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3 mos ago
I hate hospitals, and I was just vising. I am sorry to the ones who are stuck there sick.
5 mos ago
It's my anniversary, going to be offline for this weekend.
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5 mos ago
Anyone know a place to buy good battle ready swords online? I'm looking for a nice long sword.
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5 mos ago
I hate it when you're not tired but your eyes hurt and you've just got to sit there and take a moment.
6 mos ago
Just got back from seeing Here Comes the Mummies! *Waves Freak Flag*


Hello to those of you who have found me.

You may call me Stone, my interests include cosplaying, movies, and sword fighting. That's right actual sword fighting, from savage Viking Styles to the classy Samurai I know my way around several fighting styles and I am still learning more.

Come chat with me, I love making new friends and role playing is a great way to learn about new friends.

If you want to get a hold of me and I'm off the site try here:

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I'm Stone, writer, dragon, and enjoyed of Disney. Right now I've got a craving for a nice Role play and would like you to join me. I try to write a few well done paragraphs up to a small page of writing for each post. This being said I will still try to get a few posts out each day. I understand that people get busy and don't expect this level form you, so long as you know I can get busy as well.

Questions are welcome, and I love talking OOC. If you like an idea but want to change something or it reminds you of your own idea that's always welcome as well. Just stop on by and drop me a PM.

Cravings from the hoard:

New idea/ bump.
Bump this.
I'm back on and looking to rp.
Anu = Anubis

Bal, Iro = Jackals

Re = Ra, Hawk

Api = Apis, Ox

Amm, Ammit, heart

Se, set
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