and brought back to the land. The narrow face and strange protrusions behind the ears of the man lending a far more dark and deformed image rather than the dog-faced man seeking to help her.

Lastly beside the flames stood the female of the group, a long white dress hugging her curved form as she stared back at them. This female bearing the head of a cat, with large icy blue eyes that looked back at the pair of strangers. She was the one holding a bowl as well, the large thing holding a rather sweet smelling porridge of some kind that was likely the dinner of the beasts before the arrival of travelers.
Out in the empty land between the city and the forest beyond sat a collection of shadows against the orange flames of a fire. Beyond them was a large cart that curved up on a set of wheels, the entire thing looking more like a boat on the land rather than a travelers caravan. Beyond this little could be told in the dark skies of the storm. Four bodies sat gathered around eating while they could before the storm would force them back into the small tents they had set up to try and weather the storm.

At the sound of hoof beats did they lift up from the fire and gaze out into the night for the source. The group waiting as they saw the pair of horses nearing them. Slowly the leader of the group walked out to greet the travelers, the others waiting closer to the warmth of the fire.

At the crack of thunder did enough light shine on the strangers face. Before them was the black fur of a dog rather than the skin of a man. Two long pointed dog ears sat on either side of his head as he looked up at them. A set of golden eyes and a long muzzle looking back at them as the strange man stood before them. Below he wore a simple set of robes an almost sandy tan color of fabric and a few bands of gold around his upper arms, this being where the human half took over and dark skin replaced black fur.

His arms crossed he gave the pair a look over, "Welcome to our camp!" He called out over the storm, his words being of their own language but his accent was foreign, from a land they couldn't place. Having to nearly shout over the sound of the approaching rain and thunder, "Do you need a place to rest for the night?!"
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